USC-UCLA Live Blog

Fake official crowd count: 64,156.

Tyler Vaughns with a false start. He had one a couple weeks ago. Rare for a receiver.

A $315 million renovation and the lights still go out at Coliseum.

Kedon Slovis breaks 500 yards passing. Remember when the offense was going to be balanced? It’s Washington State with more talent. That’s great but tell me when that’s beaten Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State . . .

How bad is Clancy Pendergast today?

USC can’t cover anyone. It’s a good thing the opponent is 4-6.

Here is where you can comment on today’s Crosstown Rivalry.

Chip Kelly should be fired too.

Make sure to say hi to Mike Bohn and tell him what you think he should do after the game.

71 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Live Blog

    1. Bohn seems like a smart fellow.

      He knows what the fans want.
      He knows the mistakes that have been made by previous ADs.
      He knows that recruiting is in the 70s.
      He knows that keeping helton will be viewed as another probationary year that will depress recruiting for yet another year.
      He knows that SC’s tradition is a top-5 football program, and that it isn’t now.
      He knows that everyone in college football will understand why a new coach is needed now.

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      1. BK, you are right, though Folt has to answer to alums and donors. She just got fired about a year ago. Does she really care about Helton that much to piss off thousands of alums?

        And would Bohn take the job if she was going to be micromanaging his job?


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      2. karma — Folt is heavily into goodness. She just loves it. Can’t stop talking about it. [I’m sure you’re hearing the same stuff I’m hearing— Folt squeezed up close to Tom Hanks at a fund raiser and asked how much he knows about college football]….

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      1. Helton will NEVER get a defensive TD —He will NEVER get a Special Teams TD —he had every opportunity to get rid of Clancy and Baxter ….and he KEPT them….


  1. Gomer does the banquet on Sunday, Monday he brings the donuts, the only thing he’s good at, and then gets canned

    In the end, Gomer will have stolen millions from USC and ruined the football program thanks to Haden and Swann and Nikias . Now it’s up to Folt and Bohn to restore the program to greatness, they are on the clock as soon as the final whistle blows today, even if Gomer wins.

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    1. BK, agree that Folt’s priorities may be closer to all gender bathrooms and creating “safe spaces” than football.

      But those who want that stuff aren’t the donors. I don’t see how a USC prez could survive if they willingly presided over the program becoming irrelevant. At least not with current donors.

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      1. It depends if Folt was brought in specifically to run off the old alums who love SC football and pander to the educrats and Snowflake Millennials who want to de-emphasize football and make USC into The Stanford of the West…

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  2. tell him what to do after the game? im sure he like every one else and got a wife who all ready tell him what to do, ed go to the store and by some milk and bred and eggs, he dont nead me or any one else to nag him like the woman all ready do,

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    1. Ha. An unbroken string of hits, Ed. [Maybe Bohn just says, “I know your wife already has you lined up for milk and bread —but could you do me a favor and pick up a shoe box for your things?”]…..

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  3. Beat them greasy baby blues! And then take care of business after the game, or at least after the banquet tomorrow. AD Bohn: The ball is in your court. Make the move.

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  4. My heart shows Cardinal & Gold and always will. But today the right thing for me to ensure things change at USC is for Helton be replaced. I didn’t go to a game this season because his impact.

    If SC wins then 👍
    If SC loses then 👍

    FIGHT ON !

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      1. Leave it to Baxter’s squad to get things off to a terrible start. Helton is such an asshole for keeping so much dead weight on his staff….

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      1. SC’s talent got’em a 38 -14 lead; bad coaching let UCLA back in. It’s a perfect scenario: Bohn sees the talent and the ineptitude in one day.

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  5. Man it never ends – all these weekly announcers telling everyone how great Helton is and how tough he’s had it. The latest by griese saying that Clay Helton had to get a assistant to run the offense – no metion that he was ordered to find one

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  6. Glad to see they finally figured out how to raid the air! Too bad it’s the last game of the season. It should also be noted that it appears UCLA has no idea what they’re doing.

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    1. This may be the course taken by Folt/Bohn.
      Unless the new D coordinator is god-like, we’ll just have more of the same.

      9/11 defensive starters return in 2020, with a lot of experienced talent (Echols, etc) in addition. Whomever is the new DC, he has a lot of experienced talent!

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      1. That is the exact play that made it more than apparent. Contrast this versus the Central Mich game where he was debuting and how he looked Kedon Christon-like. Matt Fink had a great run in that game too.

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  7. Gosh, Rah-Rah’s I guess we both take one in the shorts.

    1) Clown U retains Helton

    2) UCLA loses the game.

    But on the UCLA good side, UCLA will have a new QB next year; DTR will, thankfully, be invited to enter the portal.


    1. He’s your best players. Owns. The Bruins will be more consistent next year. They are young and have an identity now.

      Just once, amigo, I have to say it, “Ding, goes the Victory Bell.”

      Good luck, next year.

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    1. You’d swear Pudly, Spratling, and Herbstreit were in the booth playing hide the ____ … not to mention the truth. Folt – do the right thing or get ready to enjoy a half empty stadium and permanent mediocrity. I/we won’t be here for it (keep Helton? That would be deal-breaker).

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  8. Does Griese want to have Helton’s love child? It sure sounds like it…
    Fire Helton, do it tonight…. The defense is mediocre to bad. The special teams are terrible….it showed tonight…

    PS: my wife asked if we could go to a game next season…I replied only if Helton is gone….why bother supporting the “new normal”

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