Morning Buzz: My USC-UCLA Pick

With more than 1,600 votes counted in my twitter poll, 71 percent said they would prefer USC lose to UCLA if it means Clay Helton gets fired.

That speaks volumes about where USC is today. It would be a perfect scenario for Chip Kelly to come in and delivering the decisive blow to Helton’s tenure.

But I don’t see it happening. No matter what nonsense Helton, Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter pull today, I think Kedon Slovis and the wide receivers will probably overcome it.

USC still commits a lot of penalties and let’s teams hang around, but I think Slovis and Michael Pittman and Co. are going to find a way to win the game.

My score: USC 37, UCLA 27.

  • The Daily Bruin defeated the Daily Trojan, 9-6, in the Blood Bowl on Friday night.
  • USC lost to Temple, 70-61, at the Galen Center. It was the Trojans’ first loss of the season. USC shot 39 percent. It was a typical USC loss: The offense struggles and Andy Enfield has no Plan B.
  • Temple has a first-year coach (Aaron McKie), so don’t use the excuse that they are a good team too. They are but USC should be winning these games at home.

33 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: My USC-UCLA Pick

  1. Enfield is like Gomer, clueless.

    Does anyone really give a shit about today’s game ? I would bet the majority are far more interested in what happens to Gomer after the game, win or lose. If Gomer somehow survives it means another year of shit football, if he’s canned it’s now all on Bohn to make the right hire.


  2. No one said being right is popular. At least 29% of you are seeing the light that is Clay Helton!

    Coach Clay! Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    For you unlearned folk, that there is poetry.

    #longliveClay #f(_)ckthe71%


      1. Michael, I could never hope the other team wins.

        The blog has been over this time and again, but I don’t see how Bohn can retain Helton, irrespective of today’s game outcome.

        Recruiting is in the 70s (out of 130 D1 teams), and it won’t get better if Helton is kept on for another year, because next year will be perceived to be yet another probationary year for Helton.

        Helton’s firing will become a self-fulfilling outcome. Top recruits will not come here, which means the program performs worse, which means Helton ultimately is let go.

        Better for everyone to let him go now. Including Helton. I can’t believe that this is the life he wants for himself and his family.

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      2. 67 — 1) In total agreement. We gotta think about the huge positives that would spring outta handing Saban his hat in next year’s opener ….Helton is not the right guy for that job.
        2) Very funny. [I guess for the sake of symmetry, it would have to be little Stan].

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  3. John Wolf say usc will win. Y 13 and half points, know he say they win by 10 pionts after I exsplain taht u cant scor half pionts any more in football, gee witch is it??? I geuss he still dont go no editur


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      1. 67 —I have this feeling that Ed is working on a spiritual musical that will surpass the work of any composer in history…..

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    1. Ed. G —these sound very much like the words spoken by Dennis Hopper in “Apocalypse Now” —right before Marlon Brando grunts and hits him with a peach…..

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      1. Whenever I see that scene, I always get the feeling that Sheen should respond —“Is it too late to go back and just admit I’m an assassin?”

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  4. SC wins, Helton survives. Chip gets fired, and Urban gets hired…by the ‘ruins….
    How’d that grab the 29% of you? Sure, I know, it would never happen…but what makes you all so sure? It’s a scary thought….

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    1. Yes, hoping Chip also gets fired IS greedy. Downright Slovenly.

      While I prefer to see a USC 11-0 vs UCLA 11-0 game late in November, during our rebuilding phase I’d like to keep Kelly around as he gives us a great chance for a “W.”


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      1. Can I, at least, hope that Chip winds up with the same record against us as Karl Dorrell had? ….

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    2. Ben —What makes us “all so sure” is the fact Urban’s been told by his doctors to stay away from “situations so inherently noxious that they’ll kill him.”

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      1. Michael, it turns out that Dorrell was a better coach and recruiter.

        bruin fans are stuck with Show Cause Chip for a while more. ucla is in deficit, Wasserman has told them he is not giving anymore for football, and at any rate, nobody there really cares about football anymore.

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      2. Totally agree, 67…. [and Karl was better liked by his teams and held them together better during tough stretches….]


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