USC-UCLA Used To Mean Dances And Parade

The USC-UCLA game in 1960 also served as homecoming. Look at the busy schedule of activities for Friday-Saturday. Note the parade down University Ave. before the game.

Below is today’s cover for the first-ever Daily Trojan-Daily Bruin combo issue:


And here is who starts in a combo team according to the Daily Trojan and Daily Bruin.


40 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Used To Mean Dances And Parade

    1. My brother and I sat through the frosh game and varsity game in an on and off light rain as SC won both games…it was great to beat ucla for the first time in years…it was just the beginning of good teams to come from a great coaching staff…unlike today.


  1. Brilliant repartee Succsters. SUCky-wow-wow, Feral Colt, the Bored OF BUS-STEES and OHNO Bohn and their ripple and puke clownsters are gonna go Wocka Wocka all tomorrow. Don’t get me started on stinky sniffling Hell-TOON and his MERRY SUCky Choo choo boo blood foot ball team. Suck it succsters


      1. Michael, welcome back!

        You are right, it might be the ownsie impersonator…

        But when it comes to incoherent rants, it is really hard to tell the ersatz from the original.

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  2. Best memory I had was back in 1966 when the morons on West 28th Street decided to do that ‘dosey do’ around the track field with that ‘Helen Of Troy’ sorority (of course) sitting on the back top of a convertible. All was well as the idiocy began on the north side but when it completed the bend around the closed end of the coli and began the run on the south side the brewie fans saw a chance to show their respect. All kinds of trash and ‘wooden gas’ was ‘incoming’ but the best was the ‘squire’ (some putz doggie from the frats) driver who hit the accelerator and the ‘Helen’ fell back and darn near fell off into the cinder track.

    It was ‘the row’ at its finest….be a leader join a frat….

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    1. Sorry that your experience with “the row” was so negative. I was in a fraternity at the same time that produced all kinds of leaders. Let see, Mike Holmgren – coach and General Manger, Paul Orfaela – Founder of Kinkos, John Mork – entrepreneur and President of USC BOT, Dennis Gertmenian – President of some company that first sold lettuce to McDonalds. Not to mention, lawyers, Doctors, philanthropists etc. rusoviet, you are way off base on your comments above.

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  3. So, a couple of games ago I complained about never getting the 2nd half kickoff and it happened in the last game. It seemed to work well, but against Ucla I would definitely be trying to get the ball first and score early. To use a basketball analogy, I think the sooner we can force them to their weak hand (passing) the better. Conversely, I’m sure they would prefer to get the ball first, establish their running game (to include the QB on the edge), keep our offense off the field and dictate the tone and tenor of the game. It would’ve been great if they beat Utah, but they got pounded last week by a good team that we beat and that fact is not lost on them. Utah is a physical team and I bet the bruins got softened up a bit playing them. They see what the point spread is, they know who our players are and they are familiar with things getting away from them and being routed. So, there are all kinds of psychological advantages USC has going into this game and scoring early would be a great way to get the seeds that are already planted in the bruins’ psyche to start sprouting. That QB likes to get out there and start doing pirouettes like Fumbleena or something and he’ll give the ball to you if you help him a little. It’s entirely possible to get a snowball effect going with the right kind of start tomorrow. Also, ending the regular season with back to back blowouts is a great way to finish. Honestly, I just need this 8th win to get paid on the season total, but why not cover the spread for the faithful and keep playing well for yourselves? Ucla doesn’t beat good teams and the only way they win tomorrow is if we give the ball and the game to them. No drama mañana… Ucla gets its bell rung and snatched tomorrow.

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    1. Clay —With the very average Velus out, we’ll have someone new on kick returns —hope we don’t take chances and take the ball on the 25. The only thing I fear tomorrow is the sloppy play of Baxter’s unit. We should be able to outscore a team that can’t pass and can’t stop the pass.

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      1. I’ve heard it could be Amon-Ra St. Brown or Kenan Christon —either of whom would be fine IF Baxter got them ready —but given Baxter’s nonchalant attitude this year —that’s not a given.

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      2. St Brown and Christon are good choices and on a flyer I would be willing to bet that our return average is higher tomorrow because of this change. We haven’t been getting good production out of that KR spot and I still think a deal was made to avoid a transfer. I hope Velus isn’t too serious, but I’d like to see some fresh blood back there. Thanks for the info

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      3. Bourbon —- Yeah. The 25. Let the offense take it from there.


      4. 67 —- That’s just what I was thinking — it’s okay to put key guys on offense back there to fair catch the kick —-but don’t risk getting them hurt. We really need all hands on deck for this one.


  4. Fair warning: I have a little catching up to do, I’m at home alone and I’m medicated.

    I wrote a screed about Kedon running with the ball a little while back and I don’t think I have seen him pass the LOS with the ball since. I know everyone was thrilled about his numbers last Saturday, but with all the completions, I was most impressed with the couple of incompletions that were balls he simply threw away. Those are the balls that end up hanging out with the wrong crowd when you try to force them. As much as I like those incompletions, I would prefer 3 yards and a hook slide if it’s there. I’m not looking for Lamar Jackson, but in KS’s first start he was stealing those 2 or 3 yards that I’m talking about and sliding. He then started getting too ambitious and reckless running with the ball as I described in the screed. I think someone must’ve talked to him about the way he was running with the ball and getting lit up, but the steal and slide should still be good. Instead, it seems that his alternative has become holding on to the ball longer to try to create and/or allow for passing opportunities. Well, there’s no free lunch out there and that brings its own risks. IDK…I think the safest play many times is the steal and slide when it’s there and a passing lane isn’t. The receiver corps that makes you so confident holding on to the ball will be there on the next play too. If you’re going to be back there dancing and extending, you better have that duality of mind right and you better know the front you’re facing every week. You gotta be mindful of the guys that move well and the ones who keep working if you’re going to extend. You also have to be aware of who you have in blocking for you on any given play. There’s a lot to process, it all matters to some degree and the more of it you can make yours, the better you’ll be. Spring, summer, fall, 11 games into the season…you’re not a sophomore, but you’re not a freshman anymore either.

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    1. Clay —Slovis’ penchant for hanging on to the ball until he sees what he wants is a problem [and he’s such a ballsy kid that it’s gonna be hard for anyone to break him of that habit]. That’s why —whenever I hear people getting excited about J. T. going into the transfer portal —I shake my head. I have a feeling we’re gonna need 2 quarterbacks next year.
      btw —hope you’re okay, buddy. I’m not crazy about the idea of you home alone on meds. Take care.

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      1. He hasn’t really been doing that long enough for him to make it a habit. He’s just trying to find himself and find his game right now. I’m not at all worried about him. He’s a cake that I want to put layers and frosting on. There’s no good reason to think about or try to settle the QB position next year right now. I’m content letting Kedon just play and JT just rehab without even thinking of such things. Michael, with regards to the meds, I think you’re used to talking to the older guys around here because I’m simply referring to a nice hybrid marijuana strain. I am fighting a cold, but otherwise I’m totally good right now. Thanks for your concern.

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      2. The kid has a great, quick release–thanks Mr. Kurt Warner!!
        Indeed, Slovis does hang onto the ball for a long time–but LATELY he is starting to show some nice moves in the pocket and when he scrambles, instead of running and sliding he is finding the open receivers more and more. WITH A GREAT QB coach and 20 lb more muscle, Slovis can be one of our best!

        And yes, JT is still a great kid and with a great future ahead of him. I have not forgotten that JT should have been finishing off his senior year of HS last year instead of taking punishment from D1 lineman ripping through Callaway’s porous O-line. While Adrian Petersen recovered from his ACL repair in <9 months, the average is a full 12 months, so JT won't be ready to plant and throw until August 2020. Stay at USC, JT.

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  5. If I had a college aged daughter, I would force her into an arranged marriage with Michael Pittman Jr. and I wouldn’t really care what either of them had to say. If that didn’t work, I would instruct my daughter to stop taking birth control to trap him with a pregnancy. That’s how much I think about the guy. For the record, I don’t have a daughter of any age and I’m just kidding…but only sort of kidding. Pitt is the kind of dude you want in a foxhole with you and I’m really sold on the guy. I know it’s easy to be sold on him, but not everyone who plays football is a “football player” and Pitt is a “football player” in the purest sense. For the last couple of years, I’ve talked about how savvy a player he is – the guy just makes good “football moves” a lot. When a stiff-arm is called for, it comes out…when he should make a cut, he does it…when he should run at an angle because the guy chasing him is faster, he does…when he’s free to safely stretch for extra yards, he does it. Pitt sees what’s there and he gets it for you just like a super-solid guy would, there’s no BS in his game. Pitt is not necessarily going to fool you, he’s just going to flat out beat you. He’s going to out-work, out-jump, out-position, out-muscle, out-time, out-stretch and otherwise outdo you. His style makes an interesting contrast with his teammate T. Vaughns as TV is more likely to fool you. I see TV as being more flashy and a more spectacular player, but he plays younger and is not as focused as Pitt. When running with the ball, TV is more likely to make an unexpected move rather than just get what’s there. Sometimes he’s able to create something I didn’t see, but a lot of time he losses yardage trying to make a big play or a big move instead of maximizing what’s there. You might think that I’m discounting TV’s game or making a value judgment between the two receivers, but I’m not. Unexpected is necessarily where genius resides and I’m always willing and wanting to allow for it. Together, they make an interesting case study and it’s great to have them both. I look forward to both of them having big games tomorrow.

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    1. Bourbon4me • 3 days ago
      CR: won’t respond to some of the items above, but here are my thoughts on the Biletnikoff award and USC #6. Pardon me for my verbosity:

      I see the real race down to about 5 or 6 candidates:
      The two from LSU
      The two from Bama
      CeeDee Lamb– but less so.
      USC #6.

      All the rest have accumulated a ton of “gaudy” stats against inferior opposition.
      (Minnesota’s weak early season schedule was exhibited–while they beat PSU two weeks ago at home, they lost at Kinnick.)

      Bama’s early season schedule was supremely weak, so Jeudy/Ruggs/Smith with Tua rolled up tons of yardage in “scrimmage like” conditions. I’m taking them off the list for that reason–irrespective of what they do in the last few weeks (w/o Tua!). The OU situation is similar–CeeDee has not faced many tough defenses. I’m taking CD off the list.

      It comes down to the two from LSU and USC.
      Michael is the only receiver in CFB who has had to face 5 top 18 defenses (per FPI) in his 11 games to date:
      Utah #4
      ND #7
      Ore #11
      UW #15
      Cal #18 at the time.
      You can add in his game day stats to each of those 5 games.

      The well-informed voter will vote for Michael. He’s been steady for 11 weeks on a team which could not run the ball (for the most part) this season, and he’s played well against teams which scheme against him and/or drop 8 into zone coverage.
      The poorly informed voter will wait for a few big games in November/December and make an emotional decision.
      I don’t get to vote, but it’ll be a nice shot of Blanton’s small batch Bourbon toasting Michael P and his dogged determination after Saturday’s performance.

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      1. Bourbon — I understand enough about Chip Kelly to KNOW that his corners are going to interfere with Pittman all day long. They won’t even try to hide it. And if Pittman pushes them off, he’ll get penalized. [And –in spite of all this —my fervent hope is that Michael’s reception yards today are in the 200 region]…….


      2. Bourbon, I am having all kinds of issues using Wolf’s system and as I’m writing this I’m not able to access my old comments to see what you have previously responded to. I don’t mean to be rude or ignore you. I am able to appreciate what you’re saying here and I’m all for Pitt getting the nod. You’re clearly a biased source, but I also appreciate the rundown of the competition as someone would have to pay me to do the legwork on that. Who and where the other contenders are, I doubt there is a better man among them. I also think NFL teams in need of a receiver better not sleep on Pitt.


    2. Bourbon, you’re right about him finding those receivers late lately and it’s hard not to like. However, if I’m playing against an active and mobile guy like Drake Jackson, I have to be aware of that and the potential consequences. Listen, you’re preaching to the choir with regard to him making nice moves in the pocket, but let’s not overlook the fact that a penalty bailed him out of a pick last week. I’m really only referring to the steal and slide in lieu of the thrown away ball if it’s available. If we’re going to foster and/or encourage him to extend like that then I’d like to see some more designed rolls. He doesn’t have great feet and the time we’re seeing him buying now isn’t available at any price against ‘bama, Clemson OSU etc… That’s who we should be setting our standards for and he’s not going to be able to trip the light fantastic against those guys.

      Consider this as well if you can dig it… This Pac 12 officiating thing is an incomprehensible and unmanageable variable. So, if it’s something we can’t control or really account for, let’s try to think of ways to turn it to our use. I understand that this is a little high-minded, but how many roughing penalties do you think we could draw from Pac 12 officiating if we’re consistently stealing and sliding when it’s appropriate over the course of a year?? I bet we could make them useful idiots in a sense and that’s just one potential way of doing it.


  6. I saw Olaijah Griffin do an interview earlier this year and he talked about a lot of awards he wants to win during his time at USC. I appreciated his ambition and I love what I see with regard to his potential to achieve some of those goals. I just have a question for #2: When you made sure to find the camera so you could get your dance on TV as your teammate was being ejected, who was that dance for? I can’t know who it was for, but I know it wasn’t for the type of people who vote on those awards you were talking about. Maturity and professionalism get you closer to those awards than dance routines behind the ref do. Grow the F up.

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