Clay Helton Puts Political Skills To Work

USC coach Clay Helton gave school president Carol Folt a game ball after the victory over UCLA.

That means he gave game balls to Folt and Mike Bohn. Talk about a guy trying to press every button to save his job.

I wonder if he called her “Coach Folt” like he said, “Coach Bohn” and “Coach Haden” and “Coach Nikias.”

46 thoughts on “Clay Helton Puts Political Skills To Work

      1. I didn’t know you were teaching English this morning …..douche bag. BTW, LMAO at your own joke is a lot like Helton giving a game ball to the AD.

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      2. Awww, what a shame. Too dumb to know how to write at a 3rd grade level AND too dumb to know I was laughing at THAT, not my comment. Waaaaahh!!


  1. Question: Does a man who calls Little Carol “Coach Folt” command the respect of his peers, players and fans? Or does he sound like a ding-a-ling ass wipe?

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      1. But –like many Venezuelans — he wants a better life—-and we, being charitable people, need to admit him, if not due to legal obligation, for humanitarian reasons…

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  2. Tell Helton go truck out to Upland and see if he can get Justin Flowe to decommit from Clemson and switch to the Trojans. Let’s see how far he gets with Flowe and his family. Same could be said with Bryce Young (who is lost for good probably) and a whole huddle of 5* players who would otherwise come to SC if Helton was not the coach and they had a reputable coach to replace him. Either complete a hail Mary pass to Flowe or get out.

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  3. Yeah, the whole calling your AD or school president “coach” thing is pretty strange. Cringeworthy even. They’re not coaches. They’re your bosses. I’ll say this, he’s consistent with it. He’s been doing since Haden. But that doesn’t mean it’s right.

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    1. Folt is a savvy politician…. thrust into the seamy universe of Los Angeles politics…who’s getting savvier by the day…

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      1. I agree – she wasn’t intimidated by B. Wayne Hughes largesse and his twisting Nikias’ arm to get that roadkill Swann put in as AD. Soon as she read the Times article she sacked Swann within 48 hrs. She is not part of the ‘Town and Gown’ West 28th St ‘brahmin’ caste. She has a contract – she doesn’t want to ever be in a position where anyone can do to her what Nikias had done to him.

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      2. talking about savy politicians….Hell-TON is writing new chapters in the Machiavellian Tactics Handbook. invoking GOD, passing out game balls like cigars, calling AD the Prez “coach” giving them credit for win, all plastered all over the TV?? masterful tactics. if Hell-TON gets the sack, Trumpy Bear will probably hire him for his next Chief of Staff!!


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      3. Charlie –I can see it all coming true. Especially the President Helton part: A smiling Helton appears before a rabid Impeachment Panel, “Happy Tuesday, Everybody!”

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      4. True, point 1.
        True, point 2.
        True, point 3, MG.

        She had to deal with true sleeze at UNC–clean up an entire school cheating to keep athletes “eligible.” Hell, she caught fire FROM BOTH LIBS AND CONSERVs for allowing a 100 year old Confederate statue to be removed. Cool thing? She told that substandard University that they were not good enough for her and promptly resigned. She knew she would be sought after.

        Zumberge and Sample set the bar. She’ll measure up (with or without UM)

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  4. We’re gonna learn a lot about Folt and Bohn and their leadership ability in the coming days. They must decide between retaining perhaps the most polarizing figure in USC Football history responsible for falling athletic department revenues with no end in sight.

    As far as replacing assistants, haven’t we been there before? HELTON CAN’T ATTRACT GOOD ASSISTANT COACHES BECAUSE IT’S CAREER SUICIDE.

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  5. If Clay Helton is not fired by Monday morning, then it probably means one of two things. Mike Bohn already has a replacement that will start after the bowl game, or Helton will keep his job for another year. Bohn will look like an idiot if the Trojans fail next season, which they probably will, because their offense will be in the NFL . Your not going to replace two high draft picks with untested high school players, and Helton has nothing else to hang his hat on, so I predict a horrible season in 2020

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    1. Beg to disagree. No matter who coaches —Slovis at QB, St. Brown, London and Ford as receivers, Stepp, Vavae, Christon and Carr at running back, Tuipulotu, Tufele, Gaoteote, Hufunga, Drake Jackson, Pola-Mao & Mauga on defense. Plus –Oregon (definitely) and Washington (probably) lose their quarterbacks (and we play Washington at the Coli).

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      1. Playing a potent Dux team at Autzen.
        Playing a rebuilding Utes team at Rice-“Echoes”
        Christobal will find a decent QB to replace Herbert.
        Another brutal schedule for 2020.
        Only solution is having a reliably brutal, smashmouth defense every year.
        Worked for Pete, McKay, JR (and likely old Howard Jones)

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      2. Glad you pointed that out, Michael. I believe only 6 seniors are lost and 9 of 11 starters on offense and 9 of 11 on defense return. The recruiting class is #76 but of the 10 positions, 8 are on the line, so there is help on the way. Also, aside from opening with Alabama (which will help start-up the Trojans’ immediate focus at the start of August practices) the schedule will not be as daunting next year as in 2019. It will also be an aid that SC’s offense will have a year under their collective belt assimilating this new heavily weighted passing offense, assuming the Offensive Coordinator is not let go if wholesale coaching changes materialize.

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  6. This colossal POS country bumpkin just needs to be fired … this good ole boy dumbshit act is putting him into Kiffy/Suck dislike territory. What a loser


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