National TV Media Endorsed Clay Helton

Is it weird that Kedon “515 yards passing” Slovis did not get a game ball but Carol Folt and Mike Bohn did?

Anyways, I already discussed Kirk Herbstreit and Brian Griese giving full endorsements to Clay Helton returning next season. But ABC sideline reporter Molly McGrath also defended Helton on twitter.

One difference for Bohn between being at USC and his most recent jobs (Cincinnati, Colorado) is the national TV media wasn’t discussing it prominently before he made a decision.

29 thoughts on “National TV Media Endorsed Clay Helton

  1. Speaking of the Media loving Oregon, I thought it was odd that a game against a 5-5 opponent would get a National TV slot. After the upset, herm Edwards took his own little dig saying “This was great TV. Thanks for putting a 5-5 team on National TV. Classic.

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      1. And don’t forget with even the slightest bit of luck (against us and Colorado), that’s an 8 win team…how many points would they have scored against Pendergast if Daniels had played? 50? 60?

        If Folt retains Helton, and given the sad state of the conference…don’t be surprised if Herm doesn’t continue on an upwards trajectory in Tempe for as long as he maintains enthusiasm for the job.

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      2. Agreed. You’d have to have soul rot not to love playing football for lovable, cagey Herm Edwards….. Like I’ve said before, I’m happy for his success —I just hope he doesn’t become a thorn in USC’s side….

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    1. “Play to win the game”. Herm Edwards, One of the best sound bites ever….. Along with playoffs “Jim Mora sr.” , practice Allen Iverson and Mike Van Gundy “Im a man I’m 40”. Top 4 of all time in my opinion.

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    2. Karma came to Larry Scott and the Pac 12 when they screw over our conference every year. So glad the quaks lost. In prime time. Overrated Oregon program pushed by Nike Dollars and the the ADs with hands out total fucin cabal getting exposed. I hope Bohn gets Larry Scott the fuc out of there once the Trojans are competing for national titles again. Don’t screw this up. This is setting up nicely for USC dont screw it up Bohn. Fire Helton. The skys the limit. The rest of the Pac 12 fans are counting on you.


    3. USC does not need a cheerleader, who knows where every camera is positioned to run this football program. Always mugging the camera. Who does not know you have to have 11 players on the field all the time, DUH !!! This is not a high school program !!! Right… broom him ASAP.

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  2. SECPN does not want USC to be a juggernaut again. They benefited greatly with the demise of USC and the resultant rise of the SEC as “the Best College Football Has to Offer”.

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  3. Most of those people in the media want to see the Trojans fail, so of course they endorse Clay Helton. Any real experienced coach, will have USC back on top in two years. And wants to see that, except people in the west coast region.

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    1. I’m afraid that’s true, Fan Boy. Most losers and most A. P. voters (and those aren’t necessarily 2 separate populations of people) would like to see a perennial 8 win USC.

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  4. Of course the ‘media’ pukes and ‘experts’ like Molly McGrath would endorse a guy who has lost embrassing games every year of his tenure at USC. Recruiting as a result is abysmal, #70 nationally so far – thanks Helturd.

    Interesting how ESecPN’s Molly, and Steve and Brian overlook the shit show losses to BYU and to a weak Washington team – even the rout by the whOres looks worse after they lost to AssWho in Tempe last night.

    It’s beginning to look like the USC ‘brain trust’ will retain Helturd for yet another year. Get ready for more mediocrity gents, and prepare for another double-digit loss to Satan’s Alabama team in September 2020.

    Faith. Family. Fuck-ups.

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  5. I’m sure this has been said, but for USC to get into the Rose Bowl these things have to happen.
    1. Colorado has to beat Utah (ain’t gonna happen)
    2.USC has to beat Oregon ( ain’t gonna happen)
    Or they buy tickets after their poorly coached bowl game to celebrate Helton’s final game.

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    1. Rialto,
      No matter what happens in Helton’s last game, he’ll go out a winner —cuz nice guys are winners before the game even starts….


    2. Given that Oregon had a bye before they played us and given the number of injuries that have healed and given we have a bye before the Conference Championship Game, I think we can beat Oregon. Sad that we swept the South and likely will not represent the Division.

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      1. I’ll take that comment one step further, Lyle — if Slovis, Stepp, Malepeai, and Carr could all play 60 minutes, I don’t think we’d lose next Saturday to any of the teams that beat us. We went through 3 different quarterbacks and 4 different starting tailbacks in our 4 losses. When you’re whole philosophy is simply “we’re gonna outscore you”, it hurts not to have all your weapons.

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  6. Helton doesnt even know who his best players are and plays crazy favorites at the peril of team succes. That’s reason enough to make a move. Or what? we fire baxter and penderpuke? Who would take tose jobs with the lack of stability? Nobody smart thats who

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  7. None of these so-called media journalists have a shred of integrity. They’re all quintessential homers that shutter at the thought that USC, which is located in the nation’s most fertile recruiting territory, might get a competent football coach and kick the asses of their respective alma maters. They don’t even do a good job of concealing their biases. They were all very average-to-below average CFB players themselves, trying to find a glint of glory they never got on the field of play. Sad, isn’t it. . .

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  8. Of course the media would love to keep s no coaching Helton, so they can fall over one another to point out how great the SEC Conference is,
    They do not want a west coast powerhouse USC competing for National Championship.

    Well – if you want USC to be relevant again? or fill those empty seats? that will double next year if Helton is not fired , If you want the high school football players leave for other schools – Then keep Helton. MY FEELINGS AS A LOYAL USC FAN – PLEASE FIRE HELTON AND HIRE URBAN MEYERS . I BEG OF YOU – I AM ON MY KNEES- PLEASE FIRE HELTON .

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    1. To the tune of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils “Jackie Blue”…

      “Woo, woo, woo, Joseph Blue…
      Saying things the rest of us fans are thinking too…”


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