Sunday Night Without Clay Helton

USC holds its football banquet tonight so Clay Helton is not speaking to the media today.

Did Mike Bohn or Carol Folt hear any of the USC fans chanting “Fire Helton” yesterday?

As Bohn visits with virtually anyone who wants to chat, I would imagine he has heard an earful from fans about the state of the football program. With no decision expected this week, it’s probably a good time for fans to voice their concerns via email or whatever method works best.

What really needs to happen is one of the more outspoken members of the ex-former players making an intervention, sort of like when Willie McGinest forced Helton to not let Cameron Smith wear No. 55 a few years ago.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Night Without Clay Helton

  1. Check out the LA Times Article on Helton:

    Some of the nuggets include:

    24/7 has SC recruiting at 76th, behind Bowling Green, and just ahead of Texas-San Antonio, which has only been in D1 for 6 years.

    Helton asked what he would tell recruits:

    “If you want to have fun and play with a really good kid QB and some talented skill players, then hop on board the train”

    Mike Bohn, the keys to the city are yours if you make the right hire.

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    1. Thanks 67′ Amazing – historically the Times has never been a friend of USC ‘but’ it would seem the sports columnists realize that unless USC has a new football coach the program will continue to decline and with it the entire Pac-12.

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    2. Clay Helton has done nothing but the best and done all that’s been asked of him! He beat our rivals, he graduates players and turns 2 stars into all-stars!

      Bohn! Do the right thing!

      #ExtendOn #FightOnClay

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      1. I geuss neuter dame is no longer uscs rival…Any way that’s naht uscs goal!!!!! Wut ever happund to whining Nashua champee un chips!!!!

        SMDH! SMDH! SMDH!!!!

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      2. Ed –Far be it from me to put pressure on a great performer’s next piece of performance art …..BUT…this post isn’t up to your ridiculously high standards. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Please don’t let us down with your next post, ‘kay? Everyone here (and by ‘everyone’ I’m referring to all 1734 of us) is going to be waiting for something REALLY special!

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      3. 67 —Let’s face it, Ed has spoiled the shit outta us. Remember how, after Pulp Fiction, every critic was all over Tarantino for not surpassing himself? “Jackie Brown was wonderful —but it wasn’t Pulp Fiction!” Ed is running into the same thing. I was wrong to criticize him. We just need to let his art wash over us….

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  2. Just in case Bohn doesn’t have a vision for what USC football should be, here is some help:

    – The Coliseum at full capacity for every home game
    – No blowout losses received, only administered
    – Trojan football overshadowing any and all football in LA, including the Rams
    – Revenue, revenue, revenue

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  3. wolfman, it’s time to admit defeat….Hell-TON has won the right to keep his yob.

    sure you ran Kiff, Sark, Swannie and Haden outta town, wolfman, an admirable record!

    but Hell-TON has EARNED n extension and he has played this like Hyman Roth: beautifully.

    the gentlemanly thing to do wolfman, is to send Hell-TON a case of Dom Perignon and offer to kiss his ring.


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  4. Message to Recruits:
    Helton: “If you want to have fun and play with a really good kid QB and some talented skill players, then hop on board the train”
    Carroll: Compete to start from Day One and go into the league in 3 years. We own California. We only recruit Out of State Players that are First Round Picks.

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