USC Banquet Award Winners

Here were the winners at tonight’s USC football banquet:


23 thoughts on “USC Banquet Award Winners

      1. gt —A sneak eye test! Great! Scott has just handed the Maui DMV my driver’s license on a silver platter…..


    1. Glad Fink was recognized. Still don’t know how the heck he beat Utah, but he will always have that performance to be proud of the rest of his life…. and it still could be the game that leads to a pac12 title!

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  1. Great group of players- the bad coaching did them in as they had no chance to win the winnable games (BYU, Washington), compete against a so-called elite opponent (Oregon) and beat your arch rival (ND). Good grief.

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    1. Arturo, agreed. 10-2 record should have been right there. Even 11-1 or 12-0 was doable.

      Next year should be an exciting one with Slovis, Stepp, Christon, St. Brown, London, Ford, McCoy…

      But this all boils down to what Mike Bohn chooses to do.

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    2. Arturo —Betcha we coulda risen above the coaching and beaten Washington if we had Slovis at QB….and same goes for Oregon if we had Stepp. [And Notre Dame, too, if the Pac 12 refs didn’t screw us by wanting to please the home crowd]……

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      1. Michael, not only was Kelly on the field, but two weeks before that, Hufanga (in street clothes) had one foot on the field of play, and there goes 15 yards from the Pac 12 officials.

        A few years ago, I met a former NFL referee who mentioned how bad NCAA officiating was, as it was a part-time gig, and the NCAA refused to pay them well.

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  2. Well I guess Bohn is playing it close to the vest with his duty to fire Helton. I say it’s his duty to do so in spite of the year-end theatrics. I do not know too many people who would be happy with our record this year given the manner in which the games played out. At least two of the games we lost should have been in the win column. I’ll give the Oregon game to the refs and the PAC 12’s neurotic need to have a playoff contender at all costs.
    Too many times Helton has in his 10 (or25th in Helton years) at USC snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. As offensive coordinator he was bland and mediocre. As head coach he was forced to give up being the offensive coordinator by the AD, but he kinda kept his hand in the mix and took over when a bad play was needed.
    Although I can’t prove it I’d swear he was back to his old tricks this year changing the play to suit his whims. Just watching the Trojans march down the field with the ball scoring easily during the first few possessions and then floundering for the next few quarters was frustrating.
    Helton is like the chef who loves to experiment with a proven recipes. Only he doesn’t add a dash of vanilla to a cheap cake mix, he dumps the bottle in cap and all. As a chess master he’s playing Chinese checkers, the only game where losing your marbles wins.
    Helton is always going to the film room to see the mistakes he orchestrated. If I had the resources and time I’d love to take Bohn the film room to show him where Claymation has failed. (If you not old enough to know Claymation is the stop motion technology used in Gumby cartoons.)

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  3. But who won the NEW HEAD COACH AWARD??? Please don’t tell me that beating five teams (NONE of which had a winning record) down the stretch nullifies that decision. Do you really want to get smoked by Alabama to start next year and hear slack-faced Helton say “I’m so proud of our kids. They fought like warriors.”???

    When he gets fired, Helton’s last Q&A:
    Why do you think you were let go???
    I’m gonna go back and look at the tapes…

    Remember the days when Trojans would play anyone anywhere??? Teams actually feared us. No Mas!


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