Did Clay Helton Improve USC As Promised?

Here is what Clay Helton said in January:

“During spring ball, we not only will continue to develop our players—a process that started with our January workouts, but we will focus on our attention to detail when it comes to fundamentals and technique, penalties and turnovers.”

Penalties and turnovers?

USC ranks No. 120 in penalties per game.

USC ranks No. 125 in penalty yards per game.

USC ranks No. 115 in turnover margin.

39 thoughts on “Did Clay Helton Improve USC As Promised?

  1. Nope. If he thinks he did, he is one delusional motherfucker. Time for that guy to be escorted out of Heritage Hall and the McKay Center, along with those people inside the administration who have fought on social media to keep criticism of him down and to protect him from firing.

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  2. He should have been fired already, the longer he’s on the job the less likely the recruiting will be saved. Is Bohn really waiting on the Utah v Colorado result ?

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  3. Those areas did not improve and he should be criticized for that. If Helton doesn’t go, some of his staff must.

    But you have to give either Helton, his staff, or both credit for navigating injuries to so many QBs and RBs. For comparisons sake, Stanford (actually ranked to start the year, unlike SC) had to play its 2nd and 3rd string QBs much of the year also and they ended up 4-7.

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    1. BigMac,
      Clay turned USC’s offense into a force to be reckoned with this year —and, you’re right, he pulled it off with an inordinate # of injuries at skilled spots. I think karma is disgusted with the fact Helton is so damn slow to get rid of dead wood. Clancy and Baxter should have been sent packing along with Tee Martin. And Clay’s strength and conditioning program is —and has always been —a joke.
      Note: I think I finally understand the philosophy behind the light practices. Helton doesn’t give a flying shit whether the defense can tackle or not —he just wants the offense healthy for the games. Under his tenure we’ll never see a complete team —just occasionally great 7 on 7 football….

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      1. MG,
        Let’s not forget that CH was/is so clueless, he had to be told his program not only had deficiencies in staff and personnel, but also culture, discipline and scheme after his FOURTH year as the head football coach.

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      2. Pure insight.

        Best that I can tell from the post-game pressers, the plan for the USC defense in the second half was to allow UCLA to score at will–but slooooowwwly.

        CP put all the pressure on Kedon and Krew to score every time that USC possessed the ball in the second half. I call it the “Steve Kerr” strategy (pardon the BB reference, but it is apt).

        A fourth and 17 conversion? Never seen it in my 50 years.

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      3. ttrojan22 — can you imagine how dumb you are if you had to hear those words from….Lynn Swann?
        Bourbon— Can you imagine how screwed up your defense is if UCLA even THINKS about going for it on 4th and 17?
        [Clay probably told Clancy, “all I’ll need is ONE stop in the second half —let Slovis do the rest”]…..


  4. One improvement: Unlike the 2018 UCLA game, at least the team didn’t jump Up and Down at the End of the 3rd Quarter like a bunch of Idiots. It looked like one player was out there and about too, but no one joined in.

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      1. He was on the field throwing passes during warmups. He is off crutches and appears to walking normally. He will compete next year and get his psychology degree and will leave the program for another.in the Pac 12


  5. If Clay Helton is coaching Oregon State, then he improved, but this is USC, who should be ranked in the top 5 after 4 years as head coach. Remember, the cupboard wasn’t bare when Helton took over the program, he had enough talent to go to back to back major bowl games. So when people say he’s doing a great job, it’s because they don’t have championship aspirations. Michael Pittman Jr. made three key receptions during the season that prevented USC from repeating a 5-7 record . That’s not improvement, it’s called, luck

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  6. Scott is going to be so disappointed when we hire a new coach. Helton is like winning the lottery for his brand of “reporting”.

    Can you imagine if we pull off Urban Meyer? What would he complain about?

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    1. Don’t worry, he will find something. Wolf hated Carroll because Pete wouldn’t give him the time of day. As soon as the new coach figures out Wolf is a total and complete putz, he will be in the dog house once again. When has Wolf like anyone? He hasn’t. The view from his Mothers basement is dark and myopic.

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      1. PC and Wolf used to do a segment where Wolf asked PC questions from readers of his DN blog, he was also there as an “emcee” when SC had their rally after the NC, so that’s hardly not giving Wolf the time of day.

        BTW, are you Tim The Asshole Tesselone, maybe Pete The Gasbag Arboghast ?

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      2. Budda – no I am not. But just like Wolf, I grow tired of your one way monolouge about Helton. I want him gone as much as the next guy. What is really funny though is you calling anyone a gasbag or an asshole. That is the pot calling the kettle black. You wont kinow what to do once Helton is gone. Get a life.


    2. Chris —Meyer would be a cinch for Scott —he’d just switch from “we can’t win games with only 10 men on the field!” to “winning isn’t everything — what about the coaches’ wives?”…


  7. Dear God,
    We know Helton praises you a lot in all his press conferences and we are sorry you were not included in the game ball distribution, but at this time,
    we pray that you will help Bohn end the Helton disaster and hire Meyer.

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    1. JustWin,
      I guess you know that it was a prayer very much like this that led to Jonah Hill being possessed by the devil in “This Is The End”…..

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  8. Helton is 2 games over .500 over the last two seasons. Would this be considered acceptable at Ohio State? Alabama? Georgia? Clemson?

    Gomer is going to keep his job for 9-1/2 more months. Then, after Alabama beats SC like a rented mule for the second time in 4 years, Bohn will have no choice but to fire him.

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    1. Sgt,
      Helton deserves another chance against Saban…. he almost brought us back last time —-all we needed were 9 more field goals and 3 T. D.’s with 2 point conversions…..
      [Maybe UCLA will hire Meyer and Helton will get a chance for revenge on him too— that will only take 3 more T. D’s and one 2 point conversion]…

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      1. We were ahead 3-0 after the 1st Quarter. Then Saban pulled his QB for Jalen Hurts while SC had Sam Darnold remain on the bench. Some teams do make good in game adjustments.

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      2. Lyle —Thanks for jogging my memory. It would have been a very different game if Saban had stuck with immobile Cooper Bateman.
        #ClancyPeparedForBateman …


    1. He might be STARTING…..he won’t be FINISHING….


  9. ‘Tiz the season to be jolly….and thankful. Gifts are appealing, and so is our basketball program. Wish you all well! Fight On! However, much like I did with the 49ers in August, I took a small future on one team to win March Madness, Wisconsin. For those of you needing a holiday distraction, drive to Vegas, take the Badgers….lol….


    1. Btw, Wisconsin’s on at 4pm, on the deuce, today…what will you see? A team that plays defense, a team that has 6 to 7 equally as good scorers, even beyond the arc, a team that can, and will grind you up deep into the shot clock and, among other things, a team that is enduring hardship. The other night, they had 6 guys score in double digits.


  10. Gonna get bludgeoned here, but….
    USC offense improved from #67 in 2018 to #11 in 2019 (I threw out the two AAC teams ahead of USC, as they didn’t play a tough power5 schedule)

    USC defense “improved” from #50 in 2018 to #43 in 2019.

    The offense improved because some good coaches (GH, Jinks, Drevno, Colbert) helped these talented fellows develop skills, and because CCH did not interfere with these talented assistants. Parenthetically, I like having the OC also serve as QB coach.

    I fully anticipate a backlash from the Helton haters, but my analysis is not meant to be support for his retention. Rather, I am preparing myself for plan B, which is that Matt Rhule, UM, Matt Campbell (not MY choice) etc say “no thank you,” and we are looking at 2020 with Gentleman Clay at the helm.

    That said, I am preparing my DC search based on solid analytics and will report to you–my compatriots–hopefully prior to Thanksgiving. (Understand, a splashy DC hire could become HC quite quickly.)

    Hoping for some support from Ed G at least.


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