The Longest Week Of Year For USC Fans

Is this going to the longest week of the year for USC fans?

Mike Bohn doesn’t want to do anything until the Pac-12 South is decided, which will likely boost the theory Clay Helton returns.

I was wondering today if Bohn kept Helton, what else does he have to do? He was hired to fix football and bringing Helton back just keeps USC in a holding pattern.

Dave Roberts, the interim athletic director, was a compliance cop so it isn’t like Bohn needs to do anything in that dept. I’ve talked to coaches who say the compliance message has been made clear the past few months.

So Bohn’s real job is to fix football and get football revenues back up. If he wants to do it by keeping Helton, heaven help him.

  • Meanwhile, Urban Meyer is now the betting favorite to be the next Dallas Cowboys coach per BetOnline.

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach in Week 1 of 2020-21

Urban Meyer                 3/1       

Josh McDaniels             4/1       

Lincoln Riley                 5/1       

Robert Saleh                 5/1       

Sean Payton                 6/1       

Jim Harbaugh                12/1     

Ken Norton Jr.               16/1     

Kris Richard                  16/1     

Mike Leach                   20/1     

Chris Petersen              25/1     

Dan Campbell               25/1     

Gus Bradley                  33/1     

Jim Schwartz                 33/1     

Mike Munchak               33/1     

Tom Herman                 33/1     

Nick Saban                   40/1     

Todd Haley                   40/1     

Dabo Swinney               50/1     

Mike Gundy                  50/1     

Chip Kelly                     66/1     

Lane Kiffin                    66/1     

Matt Rhule                    66/1     

Gary Patterson              80/1     

James Franklin              80/1     

Bob Stoops                  100/1

Peyton Manning            150/1

Tony Romo                   150/1   

Bill Cowher                    250/1

Barry Switzer                 500/1   

Jerry Jones                   500/1   

Jimmy Johnson             500/1   

Note: If Jason Garrett is still head coach, will be graded as no action.

40 thoughts on “The Longest Week Of Year For USC Fans

  1. Lynn Swann made it clear that the expectation in 2019 was a Pac-12 Title. Until that is no longer a possibility, makes sense for Bohn to sit tight. Anyone of the Cowboy Coaching Candidates a possibility at USC? My nightmare scenario is SC keeps Clay Helton, Chip Kelly goes to the NFL in some capacity and UCLA hires Lane Kiffin who dominates the local recruiting.

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  2. Urban Meyer to the NFL? Really? Well ‘maybe’ but the difference btwn. college and pro is light years. 17+ yr old high school prospects look at a head coach as another ‘father’ – pro players don’t.

    If Meyer wanted the NFL he would have moved on a long time ago – not at 55 yrs of age and not to dbe burdened with Jerry Jones and his expectations.

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    1. Pinkywood, what a load of BS you’re spewing. I guess Commie Lush, you’re assuming Meyer’s public declaration he’s interested in the Cowboy job is fake news. Meyer’s to Clown U is real fake news.


      1. You might be right Owns and that’s hard to admit with all the nonsense coming out of your imagination! I’ve heard of him having more interest in Dallas then USC. That’s why it was important to fire Helton right after the Oregon game. This is Kingsbury 2.0 all over again. The only difference is you had 1 guy as OC under contract for a 100 grand instead of 2 million and the other guy in Urban who lives and works in your own back yard who you can make a head coach,
        but you still can’t pull the trigger on Helton. Wow. Can’t fix stupid with this group of administrators’.

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    2. Good points, areyousoviet (No, but my wife is). Besides, Meyer is in a compromised health state, and the stress of satisfying Dallas fans’ expectations would sicken him further. Not that being the coach of SC would be a piece of candy, but he has a passion for college football and he was quoted at seasons’ beginning in August that “I miss the fight. I miss getting up in the morning and knowing I have a fight to go to” The
      semi-metaphor apparently referring to his passion (obsession?) of training kids to battle in important football games.

      Of course, this begs the question if that “fire” is strong enough to take him away from a cozy talk show, that he’s good at, and doesn’t have a lick of stress attached to it. And obviously the call has to be made by SC.


  3. I’m not worried about Meyer going to the NFL. He isn’t interested in playing the “please me first game,” with high paid primadonna players. He isn’t in being the working stiff among players who earn more than he does. Chances are the rumors about him being interested are designed to squeeze people interested in hiring him. He can afford to pickup an interview, but it’s likely a move to motivate the team that really wants him.

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    1. RT,
      I tend to agree from the UM viewpoint. The Cowboys don’t seem like a good fit at all. However, from the Cowboy’s perspective, J. Jones won his Super Bowl Championships with J. Johnson (UM) and B. Switzer (OU), so hiring a proven coaching star from the CFB ranks is probably not off the table.

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    2. Savvy analysis, RT.

      CFB is “no pressure” compared to the No Fun League. The cardiac condition and the arachnoid cyst in his brain make the NFL a non-option.
      Ms Meyer likes The South Bay–gotta be better than Columbus in the Winter and no humidity like Gainsville.

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  4. With only 12 scholarships available (pending the players that declare early), recruiting will not be as big a factor for this year. Helton has loaded up on OL and DL which tend to be 3 stars ( very few 4 stars and just 2 or 3 5 stars nationwide). This means that the class is unlikely to rise a lot higher. A player like Bryce Young, though a loss, is not, with the development of Slovis and a 2021 commitment from 5 Star Garcia, a pressing need; Young helps with rankings but is not an essential piece. This actually may buy Bohn some time in firing/hiring someone.

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    1. Spot on, Arturo.
      Still, time to recruit some 5 star defenders NOW!
      Bryce Young will likely be playing behind Taulia Tagovailoa, etc for some time. Saban is wise. Keeping Bryce from signing with one of his competitors. McKay was famous for this practice.

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      1. Bama and the whole SEC is notorious for signing 30 plus recruits then ruining their careers when they have to find somewhere else to sign.

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  5. Don’t know how solid this is but on another SC message board, they’re discussing a twitter message that Bohn met with Helton today and said he will be retained. Public announcement coming soon.

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    1. The true part is—“public announcement coming soon.”
      [Scott Schrader is saying it could be Ed Orgeron —we’re all stuck in bullshit land this week]…..

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  6. If Meyer were to decide that he doesn’t want to coach anymore then I can understand it if SC doesn’t fire Helton. I would still prefer that they did. He’s a nice guy but it’s really best for the program. But if he goes to Dallas, that tells me that he really does still want to coach. If that’s true then SC really dropped the ball again because I think that he really does want to come to SC. If he goes to Dallas it’s because he has become convinced that SC is just trying to find a way to satisfy the fans without having to hire him. He’d pick Dallas over SC only if he were convinced that SC doesn’t want him. If they don’t hire Meyer, you’re going to have a ton of SC haters rolling in the isles laughing about how stupid SC let this guy get away and also feeling like they have dodged a bullit knowing how good SC might have become if SC had done the smart thing.

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  7. Can somebody provide me with one reason KA Helton should return…and I don’t want to hear that he’s better than? Fill in the blank…I don’t care if Utah loses to Colorado and the KA Helton’s stun Oregon–who looked almost invincible this past week, don’t you think–in the meaningless Pac 12 Championship…If the Utah’s lose to Colorado it doesn’t elevate the status of the pac 8,10,12 or usc, it only reinforces how pathetic the conference has become…KA Helton has to go…end of story…do I think Bohn and Folt, this year’s version of Fred and Ginger, will dance around the issue or will they have the guts to make a change? After receiving game balls for the ucla victory, they had such a hand in,
    from Kiss A*% himself? I’m not so sure…

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  8. Hey Arturo if USC and their recruiting staff were smart they would already have sent feelers out to recruits who are going to get left out at Bama to come to USC. Lane kiffin was always fishing for Alabama recruits to come here. You can’t make it happen if you don’t try. I wonder if Helton is selling the transfer portal because of the lousy recruiting ranking so far 77! Bohn and Folt are falling for it. As a matter of fact one of Bamas defensive young studs has already put his name in the portal already. Haven’t heard anything about USCs interest yet!

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    1. Check the portal about a week ago and saw that Colorado got themselves a 5 Star DL from NJ via Alabama. Very good idea although taking Alabama rejects might seem below SC standards.


      1. How is it below standards now when USC doesn’t even have a 5 Star commit in this year’s recruiting class? Colorado is getting a player we need.

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  9. If Bohn doesn’t replace Helton before the beginning of next season, Bohn should start looking for a new job. If Folt stands behind Bohn in keeping Helton, she will loose her job. The situation with the football team has gotten more precarious than pre-Carroll.

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    1. I have a feeling both Folt and Bohn are going to be gone after next year. Clueless Clay is who is. And their just as clueless as him by retaining him. Wow can’t make this stupid Clueless stuff up. WTF is wrong with USC?


  10. How is it below standards now when USC doesn’t even have a 5 Star commit in this year’s recruiting class? Colorado is getting a player we need.


  11. Lengthy post, but it’s all you need for plan B.
    Some interesting surprises…

    BY FPI defensive efficiency, average score for 2016-2019 inclusive

    1. Clemson/Venables –90.75
    2. Bama/ Pruitt-Lupoi-Golding –89.5
    3. Michigan/Don Brown –83.25
    4. UGA/ Tucker-Sherrer-Lanning –83 (better each year 17-19)
    5. OSU/ Sciano-Haffley&Mattison –81.75
    6. Auburn/Ole’ Kevin Steele –81
    7. Wisky/ Wilcox16-Jim Leonhard (17-19) –79
    8. Utah/Morgan Scalley –77.25
    9. LSU/Aranda –77
    10. ND/who cares –76
    Cincinnati . –74 over 2018/2019 seasons only

    Surprise entry???????
    Luke Fickel at Cincinnati. Did well at OSU. His first year–2017–the defense was deplorable at FPI of 29. In 2018, Fickel’s defense was #8 in the country and ahead of Aranda and LSU. In 2019 Fickel’s defense is rated #31 with a score of 67.


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