Another Reminder For Mike Bohn

Here’s what St. John Bosco quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei told the Associated Press about why he is going to Clemson instead of his childhood favorite, USC.

“I felt like I just want to play on the biggest stage . . . Right now the Pac 12 is not how the Pac-12 used to be when they used to have teams loaded like the old ‘SC.”

USC is not even in the national championship conversation. And it won’t be under Clay Helton.

That is really all Mike Bohn needs to realize. But he is so new, I don’t know if he does.

36 thoughts on “Another Reminder For Mike Bohn

    1. w.texas — I guess when they say the USC/Alabama match up “COULD be intriguing” they’re talking about what happens if we get ourselves a new, bad ass coach, yes?….

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      1. Wow, Mike! I didn’t even notice the date. [I guess you could say The Dallas Morning News was a little ahead of the curve on this one]….

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      1. I hear what you’re saying, MG and gt, but there have been some SC sanctioned teams that were Nat’l Champ- worthy: The Rose Bowl winning Darnold led team; The Barkley led, Kiffin coached team that beat Oregon in Eugene but wasn’t eligible for the PAC 12 championship (that was the 50-0 team that whipped UCLA- who dubiously represented the South at 6-6). Those were some good teams.

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      2. I’m getting to the point I actually need you by my side, Arturo —you see stuff I’m missing. Well, sometimes. Usually, I see everything.

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      3. Happy to be there, MG. You usually put into words many of my thoughts but with much more clarity. I, unlike you, do have many blind spots, however.

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    1. the athletes have been there and still are…just not even close to real football head coach the last few yrs…this yrs class of 3 star avg will be the beginning of more than just the end…no firing of hellton is that slow slow cancer death no one wants to go through as the body cannibalizes itself…avoid the warning signs ,suffer the consequences.

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    2. 22:
      Sometime between 7 and 10 years old, we SoCal sports addict kids get to make our choice. USC or UCLA. DJ made the right choice as a kid.

      Unfortunately, we/USC lost him. The losses continue.
      Gotta staunch the hemorhage before we exsanguinate.


  1. Bohn has not experienced what the big stage is let alone what it means. If he did, Helton would have been long gone by now and Bohn would have gone after Myers or Oregeron. Those boys know what the big stage is because they have been on it by winning championships.

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      1. I’ve post several times my support for Bohn.
        Whilst my son was at CU (and CU in the Big 12), I supported Bohn/CU athletics financially and physically (ie, I drove 700 miles r/t to watch FB, MBB, WBB, WVB, soccer. I always felt my financial support was
        appreciated and recognized. He is a class act.

        If the President and BOT don’t support, Mr. Bohn, he will do what he can do, get good results, and move on to a new program which appreciates him and supports him.

        He is hard-working, enthusiastic, and smart. He’s not our problem.

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    1. That would be epic. Maybe Coach O would enjoy the relaxed SoCal atmosphere where he could dominate SoCal recruiting like no one has since he and Carroll cleaned house (as opposed to the second fiddle atmosphere -to Alabama- that he has settled for at LSU).
      Think about it, for him to win a Natty, he might have to beat Alabama (the Ducks loss has opened the door the Tide who hasn’t played 1 top 25 team yet, has played Western Carolina, New Mexico St., Duke, and some other FCS pansy) twice in 2 months- a tall order for any coach. If i am Orgeron, I gotta be thinking, “Bama doesn’t even have to win the Division- let alone the SEC- and they make the Playoffs.” If i am Orgeron, I come out west to USC (where great QBs grow on trees), I bring my offensive and defensive coordinators, don’t have to wait for a QB to fall into my lap (Burrow transferred from Ohio St.), dominate recruiting, and go to the Playoff every year. Sounds good.


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      1. PS
        Can’t underestimate the Burrow factor. LSU has never been able to develop a quality QB and when they have (the overall #1 pick who failed as a Raider) they have won. Playing QB at SC has been both lucrative for the player and the team.



      2. I hate to throw cold water on this guys —-BUT —the same elitist attitudes that kept Ed from getting the job the first go around will keep him from getting the job this go around. Can you even begin to imagine Ed at black tie events? As far as USC is concerned, Ed’s “just a good coach” —and that’s not enough. There’s as much chance of us hiring Pirate Mike Leach.

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    2. That would be epic on so many levels. A real kick to the old USC regime’s nuts. But I don’t see it. He got burned once and it stung real bad. I think he has more pride than that. I know there’s finally a new regime, but he’s from the south. I just don’t see that happening.

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  2. He (DJ) is 17 or 18 so he gets some slack and can say some naive things. His quote sounds like a combination of sour apples, getting his ego stroked by Dabo, but, at the same time, getting the wool pulled over his eyes by Swinney. Clemson is awesome, but the ACC as a whole STINKS. I mean, who is there? Miami? FSU? Carolina? Duke? gimme a break. Owns, rags on USC being yesterday U, however. the real yesterday Uers reside in Tallahassee and Coral Gables. The rest of the ACC is just passing time until basketball season.


  3. wolfman, you know I love you like a blood brother, but dude, it’s OVER! Multiple sources confirm the new Prez will not go for Durty Urban!

    Wolfing you ran three prior coaches outta SC, no one doubts you got game , but this fight is over.

    CONGRATS to Coach Hell-TON! Well done!


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      1. What Chaz doesn’t know is that Clay is being forced to hire Urban Meyer as a “Special Consultant” —-and that there will be a “job review” after the Alabama game to see which of them stays….and which of them is shot into space.

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  4. I’ll go back and “like” most of your comments, friends.

    Ed Orgeron is a noble man. A hard-working, passionate Southern Cajun.
    The disrespect shown to him by the entire USC elite is beyond our comprehension.

    After the tarmac incident, I bought in to the EO show. Fried chicken and waffles for the fellas? FUCK YEAH! And that defense was meanASS phenomenal!

    Why would he leave THE dream job for a Southern FB coach–a place where he is understood and respected, a place where 100,000 rabid fans show up for a middling opponent–for a place where a good day at the beach is more important than a day at the stadium tailgating? For a place that sits 60,000 for its 89th rivalry game?

    Don’t say money. Not what Ed’s about (I suspect).
    Ed will have the pressure of recruiting and coaching against UGA, Bama, Auburn (up and down at times), & Gators all the time. Hard to top that job.

    Let the Pac 12 put a team in the CFB playoff AT LEAST ONCE before it becomes a part of the discussion. EO to USC is one of the funnier jokes I’ve heard lately.


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