Will Clay Helton Get Fired? It’s USC Podcast Time!

9 thoughts on “Will Clay Helton Get Fired? It’s USC Podcast Time!

  1. Fire Helton so my dearly beloved USC Trojans can be respected again as a true blue blood of collegiate football. If the powers to be refuse to vote Helton, I will simply tune out of future USC Football games, and you can add me as another empty seat at the home games for USC.

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  2. Sorry – about the mistake I made, since I am simply so upset in seeing my dearly beloved USC Trojan lose the swagger they had under Pete Carroll, I meant to say, if the powers to be refuse to fire Helton, I will simply tune out any future USC games, plus avoid wasting my money to attend any future games.

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  3. Mike Bohn will look like a fool if he keeps Clay Helton, and they are 2-3 after the first five games next season, which they probably will be. And Bohn will take lots of heat, and criticism before then, if the Trojans sign horrible recruiting class, because it will be a reflection of what the future will bring under Helton.

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  4. He would be gone already if that was happening. USC doesnt have the cash for the buyout. Im sure donors will only pay that kind of money for Urban. USC poised to be a contender next year. Helton has to get a replacement for Clancy and Baxter. Kids saved Helron’s butt.


  5. Has a new AD ever fired a Coach this soon into his/her tenure? May be considered as big of Knee Jerk Reaction as Pat Haden’s Tarmac Firing. I suspect we will have Helton into 2020.


  6. Keeping Helton would be a tragedy of epic proportions. Not as concerned about the draft class ranking this year – USC recruits itself as is often said – but it’s the lack of a fundamental philosophy – which amounts to incompetence – across all his coaching calls and hires.

    For example – what is our offense? Up to this year, whatever it was, it was only workable with a pro QB at the helm (Darnold in particular) – and now it is a fundamentally unbalanced pass-happy gimmicky ‘Air Raid’ offense, easy to defend dropping 8 in coverage, which will only be competitive at an elite level with outstanding receivers (which we do have) and a fundamentally outstanding defense – which we do not (poor arm tackling and letting teams stick around after halftimes are ample evidence of this).

    Throw on top lousy special teams, not recruiting O-linemen, lip-service discipline, nil game-time management …and my fear with Helton returning for another year is “another” open QB competition and better than 50/50 chance Daniels ‘earns’ his starting job back come August, just in time for the Alabama game. We are lining up for (another) 5-7 (or worse) season.

    Don’t know how long I can handle this torture…

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  7. Just go give urban Meyer the Money let urban Meyer go get the coaches urban Meyer wants because California is all about the MONEY for the HONEY


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