Petros Papadakis Says Clay Helton Never Embraced High Standards

Here is what Petros Papadakis said today on his radio show about Clay Helton: “Clay has never fully embraced how high the standards are at USC. If they aren’t high anymore then keep him, that will send a message to your fan base.

“Helton teams are consistently inconsistently. They are 13-11 over the last two seasons and that is exactly what Clay Helton. It isn’t going to change.”

Full interview here

32 thoughts on “Petros Papadakis Says Clay Helton Never Embraced High Standards

  1. “Want to send the fan base a message that the University has accepted mediocrity on the football field? Keep Helton!”
    I kinda wish Petros hadn’t put it quite that way.

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      1. gt —I loved the part of the article where it says Helton has the support of “two key people—the President and the Athletic Director.”


      2. That report is just stupid. Clay is gone. Folt and Bohn like Clay and want to send him off on a positive note. Maybe he gets a job in the athletic department, as an ambassador of kindness.

        The recruiting for a new head coach is either on-going, or already done.

        Think about it. If they planned to keep Helton, they would not wait another week to announce that. They would have done it at the senior dinner. The ONLY way Helton is an option is if they planned to announce that he is staying but that they have hired a hot new defensive coordinator. So they feel they need to have something to tell the USC fan base that is a positive before they announce Clay coming back. Maybe a small chance of that.

        More likely, they are waiting until after Thanksgiving because the new coach will not be announced until after a division title game and they need Clay to stay as head coach for a potential Pac-12 title game. The new coach will be Matt Ruhle and he will be announced after Baylor beats Oklahoma for the Big 12 title.

        Folt and Ruhle realize that they want to get the coaching decision right for the next 5 years. So they are willing to sacrifice any recruiting lapses this year for the chance to get the absolute right new head coach. But timing is an issue here as Ruhle is not leaving Baylor with a chance at a Big-12 championship.

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  2. Was loud-ass Petros drunk when talking or Flow when “blogging” this? Simple English is good enough, Flow.

    “Consistently inconsistently.”

    “…that is exactly what Clay Helton.”

    Chaz? What say you?

    Editor. You as well…

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    1. I heard the same analysis from Petros on his radio show while I am driving the 110 fwy going north bound yesterday. Petros is an excellent analyist. He knows SC football due to his dad, brother, and he playing at SC. Wolf was correct on what Petros said.


      1. Michael, Petros is always entertaining, and is knowledgeable about the game.

        Just think we might have had a couple more W’s with a different RB carrying the ball…

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      2. I doubt Coach Hackett helped Petros’ cause much, ’67.
        Plus, he was an old fashioned FB, wasn’t he?

        Hackett was a SUPER nice guy and a truly great QB coach.
        Didn’t seem to be a great HC, no?

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    1. I’m okay with Petros.
      Family has a long and faithful history with USC.
      Dude was voted a captain when he played. He earned his voice.

      Might be wrong on occasion, but he earned his voice.
      (Heck, he had to endure the Hackett years, poor fellow)

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      1. Good way to put it. He can be annoying, but you’re right. Has even more of a right to express his thoughts on the subject than we do! GO BUFFALOES!!!

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    2. What exactly has Papadakis been “full of it” about when it comes to the USC football program? Love him or hate him, he is usually right on the money when it comes to analysis of not only the USC football program, but the entire USC athletic department as a whole. His commentary yesterday was 100% correct, and of Bohn/Folt decide to keep Helton, there are going to be a lot of empty seats in the Coliseum next season.


  3. Actually Petros has been right, quite often about USC it’s just people can’t handle the truth. He’s been calling out USC about their mediocrity for year’s. Here we are still in mediocrity 10 years later after Pete Carroll left! What’s fucin changed. Don’t kill Petros because he can be a jackass sometimes. He’s usually right.

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    1. Petros just has a microphone. He’s a loud jackass. He’s Flow without the lisp. He hates everything USC. Just like Flow. Has USC been roses the last 10 years? Fuck no! But Petros only focuses on the negative and then gossips with his little buddy Flow.


      1. 04,

        Petros knows football very well and he is not an idiot. Dude is very sharp. Talk to him, then come back with your opinion of him.


  4. So 04 its ok to keep Helton with all his so called positives? And all these fluff pieces to keep his sorry ass?. Or is Petros right again about Hiring Urban Meyer and getting rid of the clueless one. Im going with Petros on this one. Keeping clay after hiring a new president and AD goes to show you that USC has fallen to a mediocre clown college. Instead of being serious about building up it’s football program!

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  5. I usually thought he was too subjective and appeared to have some disdain , but even if so ,he got this correct. Anyone with a small amount of discernment can look at all the facts ,all the top recruits SC garnered over the last 15 yrs and see the results within the SC coaching styles/staffs and outside where other schools with the same or lower vastly out performed hellton ball. His style has emaciated this program,it is aa shell,like his practices and game prep of its former self. This is why a new AD was brought in. If the new AD has an ounce of discernment and any integrity he will tell hellton YOU ARE FIRED . He also will have a new coach in line and know who he plans to hire for the rest of the staff. The charade is over , or it continues,and it will continue down hill without any real trojans until it corrects…I can’t support a deliberate liar .

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  6. If Mike Bohn keeps Clay Helton, then he’ll look like a dumb ass at the halfway point next season. Helton fell flat on his face when Sam Darnold left, so what do you thinks gonna happen when his two receivers leave ?

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    1. Combining a few concepts from you, Fan Boy and others from the last few days:
      1. Kedon is an awesome talent and his movement in the pocket IS improving EVERY week!
      2. Kedon should be careful when out of the pocket. He is a bit slight of frame. He’s already had a few concussions.
      3. JT won’t be ready in September. He is a bit slight of frame. One would presume that Loyal Matt Fink will stay with us…..
      4. When Clay takes on Bama in a few short months, CCH’s lack of preparation will be exposed again, and Kedon will get pummeled by a BAMA team that plays sound, physical FB and technically sound defense.
      (the injury bug hit Bama LBs this year, so they “dropped” to #7)

      If Larry Scott does his usual scheduling shenanigans, USC will be front-loaded with their toughest, most physical games in Sept/early October with the Pac 12 South cake schedule reserved for late Oct/Nov:

      With HC CH in 2020, I see us possibly at 3-3 in mid October:
      L’s: Bama, Utah in Utah (usually late sept), Ore in Ore (usu mid Oct). He should beat Stanford in Palo Alto, but could be outcoached by DShaw. He should beat UW in LA, but???

      So, for Mr. Bohn, here is the next 11 miserable months as AD if we massage the HC CH situation. Hoops could give us some good news. Women’s soccer could make a run at it! Tennis and Golf will win lots of matches. Heck, Water Polo could both win, despite Vavic’ departure. A lot of good news…that few beyond me care to listen to

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      1. Now Bourbon4me wrote one of the best articles I have seen this past year. By the way, Bourbon, I prefer Jim Beam, and I take a shot with a beer.

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      2. Track and Field is always one of my favorites all the way back to the Jess Mortensen years of the early 50’s…and I too include the others you mentioned …used to be some GREAT athletics back then …great coaches are everything….hope baseball rises from the ashes too…

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      3. Nah bruh. But bourbon neat is my beverage of choice. Working backward from your points.

        #1 Without getting into it, FB pays for a lot of what goes on in HH so it harms a lot. We lost a lot of good coaches in non revenue sports in the overblown scandal. (I’ll talk about why it was overblown and largely in public bc of leaks some other time.) ‘SC is a selective private school so we already have to play from behind– it’s been one of the curses to our baseball program as good part of the team has to pay a lot of money for the privilege to swing a bat for USC (with its attendant upside). And it’s why our men’s T&F team (as a team not individual athletes) is no long a national power. Scholies won’t disappear but all the perks get cut back, the staff, etc. SC doesn’t really like dipping into that big HH endowment to keep up those sports.

        #2 Hoops is much like fb but worse, just no one cares. We have been reeling in the talent and getting nothing for it on the hardwood while playing in the worst conference. (Seriously, someone needs to do something about Larry Scott.)

        #3 I got the picks right at the outset of this season (pat my back) though I am homer during the season bc it’s alma mater. Stanford will likely have its starting QB and be recovered on D, have the running game back in full swing. UW will just outcoach and out hustle us. This will be a team without Pittman who has been such a dominant force in conference play that he erases a lot of mistakes for SC. He’s like trying to cover a centaur with glue on his hands. Slovis wasn’t being humble but sincere when he said to a middle age reporter that with these receivers the reporter could have thrown for at least 100 yrds and that all he has to do is throw it in their area and they always win. Everyone realizes that if you drop back defenders and delay the blitz you can stop it, but a lot of big ego coaches (including Whittingham) still tried to go man coverage with his coached-up 2 star athletes.

        #4 We agree on a lot especially about Kedon being slight of frame. When the big boy teams line up against our offense with no blocking TE and a single back that doesn’t block much. We are going to need several more QBs after Slovis and JT get smashed again. I think that if CH and GH are still around ruining this team that will be the m.o., just to beat the sht out of the QB first then change dropping folks into coverage, delayed blitz.


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