Fuel For Mike Bohn

I have heard Mike Bohn is still making his decision regarding Clay Helton. So a few stats:

Clay Helton vs. Notre Dame: 1-4

Record vs. Top 10 teams since Sam Darnold turned pro: 1-4

Record of teams USC defeated in 2019: 43-45

Record of teams USC lost to in 2019: 31-13

Recruiting rankings via 247Sports

2016 – 10

2017 – 4

2018 – 4

2019 – 20

2020 – 76

30 thoughts on “Fuel For Mike Bohn

  1. I cannot believe Mike Bohn isn’t aware of these and many other factors stacked against Clay. The Helton experiment is over. I just hope Bohn isn’t a “what have you done lately,” type of guy.


  2. I think Mike Bohn would’ve made an announcement by now if he was going to retain Clay Helton, because sitting on a decision this long, will only hurt recruiting even more.

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      1. Good point on the recruiting item.

        I’d be happier if this small recruiting class were filled with big bruiser
        4-5star DL/OL/LB with a nasty streak in ’em.

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      2. Bourbon- There just aren’t that many 4/5 Star OL or DL. Last time I checked, there were like 5 4 stars out west of either. Maybe 1 or 2 5 stars. That’s it. Because of Helton, USC has less national appeal so national recruits aren’t coming.


      3. It’s gonna be a lot more than 12 when early deciders, transfers, etc. weigh in. That’s gonna be probably another ten at least– people will either leave because of Clay staying or leave because they don’t fit into a new scheme. Some will also leave for the usual reasons, i.e. playing time or because they think they’re ready.


  3. I guess I’m just as confused and scared as everyone else regarding the obvious way to go moving forward. However, I cannot wrap my head around this decision potentially being held up due to the outcome of the Utah game this weekend. What does USC gain from that? Is the administration hoping that if we some how, some way, back ourselves into the PAC title game that keeping Helton around will be things consistent for the team? This shit is maddening.

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, I want Helton gone but the idea that we would somehow be backing our way in to the PAC Championship is wrong. We beat Utah and played a tougher conference schedule.

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      1. The fact that we have to hope that another team loses that’s ahead of us is pretty much the definition of backing in to the title game. We didn’t handle our end of the bargain with winning enough games.

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      1. Then why continue to drag Helton along even further if the actual thought here is to eventually move on from him? At least it’s my hope we move on. Helton had his shot. It’s not working.


  4. Helton will be retained. USC beat Utah who will probably be the PAC 12 champ. Barely lost to Notre Dame. Clobbered UCLA. Developed QB in pseudo Air Raid to almost 2,000 yds in 4 games. I think Bohn feels in a less dysfunctional environment i.e. Swann football will perform better.

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  5. Clay Helton is 6-14 against Power 5 teams since Darnold left…8 of those losses by 10+ points….Jon Wilner, Mercury News, wrote about this in October…I added the Oregon loss…

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    1. USC 7-0 vs bad teams with a losing record in 2019
      USC 1-3 vs teams with a winning record in 2019.
      The loss to BYU was shambolic.
      The computer thinks we should have beat UWash also.
      FPI has USC going 10.3 wins to 1.7 losses this year.*

      *Ed G: don’t ask how a team gets .3 loss.

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      1. A team —such as ours this year — could be said to have a .3 loss column IF we were all in agreement that number could be multiplied by roughly 13.333….


    1. Clay Helton should resign by midnight, and, give a discount to USC on his exit clause, without restrictions on either side, because he hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargain. He’s been here, 10 years or so now, made millions, should be a push button coach by now. He’s way too slow reloading, in a talent and resource rich environment….

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  6. So let’s say that Utah were to somehow get upset….but I doubt it…and Bohn decides to keep Gomer since USC would back into a PAC 12 south title. That still does not justify keeping the guy around. I believe BOWLING GREEN is ranked ahead of us in recruiting!!! How is that even possible!!?? It’s a f..ken joke. Can you imagine Nick Saban or Dabo Sweeney ever making excuses for their teams playing like shit?? This guys does it every time that we face a legit opponent. Who would hire Helton if he were fired? Nobody. Ok maybe an lower tier FCS school or maybe division 3. Move on already and do the right thing Bohn.

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    1. Empty Coliseum, horrible television ratings, and thousands of Trojan Athletic Fund members dropping their memberships in February if Helton stays.


  7. Memo to Mike Bohn: Clay Helton is a good, god-fearing man. he is the Pac12 South Champeen, and is headed for another bowl. this school is MIRED in scandal. Clay is the one shining beacon of goodness left at this school.


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  8. Interesting comments from just owns, considering a abysmal state of ugly athletics over at wastewood high. St. Dan Guerrero will fix it… maybe Boob Toledo can assist, or perhaps karl? Nice gig against Michigan State in bb, laughed my way through that one.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


  9. All evaluation metrics are pointing downward. Under Heltons leadership the USC brand is been trashed. USC is irrelevant. Helton needs to be fired as soon as possible. USC Alum 1982


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