Are You Thankful On Thanksgiving?

It’s already been 12 years since USC played Arizona State on Thanksgiving? With Pete Carroll as coach. Those were the days.

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for new USC president Carol Folt and athletic director Mike Bohn . . . if they do the right thing next week.

If they don’t, Bohn will be about as popular as Lynn Swann with USC fans.

38 thoughts on “Are You Thankful On Thanksgiving?

    1. Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I was at coach Clay’s house for thanksgiving, he wanted to let all of you know that even though that some of you want him fired, he still loves you and appreciate your passion for the Trojans. He is excited for the future of Trojan football and chomping at the bit to get on and beat the Ducks! He is ready to sign the extension that Mike Bohn and Dr. Folt extended him. He is thankful and gives all glory to God for success of his coaching tenure!

      It’s time to get behind our coach and show what true Trojan fans do! Fight On!

      #FightOnCoachClay #FightOnTrojans


  1. Scottie says:

    “I am thankful for new USC president Carol Folt and athletic director Mike Bohn . . . if they do the right thing next week.

    If they don’t, Bohn will be about as popular as Lynn Swann with USC fans.”

    Bohn will be even loss popular than Swann, because Bohn is competent and we expect more from competent people.

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  2. The Wolfman refers to a fine memory – Sedrick Ellis all but hospitalized the Sun Devil QB that night and an improbable conference championship was had salvaging what was then the standard for an underachieving season – 11-2 Rose Bowl champions.

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  3. 2007 that was the same year USC should of played Sanchez as 41 point favorites instead of jw Booty with a broken hand. Then ran the ball down the trees throats the whole 2nd half. Nope Pete Carol had other ideas about getting JWB a Heisman trophy. Or was that sarks drunk ass decision anyhow that cost USC a chance to go to the bcs title game to play LSU. USC 2 losses Stanford and Oregon in Sanchez first start and on the road to top it off. Oh well another opportunity wasted. I’m thankful for this blog so I can voice my frustration with fellow fans that care about USC football! Fight on!

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    1. I think Sanchez and Vilma make a good pair of in studio college football hosts.,….Petros, Reggie and Leinart are fun to watch and listen to, as well…I even heard Reggie quite a scripture the other day…they’re all learning well and make me, in part, proud of USC…

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      1. No worries Wolfy, your work day in, night out, 365 days a year, year after year, merits angelic status…thanks…Fight On!


      2. The scripture Reggie quoted can be found here: Luke 12:48…….”But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”

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      3. Scary…if you ask me…and, can only be done if one bows In prayer and asks the Waymaker to overcome what one lacks, and is found short of…this is a testing of one’s faith. For without faith, it is impossible to please the Creator, God….


      4. Non believer? Non sequiter? Lover? Hater? Agnostic? Pugh sitter? Preacher? President? Nurse? Doctor? Lawyer? Player? Superstar? Regular person? Little person? Big person? King? Queen? Mob? Gang? Teacher? Board Member? Scientist ? Mathematics? Accountant? Witch? Worlock? Demon? Makes no difference. This is where it falls, when we die…so pray to the right God, no matter where you sit today….


    2. All I remember about PC, how truly great a coach he was and is, was his bailing when it was evident the sanctions were incoming in 2010 just as Robinson did in 1982. Great coaches but no stomach to take the hits….off to the NFL

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      1. I think JR had done all he wanted to do in CFB and jumped at the opportunity to coach Eric Dickerson and the Anaheim Rams.

        Not everyone is a Bobby Bowden or Frank Beamer.

        Why JR came back is a whole ‘nutha story.

        Don’t know about PC and his intentions in 2009.
        I ask myself…..what if Vince Young does not score and USC wins 3 natty’s in a row?
        I think PC stays at USC until somebody takes the Natty from him.
        All I know is that PC kept the level of FB in the Pac 10 at a high ceiling.
        Now? ho hum

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  4. Let’s hope Bohn watched the movie Midway this Thanksgiving weekend. Part of the storyline is how the Navy had to push out the bureaucratic nice guy fighter pilot squadron leaders and replace them with “cowboys” who dared to risk “all or nothing at all” to beat the Japanese who had an overwhelming larger force. Moral: to win you have to find the tough guys and push the nice guys aside. Perhaps Bohn can learn from that message.

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    1. In God We Trust…says so on our cash….additionally, tough guys do nothing alone, even when they don’t believe..,…For it is written: not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord…kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about His name….


      1. Even Patton reeled himself in, and read, prayed to the God of Abraham….the One to which, all will kneel and confess, when their race is run…


    2. Man! The sacrifices made by the Torpedo Bombers at Midway is beyond American comprehension.

      What if the Dive Bombers don’t punch through?

      While I’m not excited about going to the Holiday Bowl, if we do go, I’m going back to the aircraft carrier Midway museum in San Diego for a pensive day.

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  5. Of course, I’m grateful…I live in a country where I can gripe, moan, and complain about something, so realistically insignificant as who the head football coach of my favorite college football team is… my wife of 26 years—who did like Pete Carroll—allied me to indulge my passion each season, though I live in the land of the UW Huskies (Go Cougs!)…in the scheme of things, who the head coach of USC football is next season, is not really important…As long as it’s not Clay Helton🤷🏼‍♂️😀… sorry…can’t help myself

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    1. I live in CU Buff country.
      “I feel your pain.”

      My wife likes Carroll also.
      “He’s a damn handsome older man,” she tells me.
      I think I’m safe.


  6. So if I am reading this correctly Bohn and Folt are an item? And they’re going to do the right thing together next week? Shades of as the stomach turns. I’m thankful for not seeing this.


    1. Bohn and Holt…Fred and Ginger,,,JFK and Marilyn Monroe…Bill and_____fill in the blanks….”IF” you’re kidding returns? I’ll have a lot more free time to spend in my wood shop…


      1. And #9 Women’s Soccer vs #2 UNC this afternoon.

        Only problem, Pac 12 network not televising this elite 8 Natty tournament match. Why? What if it were Stanford soccer?

        Thanks Larry Scott. Slowly, assuredly, destroying the Trojan Brand with malice of forethought.


    1. If you knew anything about USC, you’d know the name Mudd is very highly regarded on campus and rightfully so. In fact, there are about TWO DOZEN universities across the country that have buildings named in his honor.

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  7. FL St. has a ‘self-imposed’ deadline of 30th November – tomorrow to find a new head football coach…and who is in the discussion?

    They are also looking at who (hopefull) USC is looking at: Matt Ruhle, James Franklin, Mark Stoops and Matt Campbell.

    Here’s hoping Bohn has already met and finalized a replacement for Helton before December gets too old.

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