USC Morning Buzz: Another View On Clay Helton’s Fate

I asked a USC donor who spent time in president Carol Folt’s suite at the USC-UCLA game what they think will happen to Clay Helton?

“I think they have to wait until Utah plays Colorado and, hopefully win. If so I think he will be fired next week.”

What about the recent fears Mike Bohn and Folt will bring Helton back?

“I can’t imagine Bohn wouldn’t pull the trigger unless President Folt has a change of heart and wants to save the buyout money. Let’s hope not.”

24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another View On Clay Helton’s Fate

    1. As a young fella (in the 60’s/70’s), I had a mentor/FB coach who HATED USC. (His ex-wife was a Trojan alum). As he tried to talk me out of attending USC, he related how it drove him mad every time he heard Conquest/Fight on. Ain’t it a great song?!!!!

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  1. I still believe they would have already announced they were keeping Helton if that was the case.

    It would be awkward to announce his firing now, because if hell freezes over and Colorado beats Utah, then SC plays Oregon, and many would criticize the timing of the firing, particularly if SC hypothetically lost to Oregon.


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    1. Sadly, USC fears what the public and press might say. If USC had leaders with balls they would have fired Gomer already and told the press that while he is a fine and decent man, his record against top teams is not up to the high standards of USC football, the recruiting is not what it should be, a new coach has to try and make up ground in that area blah blah blah. Instead, they will wait to see if Utah folds, which they have been known to do, to see if SC backs into the title game.

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      1. So Michael Eisner is to blame!
        Now THIS explains why ESPN is so hot to keep the USC brand “where it is
        (fantasy land).”

        Nice work, Truman


  2. Again. What’s the point of keeping Helton around if Utah actually stumbles and we back ourselves into the PAC title game? He’s still not the right coach for the title game or next season. It is time to move on.

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  3. I have to say I think Bohn is acting like a real professional AD and we are just not used to it. He will have an answer for all of us in the proper timing. I am sure he knows about recruiting deadlines, and I do not think he is intimidated by Folt and he is doing things his way. The media is hyping everything you can imagine, it is like preseason polls, all hype and scientific wild ass guesses.

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  4. A shout out of thanks to you Scott for this ‘vent board’ and also to all the regulars who ‘flock’ here to ‘crow’….Happy Thanksgiving Day to all and for being forutnate enough to have been born in the greatest nation in the entire history of mankind – The USA.

    Complete the gift of today with a press release sacking of ‘Claytonska’ and ‘adieu’ to his moronic baseball cap.

    Do it Folt!

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  5. If Mike Bohn is a qualified, experienced athletic director, then there’s no way he keeps Clay Helton. Bohn’s job is to raise as much money as he can for his department, with his bread and butter being the Trojans football team, and Helton’s presence would hold up the process

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    1. “Helton’s presence would hold up fund raising.”
      Let’s just say it wouldn’t help…..

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  6. Gomer’s got to know he’s history.. He’s stopped recruiting for weeks now. There’s no media about CP/Bax futures in the program and knowing full well, the seriously calamitous status of recruiting, makes it obvious to me that Clay’s already been informed of the intent. I think Bohn/Folt are trying to finesse this ouster in a more respectful way than a rush to the tarmac scenario, especially since that ‘hot seat’ status has been hanging around Clay’s neck for a couple of seasons now.

    Thanksgiving blessings to all your you!

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    1. So smart, gillyking! That perfectly sums things up. Clay knows the score. So do his assistants.
      [But at least Clay kept trying —- when Baxter and Clancy got the bad news they said “fuck it” and let things fall apart —- a couple of real prize shits].

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  7. Article on CBS sports says USC leaning toward keeping Clay! Folt and Bohn like him. Lets see how he does against Alabama and what happens to season tix.


    1. that “game Ball Gambit” was pure genius by Hell-TON!! i hear Bohn already has the game ball encased in glass in his office!! Bohn is listening to the MEDIA, not the crybaby alums! and the National MEDIA is 100% behing Hell-TON!!



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