Former USC DB Josh Shaw Suspended For Betting On NFL Games

Josh Shaw, who was best known for lying about why he jumped off a balcony to evade police while at USC, was suspended by the NFL today for betting on games.

Full statement is below:

9 thoughts on “Former USC DB Josh Shaw Suspended For Betting On NFL Games

  1. SCooter,

    I heard he too classes at the Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden’s school of lying, cheat in’, and steel in’ located at ugly


  2. Well part of me says betting on games is stupid, part of me says every player, coach and owner bets on games for a living. So what makes his choice stupid? Getting caught on an otherwise legal enterprise. (In some states) I have heard the players complain that this makes them slaves, well paid slaves none the less. I think signing a contract negates that claim.


    1. Football players gamble that they will retire with at least some of their cerebral cortex remaining to carry them through their remaining short life.
      Unfortunately for many, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) wins.
      That, to me, is a big enough wager.


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