It Could Be A Long January At USC

Everyone should be advising Mike Bohn right now. You can email him at

Imagine if USC does not win the Pac-12 South and then loses in the Alamo Bowl? What will January be like for Bohn? Will USC even have a recruiting dinner in early February? About 100 people attended last year and there used to be 400-500 on a regular basis.

I just cannot imagine the grief Bohn will invite if he brings Helton back. But . . . nothing that happens at USC surprises me.

  • USC is playing Marquette right now. It beat Fairfield yesterday. Fairfield!

This is an exciting and talented basketball team. And it never ceases to amaze me the teams Andy Enfield schedules. If USC beats Marquette, it will at least play Maryland. Whoa!

32 thoughts on “It Could Be A Long January At USC

  1. Scottie, thanks for posting Bohn’s contact info.

    I wrote to both Folt and Bohn previously about the state of SC football, and how the team could be competitive for the playoffs with different leadership next year. The more people who write, the better.

    And I am sure that Bohn knows what the potential issues are if he keeps Helton. It makes no sense for him to do this. But politically, given the way SC operates now, he can’t fire Helton right now. He would face too much blowback from the timing, given the Pac-12 south is not resolved. Sad to say, but true.

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    1. I’ll stick my neck out, 67.
      The Pac 12 South is resolved.

      An improved CU team under Mel Tucker (oops, a former TOP SEC Defensive Coordinator) cannot replicate its performance of last week when it upset UW in Boulder, and Utah rolls decisively.
      Note: The Utes have played a single decent, physical team (I guess UW in Seattle was “OK”) after losing to USC way back in the SUMMERTIME.

      Now, the interesting part of the story would be if Bohn is purposefully mum because his new HC hire is still involved in a conference championship game (as an HC, DC, OC) and Bohn is required to protect his confidentiality until the “end of the season.”

      Now there would be some political intrigue there, no?

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      1. Bourbon, very interesting. Bohn appears to be a real professional (something we have been lacking for decades in athletics administration), so I am assuming that he has a plan in place in which he has worked out timing, maintaining confidence, etc. Fingers crossed.

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      2. Cautiously optimistic.
        As I’ve posted previously, I met Mr. Bohn back in 2012 or so, and I was impressed. He’s got 4 years to get FOOTBALL/money, MBB, Baseball (kinda–not really a college sport any longer) and the fan base back on track. It is a Herculean task.

        Interestingly, Women’s sports continues to excel–though rowing could suffer without Lori Laughlin’s daughters on the team. I watched the interview of McAlpine just after womens soccer lost a thrilling match to the JUGGERNAUT of UNC. He is pure class. HIs graduating Seniors–his first 4 yr recruiting class–won a Natty, a sweet 16, and finally an elite 8.
        Well done, coach. Well done Womens Soccer!!!!

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    1. Young trojan team other than Nick R and Jonah.

      However, USC MBB has had some top 10/20 recruiting classes and still not delivered on the court. Heard this story anywhere else?

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  2. We were kicked in the testicles today by Marquette.

    Tough game. I stopped watching when that kid had 47 points by himself. For the record he’s a baller.

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      1. Sure is.
        They need a quick “W” to get this taste out of their mouths. They are really led by underclassmen ans thats tough.

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  3. With Carol Folt at the helm, USC has become UPC the University of Politically Correct. It’s agenda is to have a carbon neutral season. Does the football team’s success help or hinder Folt’s agenda.

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    1. Well put, Alden fan.
      I am a die-hard greenie–REALLY.
      USC Football needs to be truly zero waste.

      As such, Folt and Bohn need to get rid of ALL non-renewable WASTE from the Athletic dept.

      Get It?

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  4. SC does not stack up well against either Baylor in Alamo Bowl or Michigan in Holiday Bowl (see below)

    Holiday Bowl
    Michigan 45 – Notre Dame 14 (by 31)
    Notre Dame 30 – USC 27 (by 3)
    Michigan by 34 points? 4 touchdowns and 2 field goals

    Alamo Bowl
    Oklahoma 34 Baylor 31 (by 3)
    Oklahoma 48 UCLA 14 (by 34)
    USC 52 UCLA 35 (by 17)
    Baylor 31 USC 14 (by 17)
    Baylor by 17 points? – two TD’s and 1 field goal

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    1. Good algebra Wayne.
      However, “that’s why they lace ’em up and settle it on the field.”
      That’s why I love FB and not politics, entertainment, (or romance too much). Strap your chinstraps and go hit ’em. Best team wins–almost always.

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      1. …UNLESS the best team has a coach named Baxter —- who gives the offense the ball on the 18 and forces the defense to start at the 50…..

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  5. The email link to Bohn does not work, plus an email from one person does not help . Wolf should prepare a petition for us to sign. We need to send a message saying that we are not going to attend games if Helton is still here. I assume some fans will be afraid or disagree. Those of us who will do it should. I will be the first to sign with my name position and title.. We must be courageous if we want to change things. USC fans, I believe, or somewhat reluctant to be bold about these things.My impression after being around USC for all of my adult life is that we do not confront. But, now is the time. We may be different in many ways but the two things we have in common are: We love the school and we care about the success of the football program. We cannot expect Folt or Bohn to have this same dedication but we can let them know how we feel. And, Helton has no clue. He gives lip service but that is it.

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    1. USC fans are some what reluctant to be bold about these sort of things? Huh Wtf
      Did you see the fly over at the Coli last year by an airplane FIRE HELTON ? It’s the BOT that’s reluctant in hiring a big time head football coach. That’s the problem profssur, not the fans. We all havel been waiting for years now for Usc to higher a big name head coach. By the way we’re stiil waiting tic toc! Lol.

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    2. Mostly agree, though print or electronic “letters” accomplish nothing in politics, IMHO. It’s about money. Butts in seats at games are a surrogate for money. The UCLA attendance is an apt surrogate marker for the state of the Corporation.

      If the Trojan Athletic Fund receipts for quarter vs quarter, year-over-year, etc dwindle, then the message will be received by Dr. Folt, Mr. Bohn, and the BOT. Our leaders are CEO’s. These are the data which they follow.

      IMHO, if UM is the choice, then there is some damage control which must be advanced by UM and his wife and by USC in order to appease the Southland. The cash bottom line would improve drastically, though at a huge political hit. Parenthetically, the NFL would require none of this from UM. He’d just need to win 9 or 10/16. Personally, I don’t think he is more genius than most in the NFL. The list of NFL has-beens is littered with NCAAF geniuses who flamed out in the No Fun League. Nick Saban?


  6. I don’t think a petition would do much. If Bohn is a professional he will act in his own best interest, which should coincide with USC’s best interest. Actual empty seats at the Coliseum will have much more impact on decision making than a list of signature threatening to boycott.

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  7. I guess everyone is accepting that Urban Meyer will not be the head coach of USC? Let’s move on to other candidates. Had Bohn let Helton go this week too many people would think Urban was coming on and whoever was chosen instead of Urban would be a let down.

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  8. Attention Mike Bohn Carol Folt. I speak for all the die hard SC Football Fans. 1. We want our football program to compete for National Championships not PAC 12 title that doesn’t get us into playoff conversation especially when we are the only PAC 12 team that the national media wants or respects when were great like the PC JR JK and those coaches teams see where I’m going NC coaches not so rans coaches. 2. Attention Wayne Hughes don’t donate any of Public Storage profits unless they hire UM or PS Franklin or Luke Fickel. 3. I will not renew my season tickets or even watch anymore games on TV I will start a online petition to oust MB CF CH n clean house and let the fans make the decision since you guys are scared or stupid not to can the worst coach n recruiter since Ted Tollner You Get My Drift. Fight On


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