Ed Orgeron Nails USC . . . Again

Ed Orgeron has the nation’s No. 1-ranked team and he has ranked No. 1 in the way he has destroyed USC all-the-way from LSU this season.

Marcus Allen is on the sideline tonight with John Robinson at the LSU-Texas A&M game.

Allen didn’t even show up at USC in 2016 when his bobblehead was given away at the Coliseum.

In fairness to USC, Allen hasn’t exactly spent a lot of time around the football program after the way he was portrayed in the 2016 O.J. Simpson documentary on ESPN.

53 thoughts on “Ed Orgeron Nails USC . . . Again

    1. Marcus is no no choir Boy. He has never been outspoken either. And, John, well he could be helpful, but, wont. I like and know them both nevertheless. They make themselves parenthetical to everything, which does not help with “climate change”. This is a time in history when the world and (USC) need more.

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  1. But to be honest and fair, SC has pooped on its football gods as well as it’s program. This is part of what needs to be fixed and only can with a new coach.

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  2. Not a Boomer (I’m a Gen Xer) , but I like the Doors. I’d like to dedicate a song to CH, “This is The End”

    Beautiful friend
    My only friend the end

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      1. The Huey Helicopter propeller synchronized with the music, flying in and out of the screen is the best beginning to a war movie. Classic.

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    1. Of our elaborate plans, the end
      Of everything that stands, the end
      No safety or surprise, the end
      I’ll never look into your eyes again

      Can you picture what will be
      So limitless and free?
      Desperately in need
      Of some stranger’s hand
      In a desperate land..

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      1. gt — Well, that gets my Sunday (and the month of December) off to a weighty, metaphysical start, my old friend!


  3. Last time Robo and Marcus were at Death Valley they were winning a 17-12 thriller in 1979 as the #1 team in the country … still one of the most exciting SC wins I have ever seen. Was actually one of the 1st games on ESPN. Marcus played a hell game at fb that night.

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  4. Look…J Robs chops were thanks to John McKay…no problem…he couldn’t wait to get to the NFL–flop…then, a second stint at SC? zzzzzzzzzz….which lead to Paul Hackett…awful….SC’s ADs have sucked…Garrett got lucky with Pete Carroll….since then? Sure, the NCAA’s draconian punishment was unprecedented, but, Garrett, Haden, and Swann? they make the NCAA’s look minimalist…Clay Helton, the Head Coach at USC, are you kidding? Come on! This isn’t —name a school….

    If Helton returns? Adios SC….and that’s after over 55 years of loving the Trojans….

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      1. I’m shocked ’67, I thought you were about 9-years-old now.

        How about them Utes & Ducks; they’re in the Pac-12 Champ game. The winner heads to the Rose Bowl game.


  5. Well, my prediction that USC would win the Pac 12 is officially wrong and I am officially disappointed. It seems like the season just started and somehow it’s over already with no playoff and no Rose Bowl once again. We’ll see where we go from here…

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    1. Clay, the season did seem to speed by. A bowl game left, hopefully not one that is completely irrelevant.

      The team could be extraordinary next year with new leadership. I do think we will see a change.

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      1. Yeah, it’ll be about 5 weeks in between games for the team and I hope they end the season well. We can look back at that Washington loss as the day we lost the South. That’s what you get when you consistently lose to inferior teams. Change would excite me if I hadn’t seen USC jump from the frying pan into the fire so many times. We’ll see…

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  6. This UCLA loss is worse than the losses in the Mora era.

    Thankfully, DTR will be headed to where he belongs next year: the Portal.

    I’m willing to bet the cheerleaders and the teams are the only ones left at the RB. It’s really too bad CK isn’t leaving for the NFL.


    1. The chipper is going to be shown the door soon. With fucla hiring a new A.D. bringing in his own guy. They should of just kept Mora after the results are all said and done in the chipper era!


  7. This is an AD IQ test for Bohn. Helton should be fired tomorrow. No PAC-12 championship game for USC and a minor bowl makes this a no-brainer. If Bohn is really intelligent, he already has the Urban Meyer negotiations completed and will be set to announce him as the new Head Coach within a week. But… if Bohn is either completely dense and/or pressured by Folt, or… well, the famous quote comes to mind:

    “There are only two ‘infinites’: the size of the universe and human stupidity, although I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

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  8. wow! the SC “royalty” took the last train to the bayou!!

    Robo understands that the Agin’ Cajun was the last real troXAN to inhabit HH.

    lastly, memo to wolfman: lay off of AD Bohn, wolfie, he’s TRYING to clean up this cesspool!! and you’d have him bring in Durty Urban??? it PAINS me to say it, wolfman, but this comes straight from the Cadre Executive Council: STEP OFF!!!



  9. “…destroyed USC all-the-way from LSU this season.”

    Huh? How did he do that?

    From what I understand, Coach O loved USC but was really hurt when he didn’t get the job. I’m pretty sure his problem is/was with the USC administration, not the program or the fans.

    Just because a few USC greats attended a football game doesn’t mean they’ve forsaken USC.


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