USC Morning Buzz: Mr. Bohn Is On The Clock

Here is what I know: Someone who works in the athletic dept. told me if they had to bet, they would bet on Clay Helton coming back next season.

A USC assistant coach said they were bracing for the worst today and did not have a good feeling about how things would turn out.

If Mike Bohn wants to save millions, he will bring Helton back. If he wants to become a legengary figure to USC fans, he will fire Helton.

Whatever you think makes sense, this is USC, where nothing is surprising. But whatever happens, it needs to be resolved today or tomorrow.

65 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Mr. Bohn Is On The Clock

  1. The decision to bring Helton back next near would probably be one of the biggest disappointments in all of my years of following SC football. In fact, I think the degree of my passion and interest in the program would diminish significantly knowing the administration has insulted the collective intelligence of the fanbase. Is it what Folt and Bohn want? I sincerely hope not.

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      1. “Someone who works in the athletic dept. told me if they had to bet, they would bet on Clay Helton coming back next season.”


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        Pat Forde
        · 6m
        Multiple sources dispute the report that Clay Helton is being fired at USC. Sources tell me no decision has been made and it is still possible — maybe even likely — that Helton keeps his job.

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      3. Now, USC has to face facts: If Meyer was “moral” enough to coach at Bowling Green and Utah, he’s probably “moral” enough to coach at USC.


      1. Pat Forde
        · 6m
        Multiple sources dispute the report that Clay Helton is being fired at USC. Sources tell me no decision has been made and it is still possible — maybe even likely — that Helton keeps his job.

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      1. So they have Slovis and Opie, the offense he runs will never win a NC NEVER. Defense wins championships and that isn’t something USC is very good at right now.

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      2. Un, I dunno GT22….

        Nick reloads–and does it well. He will have a high quality QB in 2020, and replacements for all of his first round draft pick offensive talent who matriculate.

        USC has been persistently rebuilding since 2008.
        I’m getting tired of the rebuild. Feels like the 1990’s all over again.

        I’ve “gone out on the limb” and supported the entire offense and staff
        (except HC CH). Number 12 offensive efficiency in America this year
        (Don’t mess with it). The running game next year can gain 200 ypg–and should if well coached. Vs either Baylor or Michigan in the bowl game, we get to test our O against another top 10 defense. I’ll be intrigued.
        Where is the splashy defensive genius coach to bring our talent back up into the top 10 defense (sans HC CH)?

        Dave Aranda?

        BTW, friends. Take Matt Campbell off the list. Take anyone from the Big 8/12/10 off the list.

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      3. You gotta be kiding!
        The major receivers are leaving.
        Poor recruiting …No Big linemen in the pipeline..
        The offense only beat poor teams.
        One dimensional..Not balanced.
        The Defense is poorly coached . No Big men upfront . The linebackers are undersized and undisciplined.
        Special Teams are just Bad!!
        Other than that, SC has a chance
        Abysmal Coaching and Leadership
        Nobody held accountable!!!
        It’s time to change course and flush the toilet!
        Bohn and Folt need to step up Now!!!
        USC will never see me or my money
        Again if they Keep Dimwit Helton snd his
        Inept Staff.
        Bob Jensen
        #51 1970 Rose Bowl CoCaptain

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      4. Captain Jensen:
        A lot for us to agree on.
        Wholesale change on defense? Agreed.
        I like our top 10-20 defenders for the 2020 season. I hope Marlon and Jay stay with us. All these young men committed to us, and we should commit to them. (I live in Colorado, but I might just buy 2-4 season tickets FOR THEM!)
        Give them a DC (HC) committed to “USC style defense”, coach ’em up,
        let ’em tackle live in practice. If they are going against a potential top 10 offense everyday in practice (1’s vs 1’s), they’ll improve. Realistically, should be a top 15 defense in 2020, though Bama will test ’em right out of the chute.

        Recruit the standard USC recruit? Agree.
        While there are numbers limits this year (10-15 scholi’s max), the whole class should be 4stars.

        Hard to disagree with the numbers when WE have the ball.
        USC offensive efficiency at #12 nationally with a bunch of Fr/Soph/Jr players running a NEW game plan. Some problems early on–BYU, UW.
        However, if Trojan Nation and my family–the Trojan Family–want to switch over to Urban Meyer offense, I’ll sit back and watch it unfold. Gonna take a few years to build an UM offense in his image.

        Frank Mayer, MD
        USC tackling dummy and scout teamer 1982,83.


      5. Oh, if we play Michigan or Baylor in our Bowl Game, the offense I support will have competed against 6 top 10-18 defenses this year
        #4,#7,#11,#13,#18–(Cal at that time)

        Baylor #8, UM #8 before OSU, #15 now.


    1. A new coach should be considered as an investment.

      The cost above doesn’t include the additional donations and ancillary income that would come with a program that competes at the top.

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      1. I agree Matt Campbell didn’t show any real reason to take him against KS St. yesterday. I don’t see any head coach out there who ‘might’ be available as a good move by USC –

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  2. I thought Gomer would be canned for sure, but then I looked at the recent “resignations” by long term successful coaches and other coaches who left because they weren’t given raises even though they had produced top teams and they were all replaced by underlings or coaches from obscure schools who came cheap.

    I’m not seriously doubting Gomer will be canned because of the cost to let him go and to replace him with a top coach.

    I hope I’m wrong but if Gomer isn’t canned today or by tomorrow afternoon, get used to sucking for a decade.

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  3. Great eastbay article rusoviet. I think the attendance figures this season were actually lower (tickets may have been sold, but folks did not go to the games – and can you blame them?).

    In looking at our first game next year: Alabama’s misfortunes this season with two losses were both close and did not lack offense. A USC ’air raid‘ O with our current D will not beat them. We’ve already seen Helton v. Alabama in 2016: USC would be outclassed again in every department (Helton inexplicably picked Max Browne to start over Sam Darnold, quite possibly the best QB talent we have ever seen at USC, for that last one. I’m just waiting for Daniels to win his starting job back from Slovis to start next season if Helton remains at the helm!).

    The right call is to always do the right thing. USC has never accepted mediocrity. Helton is, at best, a mediocre coach. There is only one decision to make, and cost should not even enter the equation.

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    1. Sadly Tj, I doubt the grinnin’ idiot gets axed even accounting for the continuous hemorrhaging of revenue. Urban Meyer was always a ghost dream at best – he would have had huge control over the entire athletic department just as Pete Carroll did from 2004 onward.

      ‘If’ they keep the ‘ah shucks I’m just a happy giggler’ the drop will force his dismissal no matter how they play out esp. with a home schedule of: NM, Cal, WA, CO, Stanford and ‘the princess’.

      Scott Wolf did put up that Bohn does not want to be pushed into a quick decision so, sad to say, I sense Helton gets another year and should the team perform better than 2019 it will make canning the clown easier i.e. USC gets good players every year and it truly needs a top tier talent to take it to the playoffs.

      Maybe Bohn shocks everyone and announces a new hire – should know this week or no later than next Monday….CCG this Friday night go UT

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  4. All we can do is sit around and wait. Hopefully the big donors and average fans voicing their commitment to not financially supporting the program will tip Bohn to do the right thing.

    I’m optimistic that change is coming as there has been no public comments of support of Helton by Bohn. I want to believe Bohn is negotiating with another coach and wants to make one big announcement this week.

    I could be wrong but I think Helton is fired tomorrow. I also don’t believe we will land Meyer but will end up with someone very good. I’d love Meyer to come but I have a feeling the Cowboys will back up the money truck for him.

    Helton stays and we are the new Nebraska. A program that is never coming back.

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    1. I hear you, Philo. But “Change” is a relative term —it’s not a synonym for “perfection.” “Another Coach” is what people want ….and it’s probably what we’re headed for —but the fact we were never serious about Meyer scares the shit outta me. If Folt and Bohn think that all it takes is a “high integrity” guy to beat Utah, Washington, Oregon, Notre Dame…..and Alabama next year —— we’re fucked.

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      1. MG and friends:
        If everybody’s choice is
        #1 UM
        then who is everbody’s #2, 3, 4?
        UM may be done, may be going to Dallas (not gonna go well), or may be unwilling to submit to the USC leadership’s demands.

        I live in the real world and don’t just hope for good things to “work out for us,” cuz we got so much money to splash around.

        What I’ve learned over the past decade–as CFB has changed–is that a competitive (for Natty’s) team builds with a smart and tough AND YOUNG defensive coordinator who usually proved his mettle in the SEC. (Michigan’s old DC–the venerable Don Brown–was smoked yesterday.)

        #2 Dave Aranda? Gotta wait a week, as he has a big game in 6 days.
        (I also don’t think he’d leave Coach Orgeron for our shitshow)

        #3 Matt Rhule? Has 1 winning season in the Power 5. Does have the #8 defense this year, but I’ve seen this “flash in the pan” stuff before. The CU Buffs under Jim Leavitt went from a dismal defense to a great defense because of Leavitt but also because they started playing as freshman during 2-10 seasons and simply progressed due to lot of reps over 3 losing seasons. I wonder if Rhule’s defense is good only because their defenders gained a lot of experience during the 1-11 year and the 6-6 year and they are just “battle tested.”

        Luke Fickell? I need another year of TOP defensive performance by U Cincy before I’m “sold.”

        I con’t to hear the fire ’em all chant, but beyond the UM solution I don’t hear too much on this site for options.


  5. Regarding the cost to fire or retain Clay Helton, USC can’t afford to keep him. The lack of enthusiasm surrounding the Kiffin / Sark / Helton era costs USC $10m+ in lost revenue each year. A simple analysis….in 2019 USC’s 6 home games averaged 59,358 in official attendance vs. 77,500 capacity (76.5% occupied), while USC’s 6 home games in 2005 averaged 90,812 in official attendance vs. 92,000 capacity (98.7% occupied). Applying the same 98.7% attendance by the new 77,500 capacity = 76,499 projected attendance, which means leaves 17,141 unsold seats per game. At a $67 average ticket price this = $1,148,441 lost ticket revenue per game and over 6 games = $6,890,644 lost ticket revenue for the season. This does not account for other in-game revenue such as food and beverage, merchandise, parking, etc. not being spent by the 17,141 fans not attending the game, but at just an average of $20 spent per person, adds another $2m lost per season, which is at least $9m in lost revenue annually from game day activities. Likewise, it has been shown that a strong football team increases alumni donations and student applications, even among Ivy League schools, where football is supposedly unimportant. UCLA is suffering even worse from these dynamics. Mike Bohn knows this and has sophisticated data around these metrics, which allows him to understand the lost revenue associated with a perennially average USC football team. As Michael Corleone would, say “it’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

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      1. Bourbon, you asked for options above… I have a fantasy pick of Mike Tomlin as I think he would be great as a coach, recruiter and mentor. I think he would also help restore USC’s very much desirable “NFL U” designation. I think getting him out of Pittsburgh somehow would be a masterstroke, and it would leave the college football world gasping and sweating.

        I’m someone who is willing to give Coach Helton another year rather than making a change for change sake. It’s gotta be a fantasy hire or nothing for me.


  6. He’ll lose tens of millions of millions more in lost revenue from seats, merch, donations if he keeps Helton.

    And over the long term SC will lose well into 9 figures if he keeps Helton giving the implications of the upcoming conference media contract negotiations.

    Bohn was fired for not properly managing Colorado financials and fundraising, and his coaching selections have been busts more often than not. Folt took part of a slick cover for a lot of dirt at UNC (mostly because the BoT guided the process in fighting the NCAA and keeping good PR). But she followed by getting herself canned for ripping down statues in the middle of the night after the BoT told her not to, so we can see where we are not necessarily working with top flight management, even if our own BoT wasn’t in the middle of a politicized, racialized civil war.

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    1. GC:
      My understanding was that CU FB (Hawkins, MacIntyre, Bohn) did not have the money to pay assistant coaches true market rates and the CU FB program suffered as a result. The Board of Regents at CU were miserly.
      Coach MacIntyre–a lifetime defensive coach–built a solid winner in 4 years, with Jim Leavitt helping as DC, but Leavitt was recruited away by Oregon and money after helping to create a top 10 defense.

      Anyway, I was a season ticket holder on the 50 yd line for 4 years at CU (while my son suffered through an education at CU.) Over $2,000 per season for 2 tix. Obviously, these were the best tix in the house. The fans around me were mostly ignorant, drunken, disloyal louts. A lifelong Trojan, I did more weekly research and knew more about their players and the opponents than they did. They were ignorant enough to think Coach Bill McCartney was “coming back.”

      True FB losers. CU is a public school and they support their FB much as UCLA or Cal support CFB (which is they can’t even show up for games, so they won’t send massive sums of $ either).
      Michael Bohn knew it. He likely would confidentially admit to it.
      He helped built a fantastic MBB program which will continue to do honor to the School. With loyalty and more money Coach Mac and good Assistants would have succeeded. I happy for Coach Mac that he landed a great job in Mississippi. He’s a quality guy.

      Mel Tucker–the new CU coach–is a guy to respect and be concerned about, Trojan fans.


      1. Being forced to root for Colorado last night made me count my blessings a little bit. That was really hard, and Montez looks the same as when I first saw him years ago.


  7. USC, if you bring in another hotshot coach and start winning natty’s, expect sanctions to follow shortly. Have you all forgotten what the ‘sanctions for nothing’ were like? USC HAS to have a clean as a whistle cornball as coach because things that are overlooked at other schools won’t be overlooked here. For all your representations about being unique, do you not understand that you won’t be allowed to do it the way others do it? UM is fine in Utah, he’s fine in Florida, he’s fine in Ohio, but he’s not fine for you, Trojans. Sorry about that. You can’t just bring in the slickest guy out there because it’s all just too much for people to stand. You guys are richer, better looking, smarter, your weather is nicer, your health is better and you live in the land of sand and stars. If I’m someone who lives in another part of the country, I know that all we have over you is football and the fact that we think we can kick your pansy, west coast asses. When you take that away from us, you’re taking what remains of our manhood and you must be punished by any means possible. If we can’t beat you on the field, we’ll get your candy asses somehow. Look, stick with Coach Cornball for now and hire some good assistant coaches.

    USC has bigger fish to fry anyway as there are still too many repeating genes in the DNA. Finish the restructuring of the BOT and continue getting those flowers out of the attic.

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      1. MG, if USC didn’t have football, it would be okay, but where would ‘bama be without their football reputation? What would they hang their hats on?

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    1. That’s largely true but it misses why. The P12 has a leadership issue, and I’m obviously not the first to notice. I’m not going to post for the umpteenth time about restructuring schedules, locations for OOC (“neutral site”) games, Vegas to add shine for the CC game, PR and media expansion, creating and courting journos and blogs, making games available to watch, standing ground collectively in the NCAA. Another stab at Texas/OK expansion or Texas teams (even if some or all of a combo of TT, Baylor, Houston and SMU have to be considered to pull the markets of Texas or act as leverage). The power is with ESPN now, so Fox has to be secondary.

      As for the dumb stuff at the BoT, that’s not going to stop anytime soon. They just need to stop using leaks and the LAT as a weapon. Otherwise nothing that has happened at USC has and is not happening elsewhere.

      And no one on the BoT or boosters that has a CA professional football (or any sports?) team stake needs to be involved in USC football decisions anymore– it’s too obvious of a conflict of interests.

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      1. There’s very little to argue with here other than the fact that USC has seemed to have some very unique goings on.


      2. I have echoed your sentiments lately, GC, and even tried to forward a conspiracy theory that Larry Scott (the anti-Christ) is slowly, methodically, and assuredly trying to kill the USC brand.

        USC has contributed to the decline also. We can fix that part.

        In the short run, the Pac 12 needs to stop with its inane scheduling tactics.
        Play on Saturdays. If the game is in AZ, the field temp must be below 95degree F and if in CO/Utah above 40 (I live in CO)–ie, AZ in September at night and CO/UT in November during the day. If LA is under smog alert…. (joking)

        While the SEC bull$#iT of playing a DIII team in November is farcical, I do think that the Pac 12 should reduce in-conference scheduling to 8 games, with 4 non-con games.

        Finally, I have a very well thought out scheme to reduce the Power 5 conferences to the Power 4 conferences which dovetails 100% with your questions above. We should all talk about THAT after Utah gets snubbed by the CFP committee in a week or so.

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      3. Clay, you gots tons of range, bruddah!
        Spot on.

        Splicing of genes requires a vector (a virus with the good genes spliced into the lil virus DNA. Inject the virus into the host and the host adopts the good genes and the virus’ genes). Splicing is SUPER HIGH RISK–usually with unintended consequences.

        Dilution is safer but slower.

        Urban Meyer–splice.
        Sarkiffinmartinhelton–dilution of McKayHouckGouxHaskellTurnerJRShaw


    2. Wow, Clay, a slightly different tone than yesterday when you were telling us how you stole some football players’ GFs–a story which I will say I enjoyed immensely!

      When last I studied genetics, the only way to get rid of a bad gene is by chance mutation (Pete Carroll) or by better breeding and/or cross breeding which dilutes out the bad gene. The Kiffin gene was maladaptive, but Orgeron and others minimized it. We had some good defenses–thanks to Coach O–during the Kiffin debacle. I don’t think the Sarkiffinheltonmartin genes are helpful evolutionarily, so bring in some better genes to dilute the maladaptive effect.

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      1. I’ve got a little bit of range, but perhaps not enough to make the analogy hold up. However, if it takes some splicing, introduce some new traits to the organism.


  8. Anyone that doesn’t realize that Harrell sucks is an idiot. It had to be said.

    You throw the ball too much and too the edge too much but can’t keep consistent drives and control the clock, can’t take control of a tight game against talent to hold a lead and/or grind them down, have quick changes of possession, you put tons of pressure on a defense and you can’t win against a well coached team with any amount of talent, and you struggle against a well coached team with middling talent.

    A good OC would have delivered a steady supply of Stepp, our top 5 fullback Reuben Peters whose career we wasted but still is projected in the top ten in his position in the draft. Our Tight Ends would block as well as catch. And our OL which is talented would have been more developed. By itself it would have crushed this conference. Pendergast’s defense is mediocre– he’s went too light in the LB corp to deal with some of the pass happy offenses that typify the P12 but the talent is there. But the stress to his defense because of the offense is just way, way too much.

    It’s the hallmark of this system, which is really a natural progression from Kiffin who was essentially just a WR coach or at best passing game coordinator (except that he sucked at that, with his habit of making QBs regress and focus on a single WR).

    There are plenty of coaches that can do well. People are just too lazy with their idea that the only good coaches coach for Ohio State, LSU, Bama and Clemson. They should instead be looking for coaches that are good managers of coaches and great recruiters, that coach a system of offense and defense that fits a top ten talent team, that can get some of the highly coached QBs and their QB coaches (like Clarkson, the Johnsons, etc.) that are available in southern California.

    And OT, Baxter, a one time highly esteemed special teams coach is obviously phoning it in, which is exactly what happens to good coaches under bad managers.

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    1. I didn’t think my opinion of Helton’s skill set could get any lower….
      thanks, Global.
      I guess the bottom line is: Helton couldn’t bring to the table what he didn’t have. No serious person ever thought of him as anything other than a mediocre QB coach…. and yet Haden and Swann expected this guy to build a complete team. Whoever comes next will probably represent a step up —- but if we fail to grab somebody who’s got a “recruiting personality”, somebody who knows how to get more from players than they know they have…. and, most importantly, somebody who understands that a complete team requires more than great receivers —-we’re gonna get royally fucked next year….

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    2. I have talked about being on a journey of discovery and I have some similar issues with the offense, but I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes I feel like USC fans expect the players and coaches to all be fully formed and at their final destination. Maybe, as a university, part of what we should be trying to do is teach and give people room to learn and grow…IDK.

      What we have is a young OC who is a former QB and what he has done is designed an offense that a young QB would like to run. He can’t separate himself from the offense and only sees it from behind the eyes of a QB. What changes would be made to this offense if it was looked at behind the eyes of an O-lineman or a RB?

      One of my biggest problems this year is that I saw teams play us with 3 down linemen while dropping 8 into coverage. If you can’t consistently run against a lite-in-the-ass defense like that, your offense has strayed too far from basic football principles. If someone showed me 3 down lineman against my 5, you know what I would do literally every time I saw that front? I’d bring my QB under center, put the RB as a single setback and run classic dives and QB sneaks with tempo all the way down the field. If I had the right position group in, I would even bring the TE into the backfield and run I-formation power at them until someone laid out on the field or the opposing coach had to waste a timeout to save his guys and stop my power with different personnel. Alas, I have a pass happy QB/OC running things and he will happily throw into 8-man coverage and produce several games with multiple interception performances. Those are games that we’ll never win BTW. Bringing the QB under center isn’t allowed in this offense for some reason. I guess we need him eternally in shotgun so that we can run that bullshit action that nobody goes for. I guess a 3 and 5-step drops take too much time even though Slovis seems to be holding onto the ball for an eternity now. Look, I’d go on, but everyone knows by now that I have an issue with brevity and I’m honestly working on that. Not everyone is setup to communicate with a catchphrase or soundbite. The bottom line is that Coach Helton needs to coach his young coach, make some changes to this offense and if he really wanted to get his program in gear, he’d offer me a consulting position. Thanks for your time.


    3. Well, GC, I guess I’m your idiot.

      I have posted repeatedly that the entire O squad–players and coaches have done exceedingly well (albeit rookie mistakes vs BYU and UW in hostile environments). Note: I have not supported retaining HC CH, though if he is stays I did give solid metrics for two DC hires who would bring us a top 10 defense in 1-2 years (Jim Leonhard, Morgan Scalley).
      I also have been suggesting Dave Aranda for HC or DC for 2-3 years.

      The FPI–a computer algo which takes into account each and every play and its outcome (yardage) which each and every D1 football team plays during the season and crunches all this massive data–must have swindled my feeble brain.

      The FPI downgrades junk time–ie, if a team gains lots of yardage in the fourth quarter against a winning team’s 4th string walk-ons, that data is minimized. Alternatively, if Bama gains tons of yards against a top notch LSU or Auburn defense, Bama’s offensive stats are validated. Same for defensive stats. If a D1 team rolls up tons of yards/points vs a DIII opponent, they are not validated. All the data are updated daily.

      USC’s offense moved up a notch (per FPI) today, despite not even playing yesterday. As Utah spanked CU, the computer must have given us a little more cred for our performance vs Utah (and Vs CU) in Sept. It’s a computer.

      I’ve posted quite some time ago that before the trio of starting RB’s were injured, USC was running the ball 31 att/game and passing 38att/game.
      No learned FB expert expected Christon to carry the ball 31 times per game, and Quincy was just not showing the ability to carry a load.

      Anyway, I’ll accept my new moniker of idiot on this site.
      Time will tell.


      1. Bourbon, there’s a difference between running the ball and running the ball effectively. What were the yds per rush at that time?


  9. Look, if Bohn and Holt were going to bring in a new coach and staff, there would likely be leaks, rumors and testing of the waters by floating names by now. We have heard nothing. My guess is that no top coaches want the SC job at this time or that Holt wants to spend money on reparations to feminist victims rather than football. So we should prepare for the likely renewal of Helton and the mediocrity of SC football for the foreseeable future. The Air Raid will be exciting but will place SC where Washington State is every year – an also ran even in the PAC-12. Parenthetically, SC will decline in academics as well. For me, I am cultivating interest in following other college football programs and weaning away from SC.

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    1. Wayne, hang in there.
      Carol Folt is a brilliant woman who will leverage her opportunity to advance feminism. She has the opportunity of a lifetime for a smart woman. She is far more clever than you or I.

      Her opportunity to advance feminism–which I support 100%–is lost if she is unceremoniously booted from one of America’s (and the Pacifc Rim’s) fastest rising RESEARCH Universities. This is a HUGE step up from UNC for her, and there will be no more superior option for her in the future.

      Urban Meyer? Hmmmm…..


      1. This is Holt’s mother, right? Look pal, was that the same “brilliant” woman who followed her feminist script and made sure on TV camera that she stared at men’s crotches at a football game? Is that the ilk of a person you are talking about? Please…..


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