It’s 12 p.m., What Is Mike Bohn Doing?

If USC actually keeps Clay Helton, it’s absurd that it is still waiting to announce it.

What recruit would be dumb enough to commit when the A.D. doesn’t even act like he wanted to keep Helton?

It is 12 p.m. and nothing has happened yet. I can’t say this makes Mike Bohn look decisive.

Is he interviewing someone else so that he lines up a successor before firing Helton?

That would be a good move but I’d still announce Helton is gone if I was the A.D. to get the ball rolling. Sometimes, you get an unexpected candidate when you they find out the job is actually open.

Bottom line: It’s not being handled decisively.

34 thoughts on “It’s 12 p.m., What Is Mike Bohn Doing?

  1. I agree. Look elsewhere to find out how quickly this can be done. Let him go so we can pursue our next coach openly. And if you really like the guy, let him go while there are so many open jobs across the country. He would be welcomed at smaller schools, same with the other football staff.

    This whole situation has been handled poorly for years, Bohn can get it headed the right direction in short order. Step number one, let Clay go.

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  2. Either come out and say he’s your guy or cut him loose, all this speculation just makes the school look pathetic and quite frankly, it’s not fair to Gomer

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    1. Karma —-You’re right —this isn’t fair to Helton —-the poor guy just posted something on YouTube showing his whole family watching ESPN and Helton saying “I must still be coach, right? I mean even USC wouldn’t do this to somebody, right?”

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  3. Well , i think this speaks to the situation of a high profile program hiring an AD from a low profile program just a month after he took the job. I hope hes not scared of making a decision

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  4. Well we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, but maybe they have a good reason. Perhaps buyout negotiations and timing of naming an already know predecessor. …Hopefully.

    I’m not too worried about recruiting because as long as something is done this week that should allow ample time for flopping recruits prior to early signing.

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  5. Hopefully it will end up being how the Clippers got Kawhi instead of the Lakers. Clippers kept their mouths shut while Magic was running his in public. Perhaps Bohn is actually handling this professionally?

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    1. just puke,

      I heard you were there begging for dimes, quarters, pennies, and nickels after you graduated from U Clowns Lose Again with your pizza delivery degree.


  6. The problem is Scooter wants to choose the timing as well as the determination of Helton. If memory serves me correctly, Scooter, you are not the AD. You are throwing your personal choice into this. Take a hint Scooter, Bohn will do what he wants when he wants. It is on his time and his decision, not yours. Maybe he is still looking for a candidate. If he is not fired by today, then it will be after the PAC 12 league conference game. More coaches will be fired this weekend. Bohn might someone he likes after Saturday. My opinion.


  7. Only USC can make firing and hiring a head football coach turn into rocket science! This is fucin rediculous. Get it done Bohn! The USC fan base is gripping right now. Enough already!

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  8. If the blog rumor about James Franklin has any merit, it takes a while for a cross-country flight on a donor’s private jet and a quick fitting of a USC golf shirt and v practicing b the V fingers in order to prep for the news conference… So maybe by 5pm?

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  9. Everyone wants it right now. Obviously there is stuff going on we don’t know about. Do not believe anything put out right now, it’s all a wild ass guess. This ain’t fast food folks, for the first time USC has a professional as AD doing his job the right way. I will all come out, patience is a virtue.


    1. No, Steveg, as Archie Bunker was known to say,
      “Edith, patience is a virgin.”

      (that said, I agree with you otherwise, 100%)


  10. I disagree with this completely. This is a different case. Clay already knows that he is not going to be the coach, but he is willing to help the transition, so they are trying to minimize the time until the new coach is announced. Keep in mind, the new coach might be at a program right now, and concerned that he doesnt want his name attached until the ink on the deal is dry. Coaches like Fleck, Rhule or Venables would probably want to manage the transition very carefully.

    It it was Rhule, he might want to compete in the title game against OK or maybe Venables wants to coach the ACC championship game.

    The ONLY way I see Helton surviving now is if Bohn is trying to find a hot defensive coordinator, so he can pitch the idea that the offense under harrell is solved and now they just need to fix the defense. But that seems highly improbable.

    So another couple days until Bohn announces that Clay is out. We endured this long, we can wait a few more days.

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    1. Everyone is inferring this or that. We need to stop the hand wringing and just make the decision. I am personally sick of it. Come on! Helton needs to go now. Decision making separates the men from the boys. And, in this case also the mature women from the girls.
      This maybe they will and maybe they wont stuff is for the faint at heart. We need to get some backbone. Courage brings admiration. I admire Washington, Florida State and the others who just do it. Are we a bunch of spineless people at USC? It is disgusting.


  11. Is it possible that USC is practicing “due diligence” with this hire, and that– given the enormity of the situation–it is taking time to solidify the deal?


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