What Is Carol Folt’s Role?

I will be on Petros and Money (570-AM) around 2:45 p.m. (PT) to discuss the on-going Clay Helton saga.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard USC president Carol Folt say when dealing with scandal, you attack it head-on and confront it.

Clay Helton’s coaching might not be a scandal, but you need to deal with it. Folt seems to be a take-charge president. I don’t think it’s a good look to let things twist in the wind today, even if a change eventually occurs.

36 thoughts on “What Is Carol Folt’s Role?

      1. Arturo, where are my carne asada fries and champrado you maricon! Get me some tamales while you’re at it!



    1. Yep. No doubt a man hating (real men like Urban) Title 9 loving turd. The reality sadly is this little fool and her spineless AD are about to announce Gomer the con man is returning for 2020. USC football remains very dead and buried through incredibly gross incompetence. SC must be the worst run organization in the country.


    1. Folt having interior monologue: “Fans probably want me to tell them exactly what I’m doing these days —like I’m running some kind of sick ‘show and tell’ game for their amusement! Well, I’m not showing those ill fuckers anything! It’s time I proved who’s boss around here. That’s why I’m gonna take EXTRA long making a statement. Oh, sure this will fuck up recruiting worse than anyone can imagine —but it has to be done.”

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      1. gt –Crap, I got to the one minute mark before I realized it wasn’t actually our president….

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      2. MG:
        Fans look 7 days ahead. (On this site, nary hours ahead)
        Presidents of glorious Universities such as ours think decades ahead.
        After 3 successive HC fiascoes, maybe finishing the deal right is a smart move?

        Nikias brought in epic sums of money during his tenure, but he was no Jim Zumberge/Steve Sample. Zumberge took USC out of the 1950’s Scion bullshit and brought competitive students to USC.

        Folt will extend the Sample commitment to excellence.
        It is interesting, no?

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      3. Look 7 WHOLE days ahead?! What am I Job?


  1. If it is the PennState coach, I am not impressed. Has he won a big game? Darnold beat him (not Helton) and he lost to OSU this year. He runs a clean program but I want to win fucking football games.

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    1. Linkster –How will you feel when it’s announced that Franklin didn’t make the cut — that USC is going with Helton/Kiff/Sark as Co-Coaches next year?

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  2. PLEASE do NOT fire CCHelton. I cannot wait to see him sitting side by side with JT Daniels after losing to Bama 12-104, “I’m so proud of JT and our boys. We doubled our output from the last meeting. I can’t wait to see what these kids do in November.”

    But Coach, how in the world did you let Bama hang 104 on you???

    CCH: We will have to go back and look at the tape.

    Just shoot me!!!

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    1. No way Alabama scores 104, Trojanzzz. That is 26 points a quarter. Clancy has never given up 26 points a quarter for 4 quarters in a row! One quarter, sure. Many times. But never 4 quarters in a row.
      P. S.
      I an see the 12 points on offense, though. Good call on that one.

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      1. I’ll be disappointed if Clay is retained. But I’ll be flat out FUMING if Pendergast & Baxter are allowed to stay on. Defense and special teams were beyond horrible this year!

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      2. Agreed! People tend to forget that we were doing fine against Oregon until Special Teams gave up that 104 yard return before the half (and, then couldn’t cover ANY kick in the second half). It’s obvious Baxter’s lazy fuck attitude has filtered down into the players he coaches. One of the MOST important qualities of any manager is being able to detect burn-out before it infects the rest of the work team. Helton has ignored the signs of burn out on his staff ever since he became head coach —it’s one of the main reasons he sucks as the head guy.

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  3. I agree with Trojanzzz at this point….keep this circus alive. Keep Gomer, get demolished by a true no nonsense program in Bama. Say maybe by a score of 70-14. And let’s hear him say he loves his players and university and that they played like true warriors. After committing 20 penalties again. Why not at this point?


  4. Carol Folt is no leader. She is a plodder. Why she was selected as President of USC baffles me to this day. She is the equivalent of Clay Helton, only on the university president level. She is fooling no-one. She is a yes man. Nikes is still calling the shots at USC. That dud[e] should have been tossed out on his arse when all these medical school and student health center doctor scandals were uncovered by the Los Angeles Times. To prove how inept she really is, Folt hired Dave Roberts as her interim athletic director – the same guy who was Nikias’ right-hand-man for 6 years while these scandals were brewing and the three hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil, see-no-evil numbskulls occupied Bovard administrative offices.

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    1. Nikias raised epic sums of cash. Likely more than all his predecessors COMBINED. So, he likely continues to wield some power. He didn’t keep his eye on the ball. I liked him the time I met him.

      I have a theory, PT, which is based on solid analysis:
      Women are rare as CEO’s, but most of the female CEO’s of Fortune 500 firms are tapped to lead “f’d” up corporations:

      “Hey, let’s give ’em the leadership of a loser, and we dudes will keep the good stuff.”
      “If the mess up corporation fails, we can blame it on the woman.”

      Mary Barra–GM when they were bankrupt
      Carly Fiorina and Meg W–HP
      Ginny Rommety–IBM
      Marissa Mayer–Yahoo
      Vickie Hollub–Oxy Petroleum
      Jill Soltau–JC Penney

      So, they brought in Carol Folt just like they did Meg, Mary Barra, etc.
      Interestingly, most of the above have kicked some serious ass, cuz they knew that they had to make the tough choices.

      I think Carol Folt could be awesome.
      She told the backward-ass NuColinians to “f-off.”
      I like her.

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      1. I like her too, Bourbon —but if Scott has taught us anything, it’s praise is boring —always be on the attack.


    1. Are recruits being told that they will play for USC and “some coach”?#IsClayOurNewRecruitingDirector?

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      1. I could understand no Sunday word —but no Monday word? Can USC leadership really be that paralyzed?


  5. Carol Burnett jr was taking it from behind fro little Roy while he cheated at UNC … she didn’t seem to care then


  6. A new wrinkle in the weird game the moderator plays. I just got a message saying, ” sorry we can’t post that comment “


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