Different Day, Same Question

Not to sound like a broken record, but what’s the purpose of keeping fans, not to mention the coaches, on edge if the plan is to bring back Clay Helton?

Mike Bohn’s reputation is sinking and if he brings back Helton, it will never recover.

“They must not want to spend the money,” said a Heritage Hall employee today.

41 thoughts on “Different Day, Same Question

  1. According to sources, Mike Bohn is contemplating resigning friendly’s AD post. He wants to fire clay helton so bad but so many on The board of trustees will not have it! He’s having sleepless nights because of all the fan mails that demand the firing of clay helton but all the important people are totally against the firing of clay helton.

    The announcement this afternoon is schedule to be about the retention of clay helton but it may turn out to be an announcement of resignation of Mike Bohn!

    The board of trustees have begun an emergency search for a new AD!




  2. Mike Bohn is really coming off as a stupid ass, inexperienced buffoon, and while other athletic directors are going through similar situations, they’ve made cut and dry decisions. But whenever there’s a fork in the for the USC athletic administration, they always seem to take the wrong road, even when the “don’t enter” signs are flashing .

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  3. Folt and the BOT played the Helton game superbly. The New AD, with just six weeks of bozo experience, however, is going to forfeit any FB tradition confidence the Rah-Rah/Pimps may have hoped for in the new AD.


      1. Way to go “86 – Monkey read monkey do.

        You’re right at home amongst this blog’s glittering, Rah-Rah/Pimp FB chumps, succers and congenial cretins.

        You and Commie Lush should get a room and play who has the tiniest, transgender balls.


  4. All of this speculation is based off of Maya’s initial incorrect report that Gomer was fired , USC doesn’t really have to do anything since no one at USC said Gomer was fired.

    All you have to do is look at Gomer out recruiting to figure out he’s not going anywhere

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    1. Manuel — Helton was used as USC’s prize bargaining chip –Meyer was told that he could accept scale wages or we’d just stick with another proven leader.

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  5. Mike Bohn is also taking it up the ass for that stupid ass, Lynn Swann’s decisions. The administration should have never allowed Swann to take it upon himself to extend Clay Helton’s contract . They need to own up to it, eat that money , and rid themselves of Helton.

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  6. Still can’t believe he will be retained. That would be about the most moronic thing that could be done.

    If retained, he will still be on the hot seat, it will just be another year like this, with every week people wondering if Helton will be replaced, and continued weak recruiting.

    Bring in a new coach. After 4 years, everyone knows Helton is not the guy. Why keep him on for another year, just to fire him a year from now.

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    1. Ask yourself if USC really cares about sports anymore. Look what they’ve done to the successful minor sports coaches, they’ve run them off, won’t pay raises, they promote green underlings or get coaches from backwater schools on the cheap. They wouldn’t fire a dullard baseball coach because they didn’t want to pay 2 salaries, they just sucked for another year and got a new dud on the cheap.

      USC doesn’t need football to be great anymore to raise money, they get money from Arabs, Asians and Punjab’s who don’t give a rats ass about football. And the administration has shown that empty seats and threats from alums and boosters to pull money if Gomer was retained mean nothing to them, they don’t care what you want or think.

      It’s a new day at USC, USC football is no longer the King, get used to it

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      1. Mountain West League, USC wants to enter. How much is the buy in? $1 mil, that is cheap compared to what they were going to pay Helton to leave.

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  7. Part of the problem may be just looking for the big name instead of the right coach, the right scheme to fit USC, as a top 5 school, as a school that has access to QBs with private coaching all year round who can do some things that most kids can’t (line up under center, make pre snap reads), and get actual TEs and FBs and backs that can block, catch and run.

    USC doesn’t need versions of the run and shoot, or gimmick offenses. It can dominate by having a simplified West Coast passing game, run the ball with creativity, have personnel in addition to linemen who can block but also be play makers. When you’re controlling the ball on sustained drives, and making an opposing defense tired by having to cover a lot of options while beating up the opposing defense in the trenches, your own defense is less stressed and can be more opportunistic.

    Find the mature OC that does that and doesn’t want to reinvent football to look like a genius at the expense of his defense and he’ll win at SC.

    We know the goals, winning the P12, keeping the best WC talent, picking and choosing in places outside for the best, being open and friendly to fans and media, graduating students and competing to be the best in all we do, no new coach has to reinvent that.

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      1. And UCLA solved that problem; they fired Mora and hired CK (1-1).

        If only SUCCX could pull the trigger and find stupid HFBC to take over the Clown U, pink petticoat, FB program.

        Alabama 60 – SUCCX 9.
        #Happy Trails SUCCX until you lose again.


  8. Any organization worth anything lays out a performance plan for anyone who is on the verge of termination. They lay out expectations in black & white and get the employee’s acceptance that those expectations are completely reasonable. Does anyone really think that Swann was competent enough to do that with CH at the end of last season. Bohn is going to do that and make it clear in no uncertain terms what USC’s expectations are in 2020. CH will agree to it and if they aren’t met, CH have no choice but to say he did not meet those expectations. If he has anything at all going on upstairs, he will know that he can’t meet USC’s standards with his current staff. CP & JB have to go and go now! FIGHT ON!

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    1. Word is Swann DID outline goals for Clay —2 very definite goals. Unfortunately they contradicted each other. Clay was told he (1) needed to commit to a 5 year, no cut contract…… AND (2) that he’d be let go at the end of 2019 if he didn’t win the Pac 12 South.

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  9. Now, if SC keeps Helton, then fans of SC should not renew their tickets for next year. Fans need to vote with their pocket book. 50,000 empty seats would look great against ND.

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    1. Hey! I remember that nick from the Neuheisel thread on Topix! Good to see you again!! I wonder how Chosen Traveler is doing these days. Miss the thread a bit. We had it going for a LONG time. Don’t miss that fool, Rob, though. He must be HATING IT, four losing seasons in a row!! LOL!! Have a great holiday season and FIGHT ON!!


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