Could USC Still Fire Clay Helton?

Keyshawn Johnson asked me this morning if Mike Bohn and Carol Folt might fire Clay Helton if USC gets routed in a bowl game.

I said I didn’t think that would happen because they would be admitting they made a terrible mistake retaining Helton.

What do you think?

I do know if USC loses its bowl game, even by 1 point, the atmosphere will be even more toxic.

And I don’t care if the recruiting class leaps 40 places by February, it will still be a bad class by USC standards.

24 thoughts on “Could USC Still Fire Clay Helton?

  1. Based on current actions by Folt and Bohn they’re not going to fire Helton for losing the game. The whole atmosphere surrounding the football program has become dysfunctional due to powers to be actions. Its anyone’s guess as to what it is going to take for Folt and Bohn to take the appropriate action to fix the program.

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      1. Baylor or Okie or U Michigan.

        Oregon looking good in Santa Clara…
        If USC ends up in the Holiday Bowl, I think we get the fighting Harbaughs!!!!


  2. This is a sad time for USC. With USC’s new President and Athletic Director, it was the perfect time to clean house and restore USC’s athletic programs to the prominence they deserve. USC’s football program has almost always allowed competition in the top tier of National football teams. The sad results of the last 10 years, however, have mired USC in mediocrity. Whether it is because the President has so many other pressing issues to attend to on the academic side or the AD is simply unable to make the tough decisions that USC needs, long-time fans and supporters are now relegated to the hope we might be able to beat second tier teams like Boise State or Fresno State. The fact is that by allowing Coach Helton to take USC’s team to a mediocre Bowl Game, USC has “missed the wave.” The outcome is irrelevant, because the competition will be just a mediocre as Coach Helton’s performance. What is truly sad is that Coach Helton and his mediocre coaching has squandered the last of the outstanding talent from prior recruiting years that will not be repeated in the current recruiting climate at USC. Be prepared for another season of disappointment.
    Jim Wulfsberg, Class of 66′
    USC Associate

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    1. You’ve had some great decades, Professor.
      Better days ahead for the Trojans, albeit after a few more rough outings.

      It will be incumbent upon the “old guard” (former players, proud alumni, life-time fans) and the “new guard” (young grads and fans who “bought into” the proud heritage) to bring the new members of the Trojan Family
      (Folt, Bohn, etc) up to expectations.

      The Trojan Family is a powerful force when appropriately channeled.

      Fight On, my friend!


  3. Answer: No. And this was one of my thoughts from Wednesday. It is going to look horrible if we lose the bowl game. And even worse for Bohn and Folt. The sad part is Helton almost kind of gets a pass now because all the anger should be directed at Bohn and Folt. What a goddamn joke.

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      1. Hope so…

        We have a big group of linebackers and perhaps we’d get a couple more local guys back on board. Did anyone hear what 5* visited yesterday?

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  4. New subject please Scott! Your negative obsession has no limits. When USC wins their upper tier bowl game, you will say the other team played bad or wasn’t motivated. etc etc etc etc etc.

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  5. I think there is the issue with all the current scandals impact (financial and reputation) as well as the unknown (Heinel, NCAA mens BB etc.) that is playing a part in all this. Assume the worst – some phony trumped-up charge that rolls back on USC overall and targets the athletic dept. in particular.

    This is what none of us know – the lies and smears Heinel is vomiting up to direct the ire of the feds elsewhere and lower her, well deserved, penalty. Same with ‘Rick’ Singer – the problem is USC has become the main focus because Singer struck gold with Heinel. He no longer had to contact, individually, assorted coaches – he used her to do that for him.

    Helton is a joke to everyone but himself, columnist Mark Whicker and Helton’s family. He’s gone I understand the anger by alums and former players having to endure another season of this car wreck but USC will rebound because those same individuals aren’t about to let Folt and Bohn and the BOT, go any further.

    The mess with Heinel is what needs to be exposed and hopefully rid the athletic department of entrenched individuals who, through ignorance or culpability, will be sacked.

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  6. Maybe our (fans) ire should be directed towards Helton- make it so unbearable that he resigns. A man can only take so much criticism.


  7. If USC plays Michigan in a bowl game it could get ugly, because the Wolverines have the athletes to cover those Trojans receivers. Which is why Clay Helton got away with so many mismatches playing against the the weak Pac 12 opponents. Helton and his golden boy offensive coordinator never had a clue how to adjust when their bread and butter receivers got shut down .

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    1. Notre Dame had small corners, much shorter than Pittman, but they still held him to something like 4 catches for 30 yards.


    2. UM has been in the top 10 of CFB defenses 4/4 seasons (2016-2019)–despite getting “woodshedded” by OSU the last two years.

      Nevertheless, I’m booking my flight to San Diego, sporting my Cardinal and Gold, and yelling loudly for my student-athletes. Hope to see people of similar ilk in SD later this month.


      1. John Daniels I bid you a fond ‘adieu’ down in ‘..dago’ thanks to the UT Utes pratfall against the OR Ducks this evening. Pac-12[ craps out again in the sole playoffs that matter and OR is headed to the Rose and WI with UT to ‘Bexar County’ against MN….and pathetic USC against PA St..

        I salute you sir for your commitment and especially and truly in sincerity – your candor sir


        “…all power to the soviets!”

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  8. How pathetic are these members of the media who for roughly a year claimed Helton was gone and then criticize the recruiting class. The two worked together. Those constant stories led to recruits selecting other colleges. Helton does not deserve that type of treatment. USC’s problem is not Helton. The problem is the non conference schedule (Bama and ND next year) the extra conference game the SEC does not play and the cross over games of Oregon, Washington and Stanford. USC plays 6-8 high quality teams while some other elite programs only play 2-3 and no difficult non conference games. The USC AD and the Pac-12 need to correct this because 10-2 or 9-3 against great opponents will not get u to the final four. Only 12-0 or 11-1 with a weaker schedule. Urban or Saban are not winning 11 consistently with the current USC schedule if they were the Trojans coach. Helton has won 11, 10, and possibly 9 in 3 out of 4 seasons. That is good considering the circumstances.


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