Mike Bohn Keeps Pushing Recruiting

USC athletic director Mike Bohn did an interview with the campus TV station today and made a pretty amazing statement:

“We also picked up four commitments that haven’t been announced yet . . . in the last four or five days and so I’m inspired by that.”

Since when does an A.D. mention commitments? I’m not even sure NCAA rules allow him to mention silent commitments.

But he’ll risk it to spin for keeping Clay Helton.

What else did Bohn say?

“The USC family, in the short time I’ve been there, that is a real thing. I will be out engaging members of those (booster) groups (that are unhappy). Not everybody is negative.”

“I’m challenging the Trojan Family to unite.”

On the football team: “I’d like to see us in our line play be more dominant. We want to be more physical on defense. We want to be able to run the ball.”

Asked if the College Admissions scandal impacted any of his decisions, Bohn said, “No.”

36 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Keeps Pushing Recruiting

  1. On the football team: “I’d like to see us in our line play be more dominant. We want to be more physical on defense. We want to be able to run the ball.”

    We all want that!

    And we wanted that last year too!

    And the year before that! – remember the performance of the OSU lines in the Rose Bowl.

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      1. craighirayama,
        Just because you’re 90% –95% right doesn’t mean you get to tell Cloud to get fucked.


      1. On December 3, 2019, you, Michael Guarino, used the “F” word on here…lol lol…I’ve spoken to you on another occasion, right after your comeback, about this lol lol…I do cuss, regrettably, just not here. You sit idly by, and watch Link do it all the time lol…So which is it? Never-mind, I just find it comical…and, conveniently selective, but that’s your style…


      2. If you’re so concerned, why didn’t you just refer to it as the “F” word above, instead of spelling it out 4 times? Never-mind….really?

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      3. PS…that’s 5 times, here, you’ve used the “F” word in the last few days, yet you call out poor Craig, who actually had the presence to apologize.


  2. Apparently, Bohn can bullshit with the best of them. He gets high marks for masking panic with insincerity while trying to regain a shred of his lost credibility on his media tour. He should seriously consider a career in politics after his short-lived career at USC. He posses all the hallmarks of a politician. What a hack.

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  3. Just like Gomer when he is better served when he keeps his mouth shut, Bohner needs to keep his mouth shut for now.

    The Trojan family is united…in their exasperation with the decision to keep Clueless Clay

    And I’m not a fair weather fan. Graduated from SC in 87, Masters in 90, season tickets, yearly contribution. Last year I went to only 1 game (the Arizona game), only to hang out with a frat bro. NO MORE. I’m not subsidizing the foolishness anymore. The Bohner knows he f’ed up or he wouldn’t be doing the spin tour on talk shows.

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    1. You’re right, as usual, Calabasas —but it’s gonna take more than spin to undo the damage….

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  4. Really??? It’s the fans fault for not supporting a bad coach…. and he blames the fans for the bad recruiting job… a real Boner move… what’s he going to with an empty stadium???

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    1. USC is like no other school in the country in that it is situated in the 2nd largest media market (in an area that offers a million things to do besides football on Saturdays) has had historical success on a national level, and is in, arguably, the country’s hottest recruiting area. Other programs might have two or three of these qualities (characteristics) but not all them. This is why, I think, USC always hired from within. No matter how experienced and smart Bohn and Folt were, they were going to be learning on the job and therein lies the problem. Hopefully, Bohn will learn from this catastrophic mistake and, if he’s on the job long enough, fire and hire someone else.

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  5. Let me guess those 4 secret commitments are more 2 and 3 star players, huh Mike? If Folt really did prevent him from getting a real coach Bohn should have tendered his resignation for her lying to him earlier when she said he could hire who he wanted. Folt is the wicked witch from the east, another pariah in the presidential role at SC. Where art thou John Hubbard…

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    1. Seriously, IF Bohn wasn’t getting exactly the amount of support he was promised, he should’ve resigned. I know that’s easier said than done (I’ve done it) but, in this case, it would have just amounted to calling USC’s bluff….cuz, on top of all the rest of the crap that’s going on, they couldn’t have LET him resign…. and he would have rocketed to Major Player status immediately.


  6. Its all about $12 TO $20 MILLION BUYOUT for Gomer clay Helton. That we as never going to Be PAID by LYNn SWANNY But left over for Bohn to handle with only being at USC for 3 weeks which was never going to happen


  7. Understanding upfront that nothing on campus takes place in a vacuum. Problems with gen admin affect the athletic dept, and/or vice versa, although to varying degrees. Applied to the topic du jour, it’s widely understood that any potential solutions for football must be mindful and measured as to how it may impact the main campus, university finances, plans for facilities/faculty, public perception, alumni relations, etc, etc.
    That said, what’s not understood (as far as I can tell from my “interested alum perspective”) is the degree & duration of impact, both good & bad, that potential solutions for the football program may have on the main campus. I believe that failure to get a decent handle on the degree/duration of impact is the root cause behind Folt & Bohn choosing “Status Quo Clay”. Figuring something like that out has got to be tough. Especially at a place like ‘SC where everyone’s a spin doctor, where every BOT member and high ranking official issues their own version of “youth, injuries, and adversity” in hopes of keeping their ass outta the frying pan and in the tall cotton. Must be even tougher to figure if you’re just checking in from sleepy Chapel Hill or ho-hum Cincy.
    Now none of this is to absolve, nor give free passage to those two… they’re being paid way more than the average bear to dig thru the established old guard bullshit to arrive at a clear, concise appreciation for how change truly impacts the health and viability of our overall campus, AND how it affects a major revenue center like Trojan Football.
    If I have issue with F&B (not food & beverage) is that they had (as in had, not have anymore) the belief, the thumbs up, the green light, etc from an overwhelming % of Trojans from all walks, to swing for the fences, to take an educated semi-gut feeling leap of faith to restore order in the football universe by sacking sad sack clay and hiring the best money could by. If they struck out in thier first at-bat it would be easier to forgive than their choice of business as usual, the crap career administrators inherently default to. Great decisions always come with some form of risk. The University of Southern California that I know, that I proudly graduated from, and the one that I hope we will never stray from being, never backed down from a fight because there was risk involved, and never cowered because the path to a better tomorrow wasn’t fully guaranteed. There is no glory in certainty, and no progress in history.
    I mention all this because I suspect the established old guard admin, and the culture they foster, beleives our university’s path forward is one of constant contrition. A path where we’re afraid to celebrate the great we can, and have done. A path where we disavow accomplishments, national titles, or even #5, and we humble ourselves for striving to be great. A path where we fear the success an Urban Meyer would surely bring and instead accept the excuse laden spin of mediocrity clay helton embodies. If all of this is a result of unfounded fears that somehow the renewed success of a once proud football program will negatively affect public perception as the main campus moves into the award phase for the unforgivable sins of Tyndall, et al then we will never see the light of day. Assholes like that should be hung high in the center of campus, and anything that can be done to start the healing process for the affected should be done posthaste, without caveat, and even if we know complete healing to be impossible. But what shouldn’t be done is to attribute what used to be a Trojan championship mindset instilled in 10s of thousands of alum, as a primary contributing factor behind the actions of few. Hang those fu*kers as high as we can, but let’s not destroy everything this university stands for in the process. Winning is not a sin… avoiding it because of administrative paranoia is.

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