How Many Times Did Your Head Explode This Week?
  • My head actually exploded Wednesday.
  • I’m sure Marcus Allen will be on the sideline at the Holiday Bowl.
  • Florida State is hiring Memphis coach Mike Norvell. Maybe Memphis can make a run at Clay Helton.

At least Florida State took care of business.

27 thoughts on “How Many Times Did Your Head Explode This Week?

      1. ’67, remind me, who’s the new SUCCX HFBC? Did Urban Meyer finally succumb to the braying of the Rah-Rah/Pimps and accept the Clown U HFBC position.

        If he didn’t; what halfwit did?

        I sure hope SUCCX accepts gets the bid to the Alamo Bowl. Baylor will kick the shit out of the bozos. Sort of a sweet prelude to the Alabama bozo ass-kicking.



      2. ownsie, your first post tonight, despite misspelling your name, is still one of your best ones. In fact, I’d say never have you said so much with so few words as that blank post earlier this evening. Try that more often. It suits you.

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      1. Just puke,

        And who is U Clowns Lose Again are playing and what bowl game as well?

        I’m waiting, just like the last 3 years, no one

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  1. Is there a limit on the weekly number of cranial explosions?

    Or is the missing subject in Scottie’s heading meant to stand in for any body part?

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  2. It appears SC football has now officially become The Boring Football Central after the news of Helton being retained. Not many folks hang out here now. Who can blame them? Clay Helton is boredom personified. Nobody does it better!

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    1. RT —If Helton either (1) loses the Holiday Bowl or (2) beats Alabama we’ll see hundreds coming back….

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      1. LOL… Guess you’re right, MG. Guys need to be stung by something to get passionate again because the images of Helton on their minds just won’t do it!


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      2. RT,
        In a weird way, laughing stock would be a step up. Seriously. We WERE a laughing stock last year. This year it seems nobody pays any attention to us one way or the other.
        [With the right assistants and Clay fading into the deep, deep background, we have the players to make a statement next year, though]…..

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      3. It was never the lack of players that kept Helton from proving himself as a coach, was it? It’s his overall record, and in particular, the record without Sam Darnold as QB.

        There’s no question that he isn’t the SC type of coach that lives up to our expectations as fans and alums. Yes, he’s absolutely below par but he keeps on surviving for some boneheaded or unknown reasons.

        Of course, I’d like to be optimistic about our team. Who wouldn’t? But I really can’t expect them to be better next year, especially if Harrell moves on. In fact, I’d be very surprised if they put up a better record next year than this year.


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  3. And then there was Kiffin (surprised there was no post), Orgeron, and Sark all coaching in the SEC. All laughing their asses off at the mess they left or were fired at, at USC. My god, please tell me this a shitty dream.

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    1. No one will confirm whether Haden is alive or not. [Remember the scene in “The Godfather” where Tom refuses to confirm Michael’s whereabouts or even his existence because he’s afraid of being subpoenaed]?

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  4. On an interesting note, did any of you guys hear of the symbolic protest to Carol Folt brewing?

    Apparently, this Friday the 13th (of course this Friday falls on the 13th), Trojan alums and fans are asked to send one USC item back to either President Folt, Mike Bohn or Clay Helton at their university addresses.

    There is even have a simple form letter floating around, something simple with “I protest your decision to retain Clay Helton. I send one of my USC items back to illustrate my disappointment.” Signed {Your Name).

    This isn’t like burning everything you own. Or even giving it away to charity. Just pick an old shirt or hat, maybe one that doesn’t fit, or a ratty old item that’s ready to die with one more wash and send it in.

    I’m not sure if it will work to change anything. But it sounds like an interesting idea to send a message. Especially if a significant number of people embrace the idea.

    Hasn’t anyone seen or heard of this?



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