USC Afternoon Notes: Beware Spin

Why does Mike Bohn sometimes look like he is in a hostage video when talking about Clay Helton? Almost as though Helton has something on him.

  • The Alamo Bowl said it is still considering USC. Do they realize USC fans will not travel to San Antonio to support Helton?
  • If you see John Robinson on TV today, just remember he was fired by USC last June and told he would need to pay for season tickets.

41 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Beware Spin

      1. Hey Michael,

        With Kiffin, he has kept his nose clean and has worked hard to restablish his name. I hope he does well there. I want to see Kiffin go against Orgeron. That will be a good battle.

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    1. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Coach Orgeron just won the SEC and got the game ball….

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      1. The only thing that would’ve made it better, 67, is if it were Slovis handing Ed the ball after a win over Oregon…..

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      2. Nikias, Haden, Kiffin, Sark, Helton, Swann, Folt, the BOT, Bohn,…

        Will it ever end?

        Congrats to Coach O – I’m sorry to say this, but the SC of 2019 doesn’t deserve him.

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  1. Hard core Trojans fans won’t buy Mike Bohn’s spins, especially since they’ve been hearing them for close to a decade. Same shit, different clown 🤡

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  2. San Antonio would be awesome

    Very nice city this time of year

    Also it is played in domed stadium.

    Sure beats the dump formerly known as Jack Murphy stadium on what used to be Friars Road.

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  3. Seriously, does anybody care what bowl they go to….? I only know that they won’t be in the CFP, but coach O will…..
    So I am rooting for LSU to win the National Championship…not that the swamp creatures in sc’s hierarchy will care….I should stop now…my negativity towards dum dum is hurting recruiting–that said, they do have FOUR silent commits…Really, why at this stage are they silent?…embarrassment? Pulling dum dum’s chains…OK, sure, maybe they want to post a video or pull a hat out of a bag…Or could it be, that they don’t want to listen to family and friends grilling them for the next few weeks….OOOOOPS, sorry bone….too much negativity…

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  4. Alamo Bowl? Wow! There really ia a large number of Trojan fans and Alum who are livid about the retaining of Helton and how it was handled. Hard to imagine anyone jumping on an airplane for San Antonio. We’re not!

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  5. My wife’s brother lives in San Antonio there’s lots to see great night spots and oh yeah that bowl game. I’m not going for the game, but if my wife wants I’ll visit family.

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  6. Ed Orgeron had a long history with USC, prior to Pete. He was a recruiting force for USC, and was a loyal and dedicated assistant. Yeah he had a drinking issue, but he got over it and has grown to be a fantastic head coach. What Benedict Haden did to him was wrong and classless. Only wish that Benedict and his minions would have been as lenient with Coach O as the current regime has been with the idiot Helton.

    And they hired Cutty Sark… bad judgement abounds at USC.

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  7. Kiffin wins a Conference Title by 43. O wins a Conference Title by 27. Total of one TD allowed by both. We had our chance. We now have Helton pathetic Non-conference future scheduling. My Xmas Wish? Alabama opts our of the season opener and is replaced by LSU.

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  8. Wasn’t he in trouble with NCAA before?

    I guess JDR turned us down

    Wow Chris Claiborne and Tosh together? Recruiting just got easier!!

    Come on down Justin Flowe!!

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    1. Any change would be good. Not sure it will happen. USC is….well…USC, and does the exact opposite of what any rational football team would and should do.

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  9. Told you guys about Paul Chryst and his OC, that’s classic USC football being played, with much less talent. People talk talk talk but it sounds like they don’t always know fb, including some of these ADs. A lot of it seems to be the sort of decisions on what name people know because of TV, either because they’ve won at one of the biggest programs where winning is easy, or they are kewl and throw the ball around.

    If you backed up the truck for Chryst you might not get him but you could get his OC who is experienced enough to be a great HC. Joe Rudolph doesn’t look like he wants to be your friend but he’s a helluva coach.

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    1. Good call. Paul Chryst is the salt of the earth. Does more with a 45th ranked recruiting class than anyone would imagine. They are roughly 9-3 or so every year in a conference tougher than Pac-12.

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    2. I would have Chryst on my list (pardon the rhyme).
      There is an ESPN segment from 2018 (I believe) outlining his passion for U Wisky and UWisky football. The Chryst commitment to UW Madison goes back a few generations, I think.

      Ergo, I never really considered that Chryst would leave UW. It was his dream job, and he waited for Alvarez to move up to AD, for Bielema to crater, and for Gary Anderson to underperform.


      1. There’s nothing worse than a largemouth bozo buffoon making fun of a rival FB team that doesn’t deserve to be invited to a Bowl game, only to have that Buffoon’s team to hideously lose their Bowl game and prove, w/o a doubt, they didn’t deserve their Bowl game bid.

        There’s a fire hydrant near my home ’67 that I’ve christened #67, and my dog never passes the hydrant w/o pissing all over you.

        I hope “67, you appreciate the golden shower honor.

        #8 – 4 on.


      2. There’s nothing worse than a largemouth bozo buffoon making fun of a rival FB team that doesn’t deserve to be invited to a Bowl game,


  10. Guess I will be the only one congratulating Lane on putting in the due diligence and working his way back to something I always thought he could do. He brought a program back from ‘the dead’ and while it is true the conference is not power 5 ,remember he did it by developing players that were usually 2 star, a 3 was a luxury.
    BTW… where is ucla again? in the bowl offerings of even the lowest rank? not qualified?
    The John Robinson cabal by sc is as low class as the tarmac incident…the elegance that was…is now a pos.


    1. Tim
      Gotta admit that you’re correct–to some degree–regarding the Kiff story.
      MG labeled him petulant, which is as apt a description of LK’s USC personality as I’ve ever heard. The disdain shown Kiff by USC fans was well-earned.

      LK has done his time under Saban–and credits Saban’s mentoring. Perhaps at age 44, divorced and paying extra-ordinary sums of money to his ex-wife Layla, he has joined the ranks of the mature HC.

      I’ll quietly root for him. Hope he’s given up on the 10 bubble screens per game.


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