About That Integrity . . .

If Mike Bohn wants to tout Clay Helton’s integrity, he should call Tee Martin, and ask him what it was like when Helton would call plays during games and then tell the media only Martin called plays.

It took a lot of heat off Helton when the offense struggled as he threw Martin under the bus and Martin never told the truth to the media.

35 thoughts on “About That Integrity . . .

  1. Give it a rest Wolf – the ship has sailed. Helton is ‘in situ’ through the next 12 mos.. The effect of his recruiting inability will not be felt until 2021. Bohn tried and failed and he’s smart enough to do his boss’ (Folt) bidding.

    Helton is well aware of how little people think odf his skillset and he also is aware he has 1 year left.

    If I were running USC I would make sure all the problems have been uncovered until then no major change.Let’s see how insane Heinel’s accusations are and how factual they are.

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      1. That’s entirely true, Pudly. No proof in the bank records. But, man, are we gonna get a lotta ugly hearsay for the next year….

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      2. Too bad their scholarship lists weren’t lol lol…the horror of it all….this was a fundamental executed by the assistant coaches, when I was there…I recall the baseball assistant coach to Rod, calling me in one night, and remarking about this same purpose for the meeting….This recent crew just fell asleep at the wheel, which allowed subordinates to get away with an easily detectable situation.,.

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      3. Well said Pud hadn’t realized that I do think though that she’s out to smear even through innuendo and hearsay to take down whoever else she can and until this trial is put to bed and Loughlin’s it is still a mine field. Again hadn’t realize dthat.

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      4. Trust, but verify! Good grief….cost USC millions and millions and millions, not to mention the untold damage to the brand…let’s hope, the school recovers well…I think they will.


      5. If they really want to nail it down, and, hopefully they already have, just hookup the admissions office, with the athletic departments, and/or any others on campus…uh, coach, this is the admissions office…yes, what can I do for you, today? Uh coach, we’ve gotta application here that says they’re on your crew? Is that accurate?


      6. It’s the little foxes, that spoil our vines….you may find it here:
        Song of Solomon chapter 2, verse 15……
        “Catch us the foxes 🦊, The little foxes 🦊 that spoil our vines, for our vines have tender grapes”…..


      7. Got any little foxes in your life today? Who knows, sometimes, these days…pray to the Creator to capture your foxes, early as possible…make sure you ask him for those things seen, and unseen. For in this type of prayer, you recognize His deity over you, and release His power upon your affairs, even while you sleep…fight on, Trojan nation!


    1. Scottie is irate as hell…this could sustain the blog until bowl time.

      #Before PudlyScoopsScottie

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      1. 67,
        Yeah — I think Scott is probably thinking the same thing. [Like a playcaller who’s got a play that’s working, Scott wants to run this one until somebody stops it. I think maybe you just did]…..

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      2. Michael, Scottie milks it like the pro he is, doesn’t stop until the cow is dry as a bone.

        Still would love to get some recruiting news…

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      3. According to a former USC assistant, Scotty got in a heated argument at the dinner table on Thursday. It was so bad the mamaw threatened to kick him out of the basement and move Scotty back to the lower bunk bed with his younger brother Doug.

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  2. It actually seems as if Bohn is just using buzzwords to cover the fact that he didn’t do his homework. Clay Helton had all of the integrity of a Wal-Mart watch. He looks like a coach and talks like a coach but he keeps losing time.
    He lied to get the job. If you want to find dirt on him just follow the money. It works in the movies found in the $5 him at Wal-Mart.
    The other day Scott asked if Helton could still be fired, it would only take a scandal Helton has engineered to bring this about.

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    1. Hard to argue with that one. Those days seem so long ago.

      Keep thinking if the O-line can perform better, and if the secondary matures, then with Slovis, Stepp, Christon, London, St. Brown, Ford, McCoy, Jackson, and others, next year’s team has a ton of potential.

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