The Fans Must Continue To Protest

I see a few people are trying to tell those unhappy with Clay Helton to “get with the program” and support USC again.

What they don’t realize is that there needs be a certain level of intolerance when it comes to USC. A standard. Otherwise, you allow poor coaches (Helton) or poor administrators (Lynn Swann) to simply exist with no repercussion.

Mike Bohn and Carol Folt have made an awful, calculated decision. If fans do not protest, cut donations or fail to renew season tickets, these bureaucrats think they can get away with anything. That’s how Swann acted.

A message needs to be sent. You can’t let people mismanage a proud football program and then say, “OK, it’s time to blindly support the team!”

74 thoughts on “The Fans Must Continue To Protest

  1. If the recent comments on this board are any indication; it appears the initial outrage is giving way to a “let’s hope for the best” approach. Not a good sign IMO

    I don’t care how loyal you think you’re being to the university; the level of negligence in which the university has been administered at all levels deserves to be punished. Most of the guilty parties are still there exercising their power. At the moment, they appear poised to weather the storm and come out the other side. If that doesn’t drive you mad; nothing will.

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    1. We can protest too much, that’s His opinion…It can be found somewhere in the 23rd chapter of Matthew…In the King James Version, the heading of this particular chapter is “Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees.” I’m not learned enough to articulate the word here, but after the first 11 words, the entire chapter is written in RED, which means, those are Jesus’ words direct….look it up, seek the answers here, if you wish….don’t agree? Take it up with Him….


      1. Where to draw the line of protest? That’s not an easy answer, and probably takes reading, experience, deliberation, and, prayer and waiting…because, protest can be righteous, as well….


      2. PS….always finish your prayers to the Creator with this phrase, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but thine be done.” All else is folly…


    2. This is not negligence or incompetence. It is nothing less that an intentional de-emphasis of the football program by President Folt and the BOT as USC becomes The Stanford of the West.

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      1. USC will never be confused with Stanford. Even if that’s the intent; they’re failing at that as well. Competent administrators would have used that endowment to buy their way up the academic rankings while staying out of the papers for all the wrong reasons. They’ve marginally succeeded at one, and completely failed at the other.

        BTW Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, UNC, Duke; might have something to say about the presumption that strong academic and athletic reputations are mutually exclusive.

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      2. Stanford is further west. However becoming an equivalent school is a much more admirable goal than a national championship in football.


      3. Disagree 58 yr.
        I chose USC over Stanford 40 years ago after one look at the co-eds at USC. OMGosh. Have you checked out the co-ed situation at ‘Furd?
        (Note: this is my first sexist post on this site, but at least it is honest.)

        I will admit that Stanford wins lots of championships in sports no one else plays, no one understands the rules, or no one cares about. None-the-less, a fine school. In my 40 yrs since joining the Trojan family–no regrets.
        Finally, I cannot say that I’ve ever met a Stanford grad who wasn’t a bit socially clumsy and arrogant.


    3. For instance, Matthew 23:31….”Therefore, you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those that murdered the prophets.”


      1. Want to move mountains? Take it to the Creator, make your case, in prayer…then, figure it out.. Only He can give the right dose…


      2. Yeah, Steve, BUT THAT TAKES TOO LONG! Sometimes, sometimes not, but, this is the testing of your faith. Without it, it’s impossible to please Him….this is where we separate….


  2. I’ve heard and saw this elsewhere so I posted it on another of the blogger’s posts. Think it might be interesting. I’m sure everyone here can spare one item of their USC gear they own to send back this Friday the 13th. Not a waste of time like burning every USC thing you own. So I repost it here again. Spread it around if you like.

    On an interesting note, did any of you guys hear of the symbolic protest to Carol Folt brewing?

    Apparently, this Friday the 13th (of course this Friday falls on the 13th), Trojan alums and fans are asked to send one USC item back to either President Folt, Mike Bohn or Clay Helton at their university addresses.

    There is even a simple form letter floating around, something simple with “I protest your decision to retain Clay Helton. I send one of my USC items back to illustrate my disappointment.” Signed (Your Name).

    This isn’t like burning everything you own. Or even giving it away to charity. Just pick an old shirt or hat, maybe one that doesn’t fit, or a ratty old item that’s ready to die with one more wash and send it in.

    I’m not sure if it will work to change anything. But it sounds like an interesting idea to send a message. Especially if a significant number of people embrace the idea.

    Hasn’t anyone seen or heard of this?



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    1. marvienna — Nice idea. But allow me to let you in on the other side’s thinking. Yesterday Folt was overheard telling Bohn, “We have more supplies than the protesters do, more guns and ammunition, more food. It’s a war of attrition and we’ll win…”

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      1. As Jim Morrison said in “Five to One”

        The old get old
        And the young get stronger
        May take a week
        And it may take longer
        They got the guns
        But we got the numbers
        Gonna win, yeah
        We’re takin’ over
        Come on!





  3. You’d have to be a damn fool to support USC football, because the administration has slowly been destroying the brand for close to a decade. So for those of you that think otherwise, and continue to support, then please don’t ever expect change, because they won’t feel the need to .

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    1. You’d have to be a damn fool to keep crying about what USC administration has or hasn’t done, but still keep posting on a USC site. If you’re done with USC football, hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      I’m amused at the sniveling little whiners who keep posting about how dumb anyone is to still support the team. Don’t like it? Fine. But enough with the crying. What’s done is done. We can re-address a possible change after next year’s last game of the season. FIGHT ON OR F OFF!!

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      1. And you have to be a damn fool to continue to read my posts if they bother you 😂😂😂 But like I said before, screw the administration, and don’t support those buffoons if you really want change, because that’s not how it works.

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      2. Waaaahhhh!!!! Keep crying Not-A-Fan-Boy. Only fool is YOU. You’re stupid enough to think your crying is going to change the minds of real fans. Not gonna happen. Go cry somewhere else, unless you want to continue to have people laugh at your sniveling.


      3. I’m with Topix.
        History (at USC) rewards the loyal.
        USC CFB had a bit of a dry spell between HoJo and McKay, No?

        Gonna’ have to “wait and see” until mid-October….I think we will have clarity by that time.

        Wife and I are psyched to fly out to SD from chilly Colorado for some sunshine, street tacos, awesome SD beer scene, and of course to shout loudly until I lose my voice for 90 good kids bustin’ they ass for the Cardinal and Gold.

        Thanks for providing the F-bombs for me tropix.


      4. Ya know Bourbon, I have to laugh at people who claim that because we’re not whining, we’ve accepted mediocrity. That’s simply not true. We’re just mature enough not to waste time crying about things that cannot be changed in the short term. Clay’s seat was hot all season. It’s going to be sizzling next year! Anything but 10+ wins will be unacceptable and I’m sure he’s been duly informed of this. They’re crying about recruiting. Well, heck, what kids would want to come and play for “fans” who don’t support them?!


  4. I’ll always support the kids unconditionally, but I am done making donations. I have written to Folt and Bohn previously.

    I have said this before, but nothing will fundamentally change as long as the current BOT is in place. They are much too active in managing the university (rather than acting as overseers) and are effectively making decisions that are beyond their purview.

    In recent memory, I can’t recall anything as arrogant as Caruso refusing to step down from chairing the BOT.

    We’ve all railed night and day about Nikias, Haden, Swann, et. al., but the buck really stops with the BOT.

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    1. Sadly, Meyer is not in the set of possibilities. The BOT is blocking Meyer.

      This is because they are incompetent, and have presided over a dozen major sh*tshows, and they are scared of making any new decision that could even slightly be construed to be controversial.

      Ironically, keeping Helton is perhaps about the most controversial decision they could make. But they are too incompetent to understand that.

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      1. You’re right, 67. Of all the problematic solutions to their problems, USC went with the MOST problematic. Helton’s retention WAS the least popular option open to them. And Folt and Bohn knew that in advance. What does that say?…

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      2. I believe that one of the problems from this mess is that the BOT believed the message they were hearing from the fans was “Fans want Urban Meyer.” They were too narrow when trying to read the fanbase.

        I think fans wanted change at HC more than getting Urban Meyer.

        I think if the BOT viewed the situation as “HC change no matter who” instead of “Urban Meyer or no one else” then they would have been able to pull the trigger on Helton.

        Instead, the BOT read it wrong and created a bigger problem than if they had simply hired someone. Didn’t even need to be a home run hire. Someone else wouldn’t have created the backlash rather than just standing pat.



      3. ’67, give me five (5) good reasons Meyer would take the bozo HFBC job if it weren’t for your lame, phony, BOT blocking excuse.

        If truth be told ’67, Meyer wanted nothing to do with the bozo HFBC job.

        What sane person doesn’t understand that?


      4. Is Bohn looking at soon bringing in Luke Fickell from Cincinnati as the new USC HC? But if having an abusive assistant coach on Ohio States staff eliminates UM then it should also eliminate Luke Fickell because he was also on that Ohio State coaching staff.


      1. jim b
        Ha –[politically correct people don’t kill birds]…


      1. if you want mediocrity. Oregeron… maybe, 2-4yrs at LSU and we’ll know if he can compete for and win titles consistently. Cristobol hasn’t done anything helton or a million other good coaches haven’t. The problem with hiring a really great coach lik cristobol is at some point to win the NC, that really great coach has to beat Saban, Meyer, or Swinney.

        Its like Bing. Bing is a really good, fast, search engine with good results. Unfortunately to get the title of best search engine it has to beat Google. And being close means it never wins.


  5. I also get annoyed when fans start saying stuff like we should have at least hired Matt Rhule… 100% of programs think they are hiring the next hot coach that will go big. 2% of programs have an actual NC coach (Saban, Swinney, Meyer). Guess what, one is available and everything has a price.

    Charlie strong was once THE hot coach
    Tom Herman was once THE hot coach
    James Franklin was once THE hot coach
    Chip Kelley was once THE hot coach
    Lincoln Riley was once THE hot coach
    Jim Harbaugh was once THE hot coach
    Jeff Brohm was once THE hot coach
    Scott Frost was once THE hot coach

    and on and on… Combined those amazing coaches have 0 national titles.

    Meyer, Swinney, Saban Combined have 11. And Meyer also has two additional undefeated seasons where for different reasons he didn’t get to play for the title.

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    1. Nailed it, MXCVX!

      (Some would have added Lane Kiffin in 2006 or Steve Sarkisian in 2012 to your list). Charlie Weiss? Kevin Sumlin?

      Of the list above, I do think Lincoln Riley knows how to evaluate and develop talent and is a smart FB coach. He’s coached up 3 different QBs over the past 3 years. Baker Mayfield was originally an under-sized walk-on!

      You are correct that Meyer is the easy first choice for numerous reasons, though one must wonder how much longer he would want to hustle to recruit, to put up with stupid media questions, to deal with emotionally immature teenagers, etc?

      Utah has grown its football product organically over the two decades, though they have hit their ceiling. Oregon has a great hire in Cristobal and will grow organically from now on, as will UGA. Finally, LSU is “growing” organically with their new coach and will likely be a force for the next decade. My theory–none of the above Head Coaches were QB’s. They were block and tackle kinda’ guys who put “physicality” first.
      That’s my theme.

      Thanks for an awesome post.

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  6. The right to complain is a fundamental right here in America. And for those saying the administration is making USC the Stanford of the West…Stanford is further west than Los Angeles. Try the Stanford of the South or Harvard of the West.

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    1. “the Northwestern of the west”
      Stanford wins lots of Natty’s, so the metaphor is less apt.

      Northwestern is high-brow, occasionally looks sporty, but never takes home the trophy.

      I like that USC is rated #15 nationally by WS Journal for academic excellence and for student success after graduation. Get FB up to top 10, and the metaphor disappears.

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    2. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Truman. I decided to accept the “Stanford West” thing as just another way of insulting Folt and Bohn —even if it doesn’t make geographical sense.


    3. Complaining is one thing. Saying you’re going to boycott, or calling other fools for supporting the team (and not necessarily the recent decisions) is altogether different. Crying about what’s been done isn’t going to change the minds of true fans and it’s not going to change the decision to keep him. The people doing it look like Hillary supporters. It’s done. Get over it and move on.


    1. Hell, with a sense of humor like that I might actually root for him to win a national title just to rub it in to USC’s incompetence.



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      1. Good news, marvienna. You don’t have to wait for Orgeron and Kiffin to win National titles for USC leadership to look clownish.


      2. No —neither won titles at USC. Kiffin wasn’t even allowed to take his best team to a bowl game. And poor Coach Orgeron was being undermined prior to the UCLA game by Haden letting everyone know he’d NEVER be Head Coach.


  7. There is nothing in any rule book that I have seen that says a winning football team
    and integrity are mutually exclusive. This over emphasis on integrity by Folt and Bohn
    seems to overlook that basic fact. I, for one, will continue to watch the games
    and root for the team, but my opinion of the two incompetent imbeciles that
    implemented the decision to retain Helton as head coach will not change.

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    1. The first question to ask is how do you define “integrity”. If you define it too strictly, you won’t be able to find anyone to coach this team outside of maybe Mother Theresa or Billy Graham, both of whom are dead.


      1. Michael, I believe Johnny B is not recognizing that the private institution is playing with other people’s money.


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      2. 67 –I’m not sure if the customer is always right …BUT… I don’t like Folt’s motto:The Customer is always wrong.

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    1. Don’t forget about the fee they now demand in order to reserve your tailgating spot on campus. It’s a joke how they’re nickel & diming people to death.


  8. Meanwhile Urban Meyer. on with Cowherd, called USC an elite program when Cowherd tried to say it’s not elite any more. Urban said the recruiting advantage makes it elite. Sure sounded like a guy interested in the job but SC just screwed themselves keeping the con man elixir salesman clown. When you have a fool like Gomer it destroys all of the advantages the school would otherwise have.


    1. Maybe it’s US who don’t get it, Mister Reality. Maybe Folt has decided her REAL mission is not to do what’s best for our programs —her REAL mission is to be Gandhi —and teach sinners like Urban lessons in humility — lessons that will hurt us WAY more than it hurts them.

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  9. I am most upset about the weak non-conference schedule in the next several years. Check out what everyone else is doing, including UCLA and even the SEC schools now, the next 8-10 years.


  10. A handful of people at the top at SC who don’t care that much about USC football are holding hostage millions of loyal SC fans who do care. The people at the top are not real fans. Many of those Trustees couldn’t tell a football from a watermellon. The real fans want to challenge(not necessarily win) for the national championship every year as Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and others do. The Trustees say that fans should be loyal to SC and follow them no matter what kind of a product they put on the field. That’s how they hold people hostage. They are not going to hold me hostage. I’ll continue to follow SC but I’m not going to pay hard earned money to see them. If that makes me disloyal….so be it.

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