USC’s Idea About Winning Might Be Different Than Yours

There is a pattern emerging in the athletic dept.

Joyce Bell has been promoted to replace Donna Heinel as Senior Associate Athletic Director. Heinel is facing many charges in the College Admissions Scandal.

  • Bell’s background at USC was originally in compliance.
  • The new deputy athletic director, Paul Perrier, was a long-time compliance employee.
  • The interim athletic director, Dave Roberts, who is now a special assistant to Mike Bohn, was formerly USC’s compliance director.

What Carol Folt and Bohn covet is compliance. Bohn told the coaches if they are aware of a rules violation and don’t inform him, they will be fired. Of course, he hasn’t peeped a word about Andy Enfield.

So compliance is now Priority No. 1. And maybe that explains why USC kept a bad coach (Clay Helton). Winning isn’t everything at USC these days.

18 thoughts on “USC’s Idea About Winning Might Be Different Than Yours

    1. MG, Folt and Bohn are akin to a couple of deer in the headlights. They weren’t prepared for the well-deserved, widespread backlash they received after their incredibly stupid decision to keep CH. If your earlier comment about Folt’s statement that she and Bohn hold the position of strength and could outlast the USC faithful is true, she made a second very serious miscalculation. We control far greater wealth and resources than the university, which relies heavily on the generosity and treasure of its faithful supporters and fans, something they will soon realize as athletic department revenues continue to slide.

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    1. No that was that putz, the former bel-air tech waterboy, Peter Dalis who sacked Jim Harrick over a dinner with some recruits and kept backing Steve Lavin (who actually is a quick study) when it was obvious he would never winas Harrick did.

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    1. Man, it’s a fucking sin that we didn’t do whatever was needed to get this dynamic, program saving coach on our side. Instead we played a losing game of “we’re holier than you are.”

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    1. Scott, you and all of the others who have criticized USC for valuing integrity over winning are full of it. The moment USC tries to win at all costs (and especially if they get caught) you and everyond else will get on their high horse and criticize them for that.

      I’m not saying keeping Helton was the best thing for the program, but it’s not like he is running USC into the ground. He won 5 games last year because he stupidly put the whole season in JT’s hands and didnt bent Loebadon. But other than that hes won a pac12 title, been to 2 New Years Bowl games, won 11, 10 and 8 games. That’s not present day Alabama, no, but it’s also not the disaster everyone claims it to be.


  1. Gomer or Urban Meyer?? And they settle on mediocrity. Imagine if this clown cannot win at a high level with top talent, what will he do with a bunch of 2 and 3 star talents? I understand that sometimes 3 star kids end up in the NFL but those exceptions were coached up. USC has proven that they fail to coach anybody up. Gomer promises every week that “he will look at the tape and make corrections “. Without discipline, practicing the same over and over and expecting different results will never work. Good luck vs Iowa and Gomer better pray before next season opener vs Alabama. My prediction- Bama71-USC14. Even then this mediocre administration will not fire this clown.


  2. Is Joyce Bell another lesbo wanting a payout for herself? Sometimes the company will fire someone and hire another person that has the same traits as the person fired. Just wondering.


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