Urban Meyer Sounds Like He Wanted USC Job

Urban Meyer sure sounded today like he would take the USC job.

Colin Cowherd offered one of his weird theories that there are not many great jobs but a lot of glamour jobs.

“I think USC is not a glamour job, I think that’s an elite, elite job,” Meyer said. “Why? Within two hours of your campus you’ve got the best players in America. Or as good as any.”

Now remember, nothing I’ve heard since Carol Folt got hired led me to believe she wanted to hire Meyer. And I’d say last week’s events confirmed it.

20 thoughts on “Urban Meyer Sounds Like He Wanted USC Job

  1. Has anyone heard any rumors about upgrading the DC and Special Teams coaching? I have a bad feeling that Claydough will keep his best buddies and continue to navigate the USC Titanic toward the iceberg….. 😓

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    1. I’m not sure a good DC or ST coach would want anything to do with CH. USC Football is a toxic. Winning is secondary, to say nothing of the fact that CH doesn’t know how to win. It’s career suicide. . .

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    2. If youth and injuries were the reason, as they led everyone to believe, then I see no reason to change unless someone leaves. Someone like Harrell or if another coach gets offered somewhere else. Those were the two excuses offered up by CH and Bohn.

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  2. The BOT and Folt blocked Meyer. Yet on the other hand, the BOT let Nikias run wild without any oversight for years, not to mention the sh*tshows with the med school, the med school again, Tyndall, admissions/Heinel.

    And the BOT is accountable to no one. They all give tons of money, so no questions asked.

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  3. I agree with your post Scott. If Folt wanted Meyer, Helton would have been fired and the Trojan Family would have rallied behind a new hire whether it be UM (if negotiation were favorable)Mike Norvell, Ron Rivera, Jack Del Rio, Dave Aranda, or host of quality candidates. Recruiting is the canary in the goldmine.
    Meyer comments are telling for both USC and UCLA and the state of our major revenue sports within Southern California. LA recruits itself. We all have accepted mediocrity and we all should be ashamed at were we are at the dawn of 2020.

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    1. Thank you Ken. Your a stand up person. Need more like you. Yep, we have accepted mediocrity. It makes me sick. This turn toward stupidity is unbelievable. Nobody seems to care. Glad you are there.


  4. Still sounds like USC football missed its chance for greatness. UM would have taken us there. Folt and Bohn wouldn’t know how to get there with Waze giving them turn-by-turn directions…

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