Pac-12 Officials For National Title Game!

Did you expect to hear this?

The national title game on Jan. 13 in New Orleans will feature Pac-12 officials. When you think about it, since the Pac-12 is so bad, its officials are always available because they don’t really participate in the College Football Playoff.

The Holiday Bowl will have ACC officials.

21 thoughts on “Pac-12 Officials For National Title Game!

  1. Whatever happens after the game the post will be about how bad the officiating was. I suppose it makes sense to have neutral refs. The PAC 12 refs are average from watching other leagues we just zero in on their mistakes because we watch USC football.

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    1. Good call Arturo. Somehow, an SC player not in the game steps 6″ onto the playing field, not particularly close to the action, and that is worth 15 yards.

      But Brian Kelly can pretty much camp on the field as he is actively coaching, and no flag.

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  2. Hmmm. Today is 12/09. There are a maximum what, 15 practices for the bowl game. Christmas is, I believe, the 25th this year. I wonder when and how often they’ll get to practice….

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    1. I’d love to know the answer to that question, Pudly. I’d hate to think that —just as it came as a surprise to Bohn that he’d have to go coach hunting after the Trojans were eliminated from the Pac 12 Title Game — that it’s coming as a surprise to Helton that he has to start practicing ASAP for the Holiday Bowl. There is no news on whether or which seniors are playing, whether soon-to-be terminated or departing coaches are contractually bound to work thru the Holiday Bowl —or whether USC will be using all it’s allotted practice dates (we can, however, assume we know the answer as to whether we’ll see tackling at practice)……

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  3. Feldman nailed it in his last statement, “Folt and Bones are going to do what they want to, whether the fans like it or not”
    Basically, the two have made a ‘$h*t Sandwich’ and expect the fan base to eat it!
    Sorry…not interested.
    But, I’m going to hang around to watch this disaster unfold. Been a fan and supporter too long to endure this any further.

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      1. You do know that in gt’s sentence “Stanford” is shorthand for “Wicked Witch of”…..?


  4. Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run, see how they run, they run over the butchers shop……
    I hope the PAC 12 refs and do their normal job of really screwing up a good game with all of their calls. I predict their will be 17 flags thrown in that fame.

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      1. Then the country will understand on why the PAC 12 can’t get anyone in the playoff series. Game will be 4 and 1/2 hours long with all the flags. LMAO


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