USC Morning Buzz: Now This Is Quite A Rumor

The rumor going around Heritage Hall on Monday was that athletic director Mike Bohn might resign.

Say what?!?!?

According to sources, Bohn feels betrayed by USC president Carol Folt because he merely followed orders in keeping Clay Helton but was taking the brunt of the criticism from the fans.

Bohn went from hero to zero in less than a month.

Now it could be that this rumor started because Bohn vented about the situation and people started talking.

Or maybe he wants people to hear that he didn’t solely make the decision. But I wrote last week how Folt went out of her way on campus to make sure people knew she was part of the decision-making process.

It obviously would be amazing if the rumor were true.

But the bottom line is USC was rocked last week. Folt might not realize it. Bohn has to realize it. And it remains a highly dysfunctional athletic dept. that did itself no favors by bringing Helton back.

59 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Now This Is Quite A Rumor

      1. 99 people out of 100 don’t comprehend the concept of resigning –not only with honor — but for honor. If Bohn resigned he’d get picked up somewhere else for less money but he’d also make a statement that (1) the USC Board and President are two-faced liars and (2) he’d be remembered forever by grateful USC fans for exposing the mess at the top in a way that couldn’t be spun…

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      2. Guarino is 100% right, below. The problem is very few of us are in a financial position to do the honorable thing. Like most of us; I’m sure Bohnerino’s new salary is all but maxed-out between the new home he likely just bought, and his newfound Xmas generosity he’ll show with his gifts this year. What will he likely do? Sellout like most of us, collect his new salary, and try to convince himself that he’ll make this right in the end.

        This is exactly why you have to respect and root for a guy like CEO. Unfortunately, what he did is quite rare these days.

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  1. this is why u shuold nevver work fur a women, tehy all ways nag you and make u do sum things and take your money and spend it on dum things like jewlrey, shoos, and to much milk, he probaly hate beeing maried to her cuz she do all theese things and then throw him on the bus,


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    1. One of your better pieces Ed.G. I would only add that Folt-the-Dolt is the type who doesn’t care what others think of her decisions because she is adept at ignoring lesser intellects than she sees herself.

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      1. Carol Folt figured out decades ago which way the wind was blowing in education, and it was blowing toward feminazi social justice warrior wokeness. She gladly serves as a well paid tool of various educrats and will accept a tidy sum for doing their dirty work. She sees the goal of a lavish retirement fast approaching after this one last gig de-emphasizing sexist patriarchal USC football. Once finished here she will move to another part of the country and never think twice about what she has done.

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    2. Folt needs to go. She is over her head. Bohn at least has some sembalance of what is going on. Now, he wants to quit. Let him. Get a guy in there that will pull the plug on Helton after next year. It is too late to fire Helton. SC would look like a horrible mess, which in reality they are, if they were to fire Helton after they said he could stay. However, at the bama game, the clock is ticking on Helton to see what he can do. if he loses to bama, then that is 25% for firing him. He needs a big time win. He has to go 10-2, or 11-1, and get into the playoffs to secure his job for the following year. If he does not make that, then fire him. He has been to one major bowl game and no three medicore bowl games. That won’t cut it.

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      1. Bourbon — The best thing to do is not “tell” her anything. The deal here is to go out and get her one of the 3 great Choo knock offs…

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      2. I know a Johnny Choo that works in a shoe factory in China. He churns out 40 pairs a day for $9 per day pay!

        Get her one of Johnny Choo’s they are on sale for$19.99 at Target!

        You can use the rest of the money to go to the Holiday bowl instead Best Western instead of motel 6! Plus you have to buy all those people tacos!

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    3. Ed. G,
      I have been working on a masterpiece entitled “The Lives [and the Afterlives] of the 3 Greatest [and 4 Worst] People in History” —-you have just moved ahead of Plato on the Best List.

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      1. 67,
        I think he’d say something about people living in a dark cave not seeing things for what they really are…..


    4. I’ve been a college professor for 20 years now. I can tell you that there are few professions that I respect less than education administrators. It’s generally a turnoff to always see yourself as the smartest person in the room. However, it’s acceptable to a degree if you actually are the smartest person in the room. I can assure you from vast experience that is never the case when it comes to education administrators.

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      1. Correct, Saul —but, like comic book store owners and small town librarians, they fancy themselves masters of their small universes…..

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      2. Saul, there is a reason they go into admin.

        Because they realize that despite getting tenure, they are not moving the needle in their field of study, and thus being an administrator is their only channel for doing anything that people would care about.

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    5. Good luck with that plan (not working for a woman) – you may not but rest assured a lot do and they’re not as bad as alluded to. The sole problem is you can’t look them in the eye and tell them “….let’s settle this out back right now!”

      It’s strictly the persoanlity – has nothing to do with gender.


  2. I’m starting a rumor which is true. Helton has some dirt on every member of the BOT, which makes him immune to slings and arrows. But in a twist of fate John and Clancy have dirt on Helton, which keeps them employed. Our only hope, and this is a rumor, is for Kiffin to need these valuable assistant coaches.

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  3. Maybe Folt should- isn’t it apparent that she doesn’t have the vision to lead SC. The Three Stooges- Bohn, Helton , Folt- would make it a clean sweep.

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    1. If he walked away now, he’d get other offers, particularly given that he will signal he has some integrity. Otherwise he’ll be a lifelong peon doing his boss’s dirty work.

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  4. If he resigned due to the fact he wasn’t able to fire Clay and hire the guy he wanted, the fans would again go back to liking the guy. His prospects for another job as an AD would take a huge hit. In the academic world that would be a no no. Don’t ever throw your president under the bus.

    I don’t think this is true, but I’m rooting for it. If we need to hit rock bottom before making necessary changes, then let’s hurry up and do it.

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  5. Helladay Bowl- loss
    Bam-a – wipe out
    Notre Damn – loss
    Oregon – loss

    Next year SC will be 1-3 coming out of the chute early in the schedule
    Look for 6-6 year at best

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  6. Bohn was hired to take the FB rap – a Bohn lose-lose situation.

    Swann smartly got the golden parachute and, Bohn, the chump, gets the SUCCX AD career shaft.


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  7. If Bohner would be allowed to clean house in the Athletic Department (particularly Lopes) and cancel the UC Davis game and replace it with a legitimate rival – it would be a good first step in rehabbing his image. I’m not a fan of Gomer, but I have a feeling he kept his job because Bohner didn’t have enough time to negotiate with a great coach and/or UM wants another year to enjoy living as a civilian in SoCal.

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  8. Silly season….but I’ll take the bait.

    If indeed this is true and Bohn was not given the tools to succeed at his high level job, then he should leave post haste and disclose the true reasons for his departure.* I think his stock would rise, not fall. Hiring a person and then scuttling their potential success shows “no integrity.” He would be seen as the person of integrity (and I think he is a fine person, having spent a few hours with him back in 2012).

    This would be an even more epic “blow” to the Trojan legacy than Reggie Bush-gate (pretty much an external wound by parents and agent) or the Tarmac incident (funny story, but after the team gave up on coach he deserved that ignominious end), and would disclose to everyone how dysfunction is the HH/USC admin. Can’t spin this one.

    *likely a confidentiality agreement in place, but…..

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    1. Bourbon, good stuff. It seems obvious he is the fall guy and is reluctantly doing what he is told to do by Folt and hence the BOT.

      He should have done some more due diligence and asked around about SC governance and the BOT. There is a reason that many ADs turned the job down before they made it to Mike Bohn.

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    2. Calling this whole conversation silly season (which it is) serves as kind of a disincentive to joining in, Bourbon, but….as a great man once said….I’ll rise to the bait. Bohn wouldn’t have to say ONE word if he resigned. His magnificent, suicidal act would say everything.

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  9. I sound like a broken record, but this is all about a toxic BOT. They hired Folt, and for a particular reason.

    She is a woman, so she gives them a lot of cover.

    She was fired previously, and can’t afford to be fired again. So she’ll do almost anything they ask.

    Nothing gets better until Caruso and his buddies are gone.

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  10. When you see a list of other big name athletic directors turning down the USC job, then pay attention, because there’s a reason for that. After the Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann debacle, it seems like the AD position will be micro managed by Carol Folt, and she’ll be the puppeteer of anybody who accepts it .

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  11. It’s not the Athletic Department now as we find out a weird Lesbian Mafia (apparently not just at SC but particularly embedded here) was part of illegal admissions for pay scams and scholarship for pay scams and God knows what else… This whole thing has went waaaay left, and I don’t mean as liberal.

    Post Modernism and Cultural Marxism as twisted ideologies on the fringe filtering into classrooms is one thing. This forming the basis of university administration and little corrupt mobs and criminal cliques based on ethnicity and sexual behavior is just bizarre.

    But I guess since there is nothing such as right or wrong or truth (ideas invented by the Western patriarchy), corruption and shitting on some yucky male football players’ futures, their deplorable alum and the fans is fine.

    Our new radical administrators just need to finish getting rid of the bad element to complete the new ‘SC. Can’t wait til Traveler goes the way of Silent Sam.

    There is no grounds to question any insanity or rot. Welcome to Lost Angeles and the elite Bohn.

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  12. nothing to see here. Folt knew very well when she took this job there are a core of nuts jobs who want the coach fired every year they don’t win it all (like the Dummies on this blog). Bohn knew the score when he took the job. no Durty Urban. Keeping Hell-TON was always the most probable outcome after he finished strong.

    Next up: Bohn gives Holiday Bowl game ball to wolfman to shut him up.


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    1. I hate “liking” something that labels me a nut job but the last 2 lines are so good I figured, “oh, fuck it, click Charlie some love” …

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  13. Prez Dolt needs to resign. While I’m not impressed with Bohn, nobody hires a brand new AD to stand pat. He was simply hired to fall on his sword, take the heat and be yet another fallguy for Nikias, Haden and the BOT. Dolt has fallen in line, apparently. So much for the “ethics” she supposedly holds in such esteem.

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  14. There’s only a few ways to make the BOT establishment, Folt/Bohn et/al take real note. Loudly say NO to C&G, NO to TAF, say NO to Coli seats! That will do it!

    I’ll ALWAYS root for my beloved Trojans, but it’ll just have to be with sadness in my heart and it’ll be quietly from in front of my TV or radio.

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  15. The deep state HH cabal is Lopes, Orr, and Tessalone all supported by Caruso on on the BOT. These long term people are the constant denominator in everything bad happening at HH from Haden and his incompetence crookedness with the Coli “tower” to Swann and his golf outing detachment incompetence, to Heinel and other lesser AADs and coaches enriching themselves illegally taking bribes for fake enrollments. Do you really think they didn’t “know” about that – or wer they all in on it ? How is it that the New AD Bohn gets hired and NOT ONE assistant AD has been replaced yet, what are they “goods” they possess to keep power ?

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  16. The minute that ULM begins micro-managing situations that would be better-handled by executives that specialize in specific tasks/procedures, the organization will begin to suffer. Ms. Folt hired an AD [Bohn] to make decisions and formulate policy for the Athletic Department. Not allowing the man to make decisions based upon what would be best for the football program, the athletic department and ultimately the university, circumvents the process and takes away whatever incentive and morale the executive hired to do the job ever had.

    Academics in positions where a good manager is best suited is a prescription for disaster. Especially if the academic decides to insert herself into the process by attempting to control, and bias decisions by pressure from outside interests – like in this case, her “Me Too” connections and aspirations.

    Money needs to cease flowing to USC in the form of ticket revenues and donations, not just for football, but for all other sports, until Ms. Folt realizes she is doing a disservice to USC.

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