When Do USC Bowl Practices Start?

There’s been some consternation that Iowa’s already held several bowl practices and USC’s not held an official practice since the UCLA game.

There was a player-run 7-on-7 practice Monday at Howard Jones Field.

USC is supposed to have its first official bowl practice Friday. It might squeeze in 12-13 practices before the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27.

  • I’m glad I don’t get the Pac-12 Network because I’m sure Yogi Roth was giddy during this interview now that Clay Helton is back.

7 thoughts on “When Do USC Bowl Practices Start?

  1. Before the ucla game, Roth wrote a piece about ranking the Pac-12 QBs. The guy had Slovis ranked something like 6th in the conference.

    Slovis is somewhere around 10th in the country in overall passing efficiency, and Roth ranks him 6th in conference. Go figure.

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      1. Helton’s first words to the team on Friday: “As you know the coaches can’t be expected to keep track of jersey numbers and how many men are on the field —so I’m asking you guys to be extra careful, no matter how many times we tell you to go in, not to trot on the field if you count 11 guys already out there.”

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  2. Just out of curiosity does this team practice with flags in practice? Is that what Pendergast does while I’m helmets and shoulder pads only? Can they at least fire Pendergast and Baxter if they will not get rid of 13-11 Gomer?? Hell, I would feel better vs Iowa if the brought in a high school def coordinator and special teams coach. If USC wins, it will be despite the 14 penalties, 3 personal fouls, and at the very least 12 missed tackles.


  3. how can they get rid of clancy and baxter? It would almost be like getting rid of Helton. It’s not as if the USC football team values performance. Certainly the current admin has no concern with winning except against the fan base…. is 5-7 the new normal with the fabulous Holiday Bowl (or Las Vegas Bowl) as the prize….


  4. Yeateam, I agree with you. The absolute worst part is that they expect everyone of us to be happy and excited about their idiotic decision to bring back this Helton, Clancy and Baxter. They expect everyone to be ok with being average and settling for 13-11 Gomer. It’s going to be another agonizing season because we already know what to expect with Gomer. Play down to the competition, penalties, empty promises by Gomer, soft defense that does not practice tackling. I’m done supporting this coach.


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