Carol Folt Wants A Coach She Can Control

I’m told the main reason Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer fell short as USC coaching candidates is because Carol Folt wanted a football coach she could control.

There was no doubt she would retain complete control if Clay Helton were hired. Maybe a bigger mystery is why Mike Bohn ever took the job if he wasn’t able to hire someone he wanted?

32 thoughts on “Carol Folt Wants A Coach She Can Control

  1. It just shows you how corroded the place is. It’s not just Folt, it’s Caruso. Remember the picture of the two of them visiting Helton after his embarrassing loss to Oregon? They congratulated him on a job well done. They are all sick.

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    1. Try to look at the silver lining — at least Mike Garrett can’t go around anymore saying people are jealous not to be Trojans…..

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  2. ugh, i think this all prooves taht woman screw every thing up, they shuold stay home and stop nagging so much, good thing tehy cant vote or we wuold realy be in truoble


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    1. Miss the good ol days where women were pregnant, barefoot, and were cooking at the stove. What does Bong Folt know about football let alone hiring and controlling a head coach? SC picked a horrible president.

      I heard there will a candle lighting at Tommy Trojan this Friday at 7 P.M. You are to bring, kerosene, gas, blow torches, candles, dynamite, more candles, diesel, more candles, and an and all flammable liquid. Also bring plenty of matches. Bring candles. We will partake of lighting the candles and if any of the liquied were to land on Folt’s office and it burns down along with SCm, then just bring hotdogs and marshmellows. We will have a great wienie roast. We can rebuild SC another day.


      1. pt —You know I love you—- but —I think maybe Scott is starting to bring out the worst in all of us…..

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      1. Crap! Now that you and Pudly “liked” Ed’s post I’m feeling really guilty about forwarding it to Kamala Harris for criminal prosecution…


  3. What is it that Carol Folt wants to control, don’t they have a compliance officer to watch over the academics, and eligibility?


  4. My beloved university has become a shite-show dumpster fire on almost every level. Any institution that fires Dean Ellis and retains Coach Helton has seriously lost its soul and all direction.

    Sad, dark days in Troy. Fight On!

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  5. This is a result of Max Nikias’ tenure as president.




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      1. It’s not a theory MG.

        One thing Max did was transfer punishment of football players. Instead of the HC or an assistant telling the player to do pushups or sprints for some off – campus incident, Max decreed that any punishment would be handled by SJACS, the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards Committee. And the people on that committee are notoriously anti – jock/football.

        Imagine getting busted for some “collegiate but somewhat unwise” behavior. Whereas back in the day a football player might pay for it at practice or by sitting out a game, now he has to explain himself to a serious looking committee with power to suspend and/or expel. Something a football coach might never consider.

        This is the control the USC Administration in Bovard wields.



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      2. marvienna —I bet Max got lots of help on that decision from USC’s clueless legal department…

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  6. One could imagine her sitting in the booth with a headst on calling the shots. “Send it that tall student with the long arms, see what he can do.” or “Third and long? Fake punt, they’ll never suspect that.” Finally “Oh bother, those scallywags scored again! I just want to thrash those hooligans with my bumbershoot.”
    I can’t wait until she’s all miked up

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  7. Bohn sold his soul for big money. Nothing new there.

    As long as “Nicky Squid” has Clown U. tenure and a LT seat on the BOT, SUCCX will continue to suffer the ugly consequences.


  8. As bad a situation as we have , it’s still much better that SUCLA. What do they average? 100 fans per game and thats including the band. Why is this clown always commenting on here when his team couldn’t beat even a jv team? Who is SUCLA playing in their bowl game? My fear is that if we stick too long with Gomer, we may turn into the ruins.

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      1. 5 more ruins into the portal ruins. Awfully thin spring practice.
        Not to mention the season IS OVER mule.



  9. Ain’t this horse just about been beaten beyond death? What are we going to accomplish by simply hating Folt. She has failed. Thing is she doesn’t care what we think, she is #1 in her book. Let the bitch hang herself, she will in time. Bohn should bail asap. I see USC sinking faster than the Titanic these days.

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  10. So when “Bong” Folt is falling asleep, what do you think she is listening to in terms of music? I think she is a typical bonger and will listen to Grateful Dead or The Band. maybe some Donavon

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    1. You gotta admit, Hurdy Gurdy man is still awesome to this day.

      Three studio musicians joined the skinny Scotsman to create that instant classic. After the jam, they got together with a guy named Robert Plant to form a pretty decent band.

      Otherwise, Donovan was pretty ordinary.
      Season of the Witch?

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  11. The reason quite a few women do not want to work for a female…….they tend to be micro managers. They get a lot of production out of the assets but destroy creative thinking and initiative.


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