USC Podcast Time!

In this week’s podcast, we talk about how fans remain furious with athletic director Mike Bohn and his decision to retain Clay Helton.

We also talk about whether USC will be motivated to play in the Holiday Bowl and how many fans will drive down to San Diego.

12 thoughts on “USC Podcast Time!

  1. With all of the three star recruits SC is getting, I figure that they will move down to the Mountain West League and try and run roughshod over teams like San diego St., Boise, Wyoming, Idaho U.,. SC might even end up in second place, which would be a good slot for them for being first timers in the league.

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    1. They’re high 3 Stars, PT, so maybe a move to the AAC (I think that is what they call it) might be better.



  2. An ACL used to be the kiss of death for FB and BB players alike and CTE has players modifying how they play (rightfully so). This guy ( Pittman) has said no more; he has stared fear in the face and laughed; he has decided to take the road less traveled. I hope he gets compensated for it next year and if I’m a GM, his game changing ability has been surpassed by something you cannot teach, CHARACTER.

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