Dave Aranda To UNLV?

LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda is talking to UNLV abot its vacant job, according to multiple reports.

The reasons are supposedly that Aranda wants to be a head coach and would be near his native Redlands. I previously wrote about how Clay Helton ignored Aranda for Clancy Pendergast despite the local connection.

More importantly, did Mike Bohn ever reach out to Aranda for the USC job? Did Bohn know who Aranda is? Wouldn’t the nation’s highest-paid assistant coadch ($2.5 million) be interested in USC? Wouldn’t he be better than Helton? Would Carol Folt consider Aranda a man of integrity?

So many questions.

39 thoughts on “Dave Aranda To UNLV?

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  1. Aranda would be a great coach in waiting, and you could fire Clancy and replace with a competent DC. A two for one deal. Oh wait, Gomer doesn’t like having competent assistants who can threaten his position as head Coach

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    1. forget the coach in waiting. hiring the best defensive coordinator from a top program as our HC would be a big step up for SC. they could keep harrell, pay the new HC a reasonable amount – maybe 4 million for 4 years, and allocate more money for assistant coaches.

      an even better DC would be venables. His is an all-star recruiter.


    2. I’m a little late to this dance, having been skiing in Telluride, but here’s how I see it….

      Aranda takes over UNLV after winning the Natty with LSU on Jan 12 (or so). He brings some interesting FB to the Running (is it okay to use the Rebels part?).

      In mid October 2020, USC FB is where it should predictably be with the present defensive staff and HC.

      Sometime in December 2020, USC FB announces a “new direction.”


  2. Why on earth would a coach of Aranda’s caliber ever consider working UNDER a head coach as incompetent as Helton? Where’s the upside? He’s better off staying at LSU until the right head coaching job comes up.

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  3. I am under the assumption that Aranda was looking at the head coaching job. But why would he ever consider UNLV?
    I am with those who say hire him as DC and standby Head coach. A little something to soothe the fans would go a long way.

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    1. We can give home a real cool nickname too.., like Dave “The Vult” Aranda. Vult as in Vulture as he would soon be circling CH and his soon to be dead HC position.

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    2. There is zero chance of getting a top DC to work under Helton. But giving them a promotion to HC is a good move. It is a slightly bigger risk, but that might be the best bet for USC.

      I would rather than the best DC in the nation as our new HC than a mediocre HC from some other middle of the pack program.

      If Bohn doesnt look at this path to a new HC he is not that smart.


  4. No way would Clay Helton bring somebody of Dave Aranda’s stature on board, because he’d be a coach in waiting. And that goes for any other established coordinators that were available when Helton put together his first staff. Tyson Helton, Neil Calloway, Clancy Pendergast, and John Baxter, were the clowns Helton felt most comfortable with. Anybody with a successful resume as a head coach, coordinator, or position coach need not apply at USC, because you’ll be ignored .

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  5. A person who is honest in their actions is said to have integrity… in a nutshell: say what you’re gonna do, then do what you said. Follow up, follow thru, etc.
    If a person makes a bunch of promises to fans and followers of Trojan Football, and then by their own accord, doesn’t follow through on those promises made, can you say they are a man, or woman, of integrity?
    No, no, & no.
    Can you say that same man, or woman, is a hypocrite?
    Yes, yes, and yes.

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  6. this is a bad take. Dave Aranda is not a step up from Helton. There is only 1 solution, Urban Meyer.

    Dave Aranda is the hot assistant coach just like Helton once was, except at least Helton now has several years more experience than Aranda as a head coach.

    If you take a flyer on a hot assistant, you get the results of every school that has done the same. Clemson suffered 7 years of mediocrity letting Swinney slowly improve until he became a great head coach. Alabama hired Nick Saban who was already a NC winning coach. Ohio State hired Urban Meyer who was already an NC winning coach.

    There is no formula where you hire a hot assistant and expect him to be an Urban Meyer, Swinney or Saban. And if you don’t hire Urban Meyer, and you hire Swinney or Saban be ready to suffer years and years of defeat while they learn the ropes. Only Urban Meyer was born out of pure football incarnate, skipped ever being even a coordinator anywhere ever and def no HC experience, and somehow woke up one morning as the Head Coach at bowling green beat Missouri AT Missouri for his first game with a team that went 2-9 the year previous and promptly went 8-3 for his first season. Somehow even that was one of his worst seasons ever and ties his worst season ever for least wins.

    Lightning doesn’t strike twice. There is no hot assistant that is the next Urban Meyer. In fact, PRIOR or POST Urban Meyer it still hasn’t happened. Ever. Nobody has ever woken up and been that good except him. With his winning %, age, and current crop of NC wins (every time he has made it to the game) he is on pace to have the most NC wins of all time, well more than Saban if he keeps coaching.

    The problem is, Mike Bohn’s biggest job is just that, to do what’s best for the program. And that is hiring Urban Meyer. When someone pays you an estimated 1.8million dollars to do it, you don’t just say: we gave him a call and he wasn’t interested. Or the BOT said no, or the pres wasn’t in it. You say holy crap I’m getting paid 1.8 million dollars to hire the best football coach on the plant who happens to be available and will bring in millions for all other sports and you camp out in his lawn and you bring a new mercedes every day in exchange for not getting kicked off his lawn,which if you do every day for 6 months is still cheaper than not getting him and waiting 2 years to buy out Helton. And every day you beg and plead and the fans will love you for it, because you got creative and got the job done and hired Urban Meyer.

    And then SC football is back baby and better than ever (Urban even has more NC’s and a better winning record than Pete). In fact, when it comes to 20+ game winning streaks Urban Meyer is the only coach with more than 1. And he has 3.


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    1. Hold on there. Helton was NEVER a hot assistant coach. He never worked for an elite national championship team as an OC. He was hired at SC as a QB coach and just lucked his way into the HC job.

      Sure, Meyer is the sure bet, but if that doesnt work out, I would take Aranda or Venables in a second over Clay.

      I would rather than Venables or Aranda than most of the head coaches from other programs. The problem is that there are maybe 5 head coaches you might want and if you cant get them, then you start to look at hiring the head coach from Cincinnati just because he is having one good season? NO.

      The coaches at Clemson and LSU have seen every part of the program and know exactly what to do. They are proven winners on at least one side of the ball. Honestly, SC’s great talent on offense will take care of itself with Harrell. Maybe we need a new offensive line coach. If the defense becomes elite, SC wins at least 10 games every year and probably wins 12 and the Pac-12 and goes to the CFP in the first year of a new HC.

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      1. As has been posted here by others, Venables has two sons playing FB at Clemson. He has turned done numerous HC job offers already.


      1. They need pitching bad – as talented as Cole is 6+ years contract are killer both salary cap and roster slot. . Like to think Moreno has learned from the Pujols, Hamilton, CJ Wilson deals who knows? That horrible deal fat Pujols still is gliding on (2 more years) is worst not just because of the awful length but this cement block slob’s fat behind in the lineup for the past 9 years.


  7. I don’t believe that CH didn’t reach out to Aranda. Aranda didn’t come to SC because LSU offered him a lot more money than SC will willing to offer. It was a money issue.

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    1. I think HC CH likes Pendergast.
      I also think HC CH would never hire someone with HC aspirations who could “pull a Helton” and inherit the HC job mid-season.


  8. it is because Folt does not do football. She is still high from 1973 bout with her smoking from her infamous bong called, “Puff the Magic Dragon”. The wench needs to leave. She screwed up SC football for another two to three years.


  9. Shove it, Scott. If USC hired Aranda you know you would have been the first to criticize them for hiring a coach with no head coaching experience.


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