USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Needs Help

It’s now a week since Mike Bohn kept Clay Helton and I don’t notice much difference in the anger level of the fans.

Bohn hasn’t written a tweet since the announcement. He knows better. Bohn hasn’t even done one of his man-on-the-street tweets where he takes a picture with a university employee.

He is beleaguered and angry. I hear before the Helton announcement, Bohn decided to hire a Cincinnati administrator to become a deputy athletic director at USC. They are supposed to arrive next week.

That will be a needed reinforcement at this point. He needs some support after badly misjudging the USC community. Bohn is Public Enemy No. 1.

Helton must be thrilled that USC fans have someone else to direct their anger at instead of him.

Bohn thought he could pacify angry fans by distracting them with a “Look at Kedon Slovis” or “Look at the silent commitments!” throwaway lines. No such luck.

  • Anyone who knows Michael Pittman did not doubt he would play in the Holiday Bowl. Pittman’s always done whatever he can to help the team and he wasn’t going to miss his final college game.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Needs Help

      1. gt,
        Maybe Helton learned his lesson from his last Holiday Bowl appearance —don’t fire anyone until AFTER the game ….. make like everything is fine until the final score…

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  1. Nobody should be surprised. It is clear that Bohn is as a “pleaser” and someone Folt knew she could CONTROL. Let’s face it, there is nothing in Bohn’s background that screams great leadership. He’s made one decent head football coaching hire during his entire career, his uninspiring accomplishments got him run out of Colorado, and his football win-loss record as an athletic director in below .500. In fact, his career cumulative football win-loss record as an athletic administrator is well below .500. This guy doesn’t know the first thing about how to build a winning football program. Is it any surprise quality coaches such as Meyer and Stoops had no interests in USC Football? They probably lost interest 5 minutes after meeting Bohn. Time to panic. USC’s AD and head football coach are both incompetent and very much out of their depth, perhaps Folt is too. The Peter Principle is alive and well at USC.

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    1. ttrojan22 —IF Bohn met with Meyer and Stoops for 5 minutes (which I doubt —but let’s assume he did for the purposes of debate), he DID know the first thing about building a winning program. If those talks went nowhere it would be because he wasn’t allowed to give either of those coaches the freedom or the money they want —and that would be on Folt.

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      1. MG, I believe Bohn when he said he didn’t meet with anyone. But that does not say SOMEONE did not meet with Meyer or Stoops, it just was not him.
        Did Bohn deny meeting with any representatives of aforementioned persons? I do think Folt bent him over and gave it to him with something large though.

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    2. The reason that Folt and Bohn were hired is that Caruso wants to control everything, so he picks people who can be controlled.

      It is a poor strategy that will yield bad results.

      Just assume that when you hear Folt is doing something, it is really Caruso who wants it done. I advised Bohn on Twitter to leave before it all implodes


  2. This year it feels different. Last year, keeping Helton after he stumbled around all season was a huge mistake. The year before that the extended contract was a huge mistake. This year our backup quarterback is the top freshman in the league and his favorite receiver is a finalist for an award. But we also got blown out a couple of times and lost a game or two we should have won. We lost our best backup quarterback to sloppy decision making and it took several games for our offensive genius to finally show up. It feels as we were right all along. The only reason to keep Helton is the money and the administration doesn’t care that they are hemorrhaging money in the process. When teams were limited to two TV appearances a year, the outcome would have been different. TV money is what keeps the team above water.

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  3. If USC loses the Holiday Bowl against Iowa, then expect Mike Bohn to feel more heat then when he announced Clay Helton was being retained. And If the upcoming recruiting class doesn’t drastically improve, then Bohn has another bullet to dodge, and a stupid spin will make it even worse.

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  4. The question truly is who is the worse AD: Swann or Bohn? The guy who stupidly extended Helton or the guy who kept him knowing it’s the wrong decision? I’m afraid we’ll find that answer out…

    This fish stinks from the head up, ever since Mad Max hired Pat ‘Reverse Midas Touch’ Haden. Like most alumni, I need distance from this awful train of leadership hires…whose demonstrated abilities cannot be trusted with donor funds. Their simultaneous proximity to money and decisions makes me nauseous.

    Go Trojans! Beat the Hawkeyes!


    1. Wow! Thanks for that tip….


  5. Bohn should have fired Helton and hired Myers and let the chips fall with Folt. She would have never fired Bohn because he is too new and being a political correct gal, she would have crapped in her pants by having him tell her what is going on. Bohn should have shown who was boss. Fi she complains then he could say to her, “I thought you weren’t going to interfere with my hiring”.


    1. Spot on Pasadena. And with that Bohn window of opportunity now closed, we know the answer. No leadership, no vision, no courage. Bleak times, my friend. Time to wait out the doldrums for however long they last…


      1. Another 5 years of hell here on earth. Miniumum. Helton won’t be fired until 2 years from now. That way they don’t have to buy him out. You get another Helton type to appease “Bong” Folt. Will take 2 years to improve to one win extra per season with the new coach. Just put a slug into SC football and call it a day. The old horse is way past its prime or use.


    2. Not sure that scenario would have been possible even if Bohn had the will. I assume the president would literally need to sign-off on a HC hire.


    3. I was waiting for Bohn head to make that move. To show Folt and the Bot who the boss is running the show. Bohn was given a some leeway on who was going to be fired and hired. Folt ran her mouth saying it’s all up to Bohn it’s his job, his decision as AD. He should of made his move that day or at least the very next day. Put it in the news as a way of everyone finding out. As it was hitting breaking news. He’s meeting with Urban Meyer for the head coaching position. That’s what everyone expected from a competent A.D.. Not a push over sticking to the status quo, over money. Looking like a fool with out any power now. When he was given a window of power; the perfect opportunity to make a power move and drops the ball! Bohn and Folt need to be 1 and done and shown the door if and when things go south sticking with the used car salesman known as clueless Clay!


    4. Both Folt & Bohn take their marching orders from C.L. Max Nikias.

      The Max Nikias “De-Emphasis of Trojan Football” is alive and well in the Land of Troy.


  6. Seriously? Bleak times?

    OMG – The sky is falling. Or maybe climate change will get us in 10 years.

    Jeez – USC had a 3rd string QB beat Utah. USC was down to 4th or 5th RB in ASU game. There were more injuries sustained with this year’s team than we’ve ever seen in over 30 years.

    Look at mighty Alabama after Tua went down – their 2nd string guy did not beat Auburn and they are out of Top 10.

    I am not sure many coaches could have pulled out a record better than 8 and 4 with these significant injuries (QB#1, RB#1 – 4, DL#1, Center, etc).

    I am not an apologist and there is significant room for improvement in game management as well as cleaning up penalties but these are NOT bleak times.

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    1. Henney Penny,

      The Political Crap crowd has been screaming that if we don’t do something in the next 10 years for climate change, then the world will not exist. This was mentioned 30 years ago. This climate change crap is nothing but a way for Al Gore to line his pockets with money. He screams about this, yet he has a $10k light bill every month. If obuma was so scared of climate change, then why does he fly almost everyday of the year. That is a bunch of bulls#it. Besides there is nothing we can do. If they are concerned, then have the political crap crowd go out on weekends and plant more trees.

      Helton chased off a lot of talent that could have helped SC win. The two guys that went to Illinois, Sears, the freshman receiver. So he had the talent not to use the 3rd string qb or burn his redshirt but Helton played his favorites instead of the best.

      Helton will lose against bama because he cannot out think the other coach or adapt to the game itself.

      These are dark times for SC. SC will lose to Iowa and then lose to bama. What a way to finish and start two seasons. You can have him.

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    2. There is a lot of truth in what you said. 8-4 is pretty nice….considering. But Helton’s accomplishments are cancelled by his failures. He stuck with coaches who obviously suffered from severe burn out. He stuck with players who obviously weren’t helping the team (in fact, were obviously hurting the team). Each year, by the third game, his team looks like the “wounded confederate scene” from Gone With The Wind (as a result of practices designed to protect the players from game conditions).
      Yes, he works hard. And, yes, he kept the team together this season. I’ll grant him that. But the disappointment you hear is coming from people who know we can [and expect us to] do better.

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    3. The computers at FPI have USC at 10-2 this year, not 8-4. I agree–the losses at BYU and at UW were unconscionable.

      Bleak? Never.
      In for rough days? very likely with the present dysfunction.

      Retain Harrell and work with the present talent, and recruiting on O will improve. Hire a smashmouth DC and work with the present talent, and
      10 win seasons are likely.

      Hire a top notch HC and Natty’s could happen.

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      1. True, Bourbon. It’s within our power to have a very good year in 2020—if the right hires are made…


  7. All that shows is that once again Helton had the wrong players starting!!!! AND….. because of our horrible strength and conditioning begins show signs through attrition does the cream actually rise to the top like a Phoenix. Everyone knows we have the most talent in the conference. Helton just has to wait for his favorites to get injured for the stars to shine.

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  8. The entire administration needs help. Bohn and his guy he is bringing in just walked into a House of Cards. Welcome to the show my friends, it’s the story that never ends….

    USC community deserves better than this rotten show. I wouldn’t even give it one rotten tomato. It is so old and boring. Classic tale of money, power, and infighting. What usually happens? Enron, Wall Street, Tyco, Fannie Mae, geez, does this all look familiar. The irony of it, is that USC is an academic institution. How embarrassing.

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  9. I’ve seen, heard, & read a lot of folks talkin’ bout 8 – 4 ain’t too bad considering we played with 2nd string this, 3rd string that, etc. That line of thinkin’ is only valid if:
    ▪there’s an actual & marked difference in performance, ability, and/or knowledge between the athletes who are playing a given position. I.e. is it a toss up between 2 or more kids for starter? I.e. all the 1 & 1A designations comin outta fall camp.
    ▪the coach/coaches are capable talent evaluators. I.e. Darnold vs Browne.
    ▪the coach/coaches award starting positions earned by demonstrated ability not favoritism. I.e. Toa.
    ▪ the coach isn’t purposely skewing who’s what string-wise so when the tough part of the sched comes, or you’re losing a game, suddenly your 1st stringer got a boo boo and now it’s up to clay to overcome like jobe and ride to the rescue by “coaching up” the 2nd or 3rd string guy. I.e. Stepp.

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