Several Ex-USC Coaches Win Honors

Some former USC coaches are getting honors while the current one keeps holding the program hostage.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron was named Home Depot College Football Coach of the Year.

Tyson Helton was named Conference USA Coach of the Year. The Hilltoppers went 8-4 record in his debut season after going 3-9 last year. Do you think Clay Helton could have pulled this off?

Remember two years ago how Clay Helton beat Stanford twice and David Shaw was still Pac-12 Coach of the Year? It just showed even the Pac-12 coaches didn’t respect Helton.

14 thoughts on “Several Ex-USC Coaches Win Honors

  1. Happy for Coach O – warmest congrats! Hope he takes home the Natty!

    But Scottie, Tyson Helton? Weren’t you ranting about his presence on the SC staff a couple of years ago? And probably for good reason.

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    1. 67,
      Tyson wasn’t the QB coach that Harrell is —in fact, he wasn’t much of a QB coach at all —-but he’s better Head Coach material than Clay for the simple reason he’s realer than Clay —-he doesn’t sound like a local pol running for re-election, he sounds like a coach who loves his team. Players and fans respond to that…
      #Actually,PlayersAndFansRespondToClay,Too —ByThrowingUp..

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      1. It’s weird, 67….almost like Clay is snake bit…..or under a dark cloud. [Didn’t Sophocles write plays about guys like that? I can’t remember —did they have happy endings?]…..

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  2. “Remember two years ago how Clay Helton beat Stanford twice and David Shaw was still Pac-12 Coach of the Year? It just showed even the Pac-12 coaches didn’t respect Helton.“

    How could we forget? You are constantly reminding us. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  3. Turn around the question, do you think Clay would have lasted long on Tyson’s staff? For that matter would any of our current coordinators be employed now by Coach O? The trouble is one person. He is like a death cap mushroom, slowly killing its victim from the inside out. (Not to mention the soft mushroom-like physical appearance and intelligence)

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  4. Well, this was fun. But from now until Gomer retires, can you see the powers that be getting rid of him ?, this blog will just be a drumbeat of the same old same old.

    Thanks to Dolt and Bohnhead, USC has guaranteed themselves 8-4, or worse, seasons for years to come and that just doesn’t interest me.

    And James was right, anyone paying to see this shitshow, buying merchandise or watching it on TV is aiding and abetting the swamp that is USC.

    Have a good one, there are far more important things to spend time on than USC football, the higher ups at USC football are proving that to you on a daily basis.

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  5. Tyson’ success would be far less impressive if he were Running a Power 5 football program. Unlike Clay, who started at the top of the CFB food chain, he started at the bottom, where he belongs—milk before the meat. Clay is so far over his head it’s ridiculous.

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    1. Life is not good for Bohn these days. I can’t imagine he goes home, curls up in front of the television with a beer and a cheeseburger and enjoys watching sports on cable channels —all of which are criticizing him 24/7.

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      1. Ha! [And wears them under 20 feet of water with air pumped in thru a tube]…..

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