Do You Matter? Does USC Care?

Carol Folt and Mike Bohn haven’t exactly had a high profile since the Clay Helton announcement.

Last week, USC had a Christmas party for some employees at Dignity Sports Park in Carson and Folt did not attend. Bohn’s done some media but avoided any public settings.

One donor wondered today if USC will hold a recruiting dinner in February. What are the odds the Salute to Troy is brought back? It got canceled last summer because of poor ticket sales. It should be worse this summer.

But what does USC think of the fans right now? How will it win them back?

Is it going to raise ticket prices next season? Will it raise booster group fees? It can’t hold on to the ones it has and faces a natural attrition because many boosters are older.

I have spoken to two fans in the past week who said they would keep their season seats because they don’t want to lose their priority to get better seats.

Bohn talks about the importance of having dedicated fans and filling the Coliseum. But how does he do it by alienating them?

I don’t get many things at the moment.

30 thoughts on “Do You Matter? Does USC Care?

    1. Scott The reality is that you don’t matter. All of your negativity is not helpful nor creative. Just tired and boring. Please stop beating a Dead Horse find something more inspiring and positive to write about. Maybe find God Budda or what ever floats your boat to make you a happier more enlightened individual.


      1. There is only 1 God…lol…He’s not a boat peddler, and, you will be humbled, one way or another, in due time….coming to the realization that we don’t matter, helps our prayers to the Creator, if you pray at all…for, with Him, all things are possible….however, He resists the proud…


    1. What does that make you? Scott signs his name. I sign my name. Who you? Why do you come here, if Scott’s as you say he is?


      1. I’m a Trojan. I support my team through thick and thin. I fight on! I don’t try to think I’m an AD, or an administrator, or a football coach, so I don’t carry on and whine about what they are getting paid to do. I stay true to my university, and support where I can. If others choose not to support because they don’t like the direction, so be it. They have that option, but they aren’t entitled to get their way, just because they don’t like it.

        You can say “Scott signs his name”, but he really doesn’t. He relies on bad ‘anonymous’ sources. And most of the time those sources are horribly wrong. Then when Scott is wrong, he still tries to pass it off as fact, and continues to whine about it. It’s all sour grapes with him because he’s still bent about getting his credentials revoked. If he had any sliver of journalistic credibility, he would still have his access and ability to really cover the team. But he doesn’t, and instead he comes here to make up rumors and spew them negatively, defend them without any fact, and complain about anything and everything.

        As a fan, you can walk away and have your opinions, but there’s really no need to harp on it dozens of times a day… support the program and the players or walk away, just quit whining about it like a little bitch. pretty simple


      2. Dude, many do that… get no brownie points here, lol…you’re a bad house guest, who hides behind a nickname, not much more…do you think we all agree with Scott all the time? No…just like he doesn’t agree with us, all the time…..yet, he provides enough space to many, enough not have his mom, or his marital status, or his sex, etc etc etc, to be called out…say you’re sorry, and you’ll never do it again, and, all will be forgiven. Lol

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  1. I stopped putting my hands in my pockets to support the USC football team, the day they named Steve Sarkisian head coach. I had no idea he was a alcoholic at the time, but I knew he was a clown.

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  2. I honestly don’t think that The Carol & Mike show had a clue re: the Trojan fan base tsunami. They show up, go pretty much public, they fill the media with generic cliche rah rah commentary.. and then WHAM! It’s kind of like they took a nice barefoot walk through the woods, enjoying nature, and then oops, they stepped into a massive pile of bear dump.
    Now, I feel that they don’t really have a clue as to what to do. The only thing going for them right now is that regardless of this bowl game (which they are both on bended knees praying for a solid Trojan win) is that they have some offseason months to try to figure it out. If Helton gets bitch slapped on national TV again, these two might as well just pack up and leave town. Sure is starting to get used to feeling as though we’ve really been screwed!

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    1. Gillyking — Let me assure you: Carol & MIke aren’t praying for a solid win in the Holiday Bowl—they’re praying for ANY kind of win at all. The pressure gets turned up —a lot — if Helton loses the Bowl game. [I will be amazed if we win —Ferentz has been Coach of the Year in the Big 10 FOUR times, his son has been coaching the offense ever since he left Bill Belichick as an assistant and Phil Parker is in his 8th year as Defensive Coordinator. The coaching advantage is SO in favor of Iowa that’s it’s scary]…..
      And if he loses, Helton can’t say “that loss really left a bad taste in our mouth —man, are we gonna take it out on our opening opponent in 2020!” —-cuz that would be a team named Alabama.

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    2. Folt and Bohn came during the worst possible time to give a fair assessment of CH’s total body of work. Maybe they ignored the lobsided blowouts and close games against bad teams that have consistently happened during his tenure. All they have seen is CH leading the team to a 5-1 record against a bunch of bad teams. They have, seemingly, ignored history which means that it will repeat itself.

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      1. It’s worse than that, Arturo — Helton told them that he just started at the same time as they did —- and they were too busy to check around…


    3. GK:
      Iowa plays disciplined, smart FB. Great Defense every year. Great Special teams. Decent run game most years. Their QB is reliable and experienced. They are happy to be in the Holiday bowl instead of Iowa City in December.

      This will be a very tough game.

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      1. We like to see football that can/will lean on people, and, will knock the opposition, down into submission, by the 4th quarter….

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      2. I see the Air Raid as a quick, cosmetic fix to USC’s recent problems.
        We have not recruited nor developed good O-linemen for about 4-5 years
        (all during the HC CH era), so we are WAAAAY behind in developing the Power football game which Pete Carroll still employs to good effect at Seattle.

        It would likely take a manly head coach and 3-4 years to develop that O-line. NEvertheless, I remain hopeful


    1. Well re: keeping us in the game… There’s about a dozen or so kids that made league recognition.. many of which are eligible to move on.. So Bohn, Helton et/al have a massive recruiting job ahead of them in just trying to keep our fine young players at home. I’m just hopeful that although Claydough was reprieved to my personal disappointment, at least the kids in addition to our recruits might at least accept us being more stable, than before when we didn’t know Helton’s 2020 status.

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    2. How exciting was that air raid offense when BYU dropped eight, came away with three interceptions and embarrassed the Trojans?

      The air raid didn’t do much against Washington and didn’t do a damn thing agsinst Oregon.

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  3. I will root for USC because I like our team and I don’t think the result will impact Helton’s job status. That being said, I think they’ll lose to Iowa.

    Iowa has what’s called a defense. They may not light it up on offense like SC can (they average 24 pts/game, about 9 less than USC), but they have a top 5 scoring defense. They give up 15 pts/game less than USC does.

    Given a stout defense and Clancy’s penchant for laying an egg in big games, I think Iowa wins by 3, 30-27.

    (But if Iowa rolls to a big win, like 38-10, I won’t be depressed the next day because I know Bohn and Folt are gonna get slammed on Twitter.)


    1. One of the immeasurable concerns with the air raid offense, is the lack of rest it can give a defense…..half the team loves the chaos, the other half has to pay the tab for it…

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      1. But, if that’s all they have to offer anymore, that’s what I’ll have to watch, even though I know better…


  4. Everyone needs to cheer up. Gomer will implode soon enough and until then…

    Pudly and Bohn went up the hill each with a buck and a quarter. Pudly came down with $2.50

    You sick m##her f##ker


  5. EVERY ONE IS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO HAND OVER THE $20 MILLION For HE’LL tons BUYOUT Try asking Adam Full of Shit and Opioid Pelosi which is BohnandFolt


  6. you know, i was just thinking, if Hell-TON looses the Bowl game…..HOOOOOOOO-DOGIE!!!! will the fans be screaming then!!!

    not that i would ever wish SC to lose, but that would be quite a backlash on Folt/Bohn!!!! (tee-hee!)


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