Mike Bohn Kept Clay Helton But Others May Be Going

I told you this morning Mike Bohn was hiring a friend from Cincinnati to help him.

It’s Brandon Sosna, who was senior associate athletic director and chief revenue officer. That sounds a lot like the duties of Steve Lopes, who has been at USC since 1984.

There is no word yet on anyone leaving the athletic dept. but it wouldn’t be a surprise if this is what is happening.

Sosna 19 Web Headshot
Brandon Sosna

28 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Kept Clay Helton But Others May Be Going

    1. Now Scott this article is much more informative and less negative. Definitely positive step forward. There is way to much negativity in the world .


      1. Your humble contributor asks for a favor. We have lot of precious names for that Palo Alto school. Leland j. Stanfurd univ., the farm, Stanfurd or Furd. Since the last couple of years furd has been good to SC, can we agree on something besides stanford?


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      2. Have you heard of stipulated definitions? For gt and me the stipulated definition of “Stanford of the West” is “any university –located anywhere in the world other than Palo Alto— which feels good about itself for treating football as a stepchild.”

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  1. First thought: If Bohn is a yes man, then the new guy is a yes yes man? It’s a double positive/ is that even a thing at SC?
    Second thought: Oh you can’t afford the coach your fan base wants but you bought something for yourself?
    Third and best thought: who give a shit? I mean really did this guy really need to travel across country to see his old boss- was this a quid-pro- coach?


    1. Tessalone is Agent Jack Bauer —you don’t fire Jack Bauer….


  2. FIRE all of them then have the Fans donors and alumni Take full controllofthe football team Get a Top Level defensive coordinator and special teams coaches let Graham Harrell call all the Offensive Plays have a meeting with urban Meyer get his play calling book when urban Meyer was at Ohio state go over the plays Also if Graham Harrell leaves HIRE urban Meyer as Offensive coordinator let urban Meyer call all the plays so GOMER HE’LL TON can stand around with his head up his A oooo


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