USC Bowl Practice Schedule Is Light

Like I said a couple days ago, USC will start bowl practices Friday.

Because the Trojans waited so long to get started they only have 11 practices. And Clay Helton will go 24 days without speaking to the media because he won’t actually have a press conference until Tuesday.

This is frankly, more of the same, and Mike Bohn should be ashamed at how nothing’s changed.

17 thoughts on “USC Bowl Practice Schedule Is Light

  1. The old saw about Pete Carroll was something like “Give Carroll a month to prepare, and SC will beat anybody.” Then, along came Oklahoma. And Sooners never knew what ran over them.

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      1. Some never get invited to the dance…unless they have the help of Sam Gilbert:

        “UCLA would have been put on probation for about 100 years and would have forfeited 8 NCAA championships” – Bill Walton

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      2. it is a shame your team has NEVER, EVER been in a position to compete for a natty in @ 75 years. Oh the shame, oh the embarrassment, oh the frustration of being a ucla football fan.


      3. Actually the Refs played a much bigger role than ole Vinny.. That UT money was well spent on the zebras… brah…

        That a boneheaded lateral by Bushman to some rando dude out of the stands who had a Sc jersey on….

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      4. So, MG, Vince Y is one (among many) of my examples of why I don’t favor the “dual threat” QB’s. They win a lot of games in CFB–and occasionally a Natty, but their “scrambling ability” and focus on running the ball often comes with tremendous costs. I notice that perhaps Coach Ed O has selected the pocket passer concept with Mr. Burrows–all to good effect.

        My only reservation with Coach UM was his predilection for having his QB be a huge part of his run game offense.

        Any way, I digress. Indeed, PC has enjoyed a slightly more lucrative career than Vince Young. I guess Vince had to return to UT and bag a huge salary for being a figure head. Who paid Vince’s salary?


    1. Why dwell on the past when there’s a big, bright future ahead. Keep your eyes on the prize and forge ahead! Clay Helton and Mike Bohn are is our future! Pete Carroll got us in trouble with the NCAA! Don’t look back!
      Look forward to the National Championships that Clay Helton is going to win us!!

      #GodBlessClay #YouGoBohn


      1. I’m on board with your chant, #1fan, but it is not going to happen with your friend’s DC or ST coach. As you have the inside track with the Coach, you were tasked with cornering gentleman Clay and Angela at church to remind them that they need to bring in the top 10 DC now. With the Conference championships completed, it is perfectly appropriate to hire a DC now, with the expectation that he finishes his team’s bowl game and starts on the recruiting road for his new school in early January.

        Failure on your task will most certainly mean that Gentleman Clay and Angela will be leaving your congregation and LA sometime in the Fall of 2020.


  2. MONEY is the control of all EVIL ask Lynn Swanky about the Contract that was given to ClaydoHellton which is why He’ll tons BUYOUT is over $20 MILLION which USC was Never going to PAY


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