USC Morning Buzz: Sleepy Start To Competing For Championship

Way back about eight days ago, Mike Bohn made the following statement:

“Heading into 2020, Coach Helton and I will work together to take a hard look at all aspects of the football enterprise and will make the tough decisions necessary to compete at a championship level.”

That could mean anything. But after everything that happened, you might think USC would approach the Holiday Bowl in an aggressive manner to set the tone for next season.

Instead, the season ended Nov. 23 and the first bowl practice will be held Dec. 13. That is nearly three weeks off. There were only be 11 practices. The players have run some 7-on-7 workouts in that span but no official practices (with tackling) were held.

I get taking this week off. USC has final exams. But what about last week? USC knew it was going to the Alamo or Holiday Bowl, which are in late December. It could have practiced a couple times.

But recruiting is more imporant, you say?

You can still run practices without Clay Helton. Or Johnny Nansen. Besides, Clancy Pendergast looks like he is having a root canal on home visits. And Graham Harrell had time to recruit and interview with Texas.

It just doesn’t feel like USC is attacking the day. Now I don’t really care about the Holiday Bowl. But Bohn and Helton are the ones talking competing at a championship level. So when does that start exactly?

  • Maybe what is really disturbing is that there will be only three times that the media can interview players. Helton probably doesn’t want players answering too many questions about his return.

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Sleepy Start To Competing For Championship

  1. I gotta agree with Wolfy on this one. Wanna see how championship teams are built? Get on I-5 and head north. Do you think C-ball is standing around this week with his team? And finals are imporant than winning the bowl game? Since when?

    But the real crime is how Cristoball’s peers are treating him. Why did they not vote him coach of the year? Help me answer that one, Trojan nation. This guy at the Mercury News seems to think there’s a conspiracy against Oregon players and coaches. Is it jealousy? I can understand that.

    Be informed! Read and resist!

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    1. I bet the line is drawn down the middle of the conference as far as coaches who are jealous of Mario Christobol, and his success at Oregon. David Shaw, Herm Edwards, Kyle Whittingham, Justin Wilcox, and obviously Christobol are all on solid ground, and secure with themselves, and their programs. The rest of the coaches are dead men walking, and probably hate the accomplishments of others.

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    2. Quacky,

      What is with the presumption that coaches are jealous of Cristobal? Yes, the Ducks are good, but, like so many times in the ducks life, they can’t get over the hump. You blew it twice with Auburn and ASU. You are in the Rose Bowl, which is great and you will beat Wisconsin, but you could have been in the playoffs. Maybe that is why Cristobal is not voted for coach of the year. He did not succeed getting into the playoffs.

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      1. I have always referred to Nike U as the “Not Ready for Prime Time Ducks”..they haven’t proven me wrong yet.


    3. I think the fella at OSU–given their previous decade of misery–deserved the honor. Quite a turnaround, with some “signature” wins by young Jonathan Smith.

      Will he win a “Civil War?” Nah.
      Will he take the Beav’s bowling? Hopefully.
      Will he make the Pac 12 north earn a W (or L) in Corvallis? yep.

      Super Mario’s going to the RB. That’s a big enough prize. Oughta win the game also.


  2. That Mercury article is solid. I’m guessing they don’t like Crystal Ball because he works his ass off. This is PAC-12 where coaches go to pad their retirement or move on.

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  3. sc ‘Light’ has a new ‘championship’ according to hellton ball…trying to be champs of Pac 12 south…next it will be trying to get ‘runner up honors’ in Pac 12 south…followed by the ‘I am proud of their effort trophy’

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  4. Does anybody believe that Mike Bohn really wants to assist Clay Helton with improving his team? I bet the coaching staff returns intact, because Bohn wants Helton out of there, sooner than later. Because a losing season is on the horizon for next year, and that plays right into Bohn’s hands.

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      1. Okay, MG…
        Aranda goes to be HC at UNLV (like Kiffin went to U Tennessee).

        October 2020 evolves at USC as we expect it to evolve.

        Are you following me?

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      2. Oh, I’m following alright, my friend. [I just hope Bohn and Folt are on the same page as us]…


  5. BECAUSE LYNN SWANNY AND LOPES etc…GAVE GOMER HE’LL ton a $20 MILLION or more CONTRACT which is controlled by the Mentally Insane


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