Another Ex-USC Player’s Son Commits To Stanford

Lance Keneley, a defensive end from Mission Viejo, committed to Stanford. He is the son of former USC defensive tackle Matt Keneley and former USC volleyball player Antoinette Lindemann.

USC did not offer Keneley a scholarship. Earlier this year, Ayden Hector, a four-star cornerback from Sammamish, Wash., committed to Stanford.

Hector is the son of former USC defensive back Zuri Hector, who played from 1989-92. Stanford already has cornerback Kyu Kelly, the son of former USC star cornerback Brian Kelly.

25 thoughts on “Another Ex-USC Player’s Son Commits To Stanford

  1. Keneley is 6’5″, 220 lbs or so per rivals, he plays DE, he would most likely have to switch to outside LB. Understandable why he isn’t an obvious recruit.

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    1. 67 — I notice that every time there’s an announcement by USC about practice schedules, Las Vegas makes Iowa a bigger favorite. Scott needs to keep posting articles on practice — I’ll jump in and bet this game as soon as USC becomes a 2TD underdog….

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      1. Michael, that is an odd one…the more practices, the worse it gets for the Trojans…hmm…I think we need the mind of Ed G to weigh in.

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      2. 67 —
        I think the play here is that each announcement will probably be to the effect that the next practice will be a “light one”……

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    2. I don’t see any preseason All American OLB’s
      On SC’s current roster, So I don’t y your explanation..
      I wouldn’t send my Son to SC over Stanford
      At the present time.


  2. Of all schools in the Pac 12, Stanford develops more NFL lineman, especially on the offensive side of the ball. John McKay must be rolling in his grave, and frowning at Bozo Helton.

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    1. Fan Boy,
      On the other hand, our o-lineman get more free time to travel and enjoy the wonders of life after graduation from college….

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    2. I am praying that St. John McKay is interceding with God to get rid of Helton and get a coach for SC that will bring back SC to its rightful place, on top of college football. I am gonna start a Novena to St. John McKay for his intercession as well.

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      1. My Coaches,John Mckay and Marv Goux,
        Are up there in Trojan Heaven, looking down on the current state of USC
        Football and are both in a state of
        Disbelief and Disappointment!!!
        Never in their wildest dreams Could they
        Imagine these three inept twits…
        Folt, Bohn and Helton!!
        Such an embarrassment to Ex Players and loyal Trojan Fans


  3. wolfman, i know that despite your impressive physique, you have always pursued literary endeavors. word was McKay wanted you to lead block for Ricky Bell but you said: “the Daily Trojan needs me more”

    what i’m getting at, wolfman, is consider having some boys to play for UCLA. i picture twin wolfs at each DE position, saying “meet you at the quarterback” and letting out a wolf howl after each sack!!


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  4. Why in hell would anybody want to play for Gomer if they have any aspirations of playing on Sundays???? Nobody takes more 4 and 5 star recruits and does nothing with them nothing at all. I would much rather go play at a mid major such as Boise State and have a better chance of developing under much better coaching than play for a coach who is full of excuses. Most 5 star recruits that Helton signs are lucky to be drafted in the 5th or 6th round. Other programs with great coaching turn most of those high 4-5 star recruits into 1st or 2nd rounders at worst. I don’t blame the kids for going elsewhere right now. With the right coach, recruiting will pick up overnight.


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