The Rumor That Won’t Die

People I hardly even know in the athletic dept. have told me they also have heard the rumor about Mike Bohn wanting to resign.

What they don’t think is a rumor is that Bohn is frustrated and angry over his portrayal in the retention of Clay Helton.

“He looked a lot happier walking around before the announcement,” one employee tells me. “Some people avoid eye contact with him now.”

Bohn may indeed be a pawn in Carol Folt’s decision, but he agreed to be a willing participant in this debacle.

40 thoughts on “The Rumor That Won’t Die

  1. i wunder if poeple in the other side of the hemusfear like in china r jellus taht we get to have chrismas now and tehy only have july 4th day to sellebrate

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    1. I heard that in Hong Kong, they will be celebrating Christmas and liberty while here in the good ol’ US of A, the commie democrats are celebrating solstice day. Oh wait, they actually do that here.

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    1. As opposed to chocolate chippie who will only go for dollars on the cent. $1,000,000/win?

      Hahahahaha?.?.? That’s the sound of chippie laughing as he cashes this week’s check!

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      1. Pudly —It’s worse than that. Chip isn’t even cashing all his checks. A week ago a school official found an $83,000 check made out to Kelly on the floor of his office and called Kelly to come and get it—–Kelly said “just leave it there…..”

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      2. Traditions die hard at that place ‘cross town…

        Actually if you look at it from a per loss perspective chippie is much more economical than dim jim.

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      3. Pudly —
        It depends. They use the ones on their side of the field more than any other Pac 12 Team…..

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    2. I think Owns is onto something here. Folt and the BOT needed a stooge to be the fall guy in keeping Helton. Now that Bohn is now Bohnhead almomongst the SC faithful, Carol Folt can now say over his resignation letter, “Leave the gun. Take the cannolli.”

      One thing is for 100% sure: SC football, on the cusp of the second consecutive bad recruiting class, is dead for the next decade at least. And they did it to themselves. Nothing unfair about it.

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  2. I actually could’ve written a much better statement for Dir. Bohn than the one he used. He was going to take heat any way it goes for keeping Helton, but he could’ve come closer to sticking the landing and deflecting some of the heat. In fact, he totally blew the announcement and it’s all too clear that he is new around here. I think what I have for him will work in the future too and I want to at least make an attempt to get it to him. I have no reason or desire whatsoever to root against his success. A couple of people listed an email address for him previously and I’m wondering if someone would put it up again. Thanks.

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  3. There’s a reason why more prominent athletic directors turned the position down , and that’s probably because they saw the writing on the wall. Nobody in their right mind would prefer to be an athletic administrator at Alabama over USC if they had complete control over the athletic department. Sure the Crimson Tide are at the top, but SC has so much more potential, and if handled correctly, the brand is much more visible

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  4. In Bohn’s introduction press conference speech he elaborated that he was now going to “listen and learn”. I guess the @90% deafening anti-Clay wasn’t loud enough to resonate with him? Then there was the “there’s no hiring restrictions” nonsense.. Muahaha! Needless to say, this guy’s got a long time to go b4 I believe anything from him. Wonder how donations are going? Just asking for a friend. Fight On

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    1. You’re being WAY to hard on Bohn, gillyking! Right before he made the offer to Meyer, Carol asked him “What are we gonna do when our assistant coaches—out of nowhere— start beating up their wives …and their wives tell Meyer’s wife…and Meyer’s wife tells him ….and he doesn’t report double hearsay to the Los Angeles Police Department cuz he’s apprehensive about getting sued and losing the confidence of everybody who presently works for him or ever will work for him in the future?”

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  5. I am hoping and praying that “Bong” Folt can lay off the reefer for about three months and pull her ass out of her front end, not the back end, and take SC football seriously. She must understand that SC football drives the school, not the other way around. Millions more will come in when SC wins. Big Donors usually don’t give a rat’s ass about a professor doing something academically. If SC wins the natty, then the big donor can’t wait to be the first in line to write a check.

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    1. hey Mikey, your chip comment about the check reminded me of a Chipper story. found it:
      In 2009, Kelly responded to a season ticket holder’s letter demanding a refund for his expenses after traveling to see Oregon’s 19–8 loss to Boise State, a loss which ended with Ducks running back LeGarrette Blount responding to a Bronco player’s taunts by punching him in the face. Kelly replied to the man with a personal check written out for his travel costs (exactly $439); in response, the fan wrote him a thank you note enclosing the original check, which he did not cash, but made copies of to frame.


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      1. Charlie —
        You know I love you like a brother —but that wasn’t ‘your’ Chipper. That was a different Chipper….

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    2. Unfortunately the BOT and Folt are seeking to transform USC into The Stanford of the West and are seeking billions from new donors from Silicon Valley and Hollyweird per Board member Steven Spielberg.

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  6. wolfman, you’re starting to remind me of the old Tommy Lasoda line: “He’s the kinda guy who starts a rumor, then believes it later when it comes back around to him.”


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  7. Another one of Scottie’s made up stories that he passes along as fact… first of all, nobody in athletics (coaches, administrators. or anyone else that actually knows what’s going on in athletics), actually talks to Scott. So that’s where his credibility goes south…

    I’ll give Scott credit for this, he’s really good at making stuff up and getting gullible people to believe it.

    For once Scott, back up one of your rumors with some hard facts… Actual facts, with sources, and information that is validated. You know, like a real journalist? Not just something you think about in your bitter state of mind and then try to pass on as truth


  8. I wonder…if Bohn actually walks, what is to stop another AD from firing Helton on day 1 (aside from the fact Folt will lay down her law again)?

    In fact, if Bohn leaves, it would pretty much validate that it must happen. Here’s hoping the rumors are, for once, true…


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