Is This Any Way To Build Fan Interest In USC?

Just last week, Mike Bohn said, “Right now, the focus is on intensity of interest. Building a fan base.”

USC finally holds its first bowl practice today. It is closed to the public (of course). It is closed to the media. There are no interviews allowed. The start time of the practice was not even announced by USC.

Is this how you build interest in USC football?

Or is that what you do when you are under siege and don’t want anyone asking questions about your bumbling football coach?

30 thoughts on “Is This Any Way To Build Fan Interest In USC?

  1. Sometimes I think the Scott of 2009 would read the Scott of 2019 and say, “Maybe I’m laying it on a tad heavy in the future…. do I need to be quite so unrelenting?”

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    1. Practice is not a “spectator sport,” and the last people I’d want around are a bunch of “know-very little” journalists. Practice ends at a predictable time. Invite the journo’s in after practice for the stupid presser.

      Switching gears, MG,
      Just last week, Mike Bohn said, “Right now, the focus is on intensity of interest. Building a fan base.”

      Thought we had a fan base with an intensity of interest already. Started with Howard Jones back in the roarin’ 20’s.

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      1. Bourbon,
        You said it yourself –we’re in silly season. I had high expectations for Bohn —and maybe he’ll eventually prove that he’s as smart as he seemed at his initial presser —-but everything he’s said since the retention of Helton has sounded dumber and dumber.

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      1. Arturo, thank you I like that one also. Another favorite is: The only thing worth knowing is how to think. But, Neils Bohr got the best of him once, when Einstein said: God Does Not Play Dice with the Universe. Bohr replied by saying, How do you Know What God Does? But, the preacher(Helton) thinks he knows, every time we beat one of those weak teams, he says, Glory to God.


  2. Building a fan base?

    A huge fan base already exists, and is the consequence of enormously successful Trojan football over decades.

    The issue is more like “How does the university not tear down the very loyal and large fan base they already have?”

    Easy to do, in principle – flush Caruso and his buddies, including Nikias, on the BOT. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking. They aren’t going anywhere.

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  3. Isn’t that the story of every practice for you Scott? Since you’re banned from even going on campus? How are those first hand practice reports going? How about that access to any players, coaches, or anyone at USC?
    Everyday is a closed practice for Scottie since he’s not allowed to cover the team….


    1. Interesting, based upon what you almost always post here, that you would even bother to participate. It’s like nobody likes a constant devils advocate who never has any input about the actual subject of this page. Is there some sort of sick gratification you seem to get by dropping turds into Wolfe’s punchbowl? Do you really hate the man that much? Regardless, I’d find it amazing if anyone who reads this blog respects any of the tripe you clog the commentaries section with. Don’t you find it interesting that almost every poster here pertains to USC athletics, but you obviously exist here to simply piss on the author. Wolfe probably still appreciates your input though b/c he at least benefits from your clicks. smh


  4. You know, this has been the longest 12 week season I can remember. I also don’t remember any time in the past 50 or so years when I wanted to scream I don’t care I hate SC. ( typing this while wearing an SC jacket over an SC jersey. I cannot wait until after the bowl game blowout so I can say “I ain’t got nothin to wear!”

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  5. Scotty’s got his knickers in a twist cuz the media isn’t invited. Got news for the boy, he don’t qualify as media. Why don’t you go hang out around the judiciary committee. They seem more of his speed. And ilk.


  6. Blame the messenger is alive and well here.
    I know wolfie is always negative,but nothing he said here is inaccurate.
    Can’t wait to see the one he will write on bsktbl…
    Of course the nc2a will do something to sc bskbtl right when they can distract the team


    1. Did you just say “nothing he said here is inaccurate.”?
      95% of the garbage he spews is inaccurate! He has no sources, no inside knowledge, just made up stories that he gets second hand because he’s not allowed on campus!
      It’s amazing how much you guys believe, when Scottie isn’t allowed to cover the team that he is supposedly ‘inside’ on…
      He makes up most of the stuff he puts out there, with no valid sources, no facts, just hearsay and his opinion of something he’s not allowed to be around. Then he’s too stubborn to admit he’s wrong, so he doubles down on his made up stories and tries to justify them with more made up information. He’s an ass clown


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