USC Receives Notice Of Allegations From NCAA

USC announced it received a notice of allegations from the NCAA. Wonder how this fits into Mike Bohn’s constant references to “integrity.”

No accident, by the way, USC waited until Friday night to announce it.


35 thoughts on “USC Receives Notice Of Allegations From NCAA

    1. But, but, but Andyain’twinning didna know squat; swear to God!

      Sorry to report Clownster’s, but the terminal bozo BB program has entered hospice care.

      #the secret to cheating is not getting busted.
      #Andrewain’twinning fights on

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      1. 67 —What did USC do at practice today? I’m hearing rumors that it was a light, light, light practice. I hope that’s B. S. —I really don’t want us to get embarrassed by Iowa…..

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      2. Michael, if the Holiday Bowl was held 2 weeks after the last game of the season, I think that the team could have beaten Iowa on autopilot, given the way Slovis was throwing. But with a few more weeks removed from that, and a few of Clay’s practices, the chances go down…way down.

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      3. Damn, I messed up with my original insult.
        Is UCLA still a hoop school or they gonna stick with being a gymnastics/softball and now baseball school?

        I was given tickets to opening day to see the dodgers play someone, should I go? They don’t deserve the audience like SC Football in my opinion.

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    2. “Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad,

      What I mean is that the looming death sentence of usc football is the result of a long line of violent, perverted acts (Osa Masina), the culmination of illegal payments (coach T) and Dr. T-bone shooting kids up with narcotics and would be “heroes” jumping off balconies to “save” nephews (allegedly) and students popping pills and hanging from ropes etc.
      You see, rah rahs, southern cal has allowed football players and coaches to steel and look the other way while players pervertedly brutalize women and rob people blind. The sanctions that will follow the allegations from NCAA is a direct result of the clown college antics at southern cal. the death sentence to follow is trOJans just reaping what it had been sowing.

      #sanctionOn #cheatersgonnacheat


    3. I have never met a USC grad who wasn’t arrogant & condescending. Now we know why:
      Scandal after scandal. Loss of Institution Control. Most corrupt institution in US History.


  1. Stop with the Mike Bohn integrity, he’s not the President of the University, Carol Folt is. She’s the one who baffles me, with her hypocritical stance. Why hasn’t somebody in the media question her about Max Nikias still being on the payroll and, the pervert, Dr. George Tyndall ? The media should be tearing USC apart on many levels, but Rick Caruso controls everything in Los Angeles, as if he’s in the mafia.

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    1. Nikias is tenured and can’t be fired by the President except in very limited circumstances. Tyndall was fired well before Folt was President.


      1. It’s posts like yours that spoil the fun for the rest of us.

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  2. Not a surprise, kinda like the Dems after Trump. They sat in a meeting made stuff up and said “who wants thump USC again?”
    The vote was along party lines. Those who like to party voted against it.
    So another economic hit, which is why SC can’t get a new coach. I don’t know why they don’t combine scandals to save time. How about the Dr was on drugs and hired Tyndall, who molested a female student that cheated to get into the school. And while we’re at it add the football coaches for good measure.

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    1. Please don’t bring dumb ass trump into this. USC has enough problems as it is so no need to bring dum
      bass and his dumber ass supporters into our conversation.


  3. Interested to see what both Folt and Bohn hurl at Enfield.
    I truly hope they both have integrity (standing by him unlike Haden’s contempt) – this THIS is what will define both Bohn and Folt…push back or do nothing…..better push back and hard Folt and you too Bohn or this is your 2nd ‘faux pas’….funny how that demi-god ‘the peckerwood’ never had to face the music even when the coach who replaced him life was threatened by the KC outfit man Sam the Gumout Man Gilbert. “My conscience is clear…” Yeah ‘Jonnie’ ’cause the LA Times was covering your skinny stinking back end.

    Man even Paterno was ‘outted’ but the ‘peckerwood’ are you kidding? He’s even higher than the other LA demi-god … I give you ‘Vin-dawg Chevrolet’ the skull.

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    1. For Commie Lush, it always 5PM somewhere on Earth.

      Like Ahab, Pinkywood can’t stop chasing his demon Pink Whales: the infamous Peckerwood, winner of 10 BB NC’s; Nellie, Peckerwood’s beloved wife; “Sam ‘the Gumoout Man’ Gilbert,” a Bruin booster with zero BB game minutes; the LA Icon “Vin-dawg Chevrolet the skull”; Jane Fonda; Westwood; Angela Davis; Obama & his old Lady; UCLA; Weak booze; Democrats; the Clinton’s; FDR; Coach Helton; the Sunday comics; Clown U FB losses; the BOT and Folt: the Dodgers; Jackie Robinson; the LA Westside; any part of San Francisco; the California Gov., and Legislature; showers, Marlon Brando; Hollywood; Joan Baez, Dylan; Negros, Mexicans, and Canucks; Sesame Street; all of So. America and it’s population; the Golden Girls, Stan & Ollie, fresh linen; Jack; Yukon Jack; justowns; beatniks; Buster Keaton, the G & L crowd; Jim Ignatowski, etc.

      But Commie Lush’s major Pink Whale is himself – he hates himself, can’t stand himself, hence the always empty pint vodka bottle and his ugly, visceral venom. Commie Lush reminds me of a neglected, starving pit bull nourished only on chicken bones, blood, and #4 Shotgun pellets – a lousy dog that never wins!


  4. As part of the Adidas Investigation, certain football programs were briefly mentioned. Alabama, Michigan and I believe Oregon. It was amusing that ESPN had a link of the site for just a couple of hours then quickly replaced by Joey Chestnut’s Hit Dog eating. Can’t make this stuff up. And much like the brief mentions of Duke and Michigan State Basketball involvement …not a word since.

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  5. of course ,it is near the beginning of conference games and sc has a good team…nc2a/ssholes never miss an opportunity…
    sc probably did less than ariz or anyone else,but they know sc is a cowering loser shell of its former self …disgusting is a word that applies to current character of sc admin.

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    1. Sorry to repeat myself, Tim, …..

      I think the “self-imposed” punishment of Melton–and subsequently the entire MBB team for that year–far exceeded the violations from shoe-gate.

      “Out of an abundance of caution….”
      Unless there is more than $4000 and some minor travel expenses to this story, I cannot see how the program is sanctioned.

      Trojans should go into conference play 11-2 with a 3 game road swing after New Years. An 11-7 or 12-6 conference result is a fair expectation for this talent and schedule.

      It’s OK to cheer for this team.

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      1. Definitely cheer this team! They may even best your expectations, Bourbon. [I think Tim is just worried that Folt and Company are going to make Haden look like Rambo when it comes to dealing with the NCAA….a concern I share. They haven’t shown the least bit of toughness or savvy. It’s easy to bend to pressure…it takes guts to stand up to it —and I haven’t seen a trace of guts from Folt or Bohn….YET].

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      2. agree …
        there is no telling what role the obvious long time bias/animosity towards several decades of sc dominance in nc2a championships in all sports will bring…the scholarship limitations drove a stake in the heart of the track and field for instance…tilting the entire system to tax payer univ vs private…it actually discriminated against athletes wanting to come to sc for academic and athletic improvement…a partial scholarship to sc still many times more expensive than tax payer univ…nc2a still trying to kill sports at sc, and now the admin seems to also want that.


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