Recruiting Horror Stories Are Common At USC

There are recruiting horror stories from the past few years, not just now.

A couple years ago, Penei Sewell wanted to visit USC the weekend of the Texas game. USC told him it would not do official visits that weekend.

Sewell then saw on twitter that another offensive lineman, who was from the Midwest, tweeted pictures from the USC-Texas game . . . on his official visit.

Sewell signed with Oregon.

14 thoughts on “Recruiting Horror Stories Are Common At USC

  1. I wish someone from the LATimes would pickup this story, or even better, Petros should mention it on his radio show. Because it would expose Clay Helton to be more of a fool than he really is .

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    1. No offense, BIgMac, but
      “Cuz he’s a future first round draft pick and a star at a position (OL) which USC has failed at since 2016.”

      Hate to sound like an angry old boomer, but during my 4 years of undergrad at USC (79-83)–every O lineman who started at USC ended up first team All-American (often consensus) and often All Pro.
      (Budde, Mathews, Mosebar, Munoz, & even gentleman Tony Slaton!)

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  2. To ignore the facts doesn’t change the facts. USC may try to fool us all, but we all really do know what is going on. We are now on our fourth year of Helton, who learned from all the previous coaches and administration, and he is part of the system. Until they get rid of him, and the systemic corrosion and corruption in the department, it will not change. Now all the recruits know in Cali because they have been played every year with the same crap we are. Welcome to the circus. Last year, Helton fell off the ladder, this year he scrambled back up the first rung, but can’t get any farther. Recruits are on to him and his posse in the administration. Thus, the worst program now in the PAC 12 is 12th in recruiting. You Reap what you Sew.

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  3. Helton shoots his own program in the foot because he isn’t paying attention to things that matter (recruiting, discipline, talent, et. al. …). Instead of taking the gun out of his hands, Bohn has reloaded it and handed it back to him. Nice.

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  4. Yes because why the hell would Gomer want Sewell , a 1st team all American tackle, very likely lottery draft pick in the near future when there are other 2 and 3 star tackles that we can sign? The fact that this guy is still the coach is an absolute fucken joke. The only way for us supporters and fans to be heard is with our pockets. Maybe then Folt and Bohn will have to hire a true leader of young men and not a national joke of a coach like Helton. Seems like a good guy, but a very lousy below average coach. And now we are officially ranked number 12 in the conference in recruiting. But this clown is “putting the final touches on a great recruiting class”. Absolute joke and circus at USC right now.


  5. Does this, and many other stories like it, shed light on why the current cabal at Heritage Hall needs to go?

    No wonder any coach worth his salt will insist on a complete overhaul before taking the job. Helturd, Lopes, Tessalone – all of them need to go.

    Not only are these types of gaffs damaging to the football program, they don’t exactly do ‘wonders’ for the already crappy reputation USC has across the country.

    The braintrust doesn’t care – too busy dealing with lawsuits and paying for an office for Nikias on campus.

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