USC Morning Buzz: A Recruiting Horror Story

Jeff Kopp was a starting linebacker at USC and has a son who will play college football. Here is what he said on twitter:

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Recruiting Horror Story

  1. Gomer has no idea who Jeff Kopp is or that he played at USC. Clancy couldn’t care less about talking to the kid, the guy looks like he hates interacting with everyone.

    Good job Dolt & Bohnhead

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    1. So if Clancy is still around right now does that mean Helton is sticking with him?

      The very thought of him also returning just speaks volumes of how bad Clay Helton is for USC.


    1. Helton-“I would have met them but my car was being pelted with rocks as I drove to campus again, for some reason”

      That’s believable


  2. conspiracy theory:

    Bohn reaches out to Urban, Urban says I can’t now, but I can in 6 weeks.
    (Urban’s guys like Mickey Marotti–osu s&c coach–who Urban has said he won’t take a job without are still at OSU. And he doesn’t want to burn bridges with OSU fans by gutting the OSU staff during an NC run)

    Speculation builds and it is clearly hurting recruiting, Bohn wants UFM to have the best class possible so he makes a statement so CH can recruit in the meantime.

    Post recruiting class and bowl CH is let go, UFM comes on board. Mike Bohn turns out to be a the champion everyone expected.

    Might sound crazy… but in all honesty, outside of absolute incompetence, it is the thing that makes the most sense of Bohn’s delay in saying anything and Urban’s apparent interest in the USC job and his care for his legacy at OSU and not having it turn out like when he left Florida.

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    1. I’m afraid you’re giving USC way too much credit on this one. The actual explanation for why we’re at where we’re at is a whole lot simpler —Folt didn’t give Bohn enough latitude (or money) to do shit.

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      1. 22:
        As we’ve always said in Medicine (and Law) for decades– Denial ain’t just a river in De Africa.


    2. MXCDC, are you are fiction writer? Is this an imagination? How did you pull this together?I am asking these questions because I would like to believe your story.


    3. Dude!
      So mean of you to get all our hopes up–esp during the Christmas season!
      Now we have to wait until mid January to see if your conspiracy comes true.

      Deliver on this story, and it’s TWO shots of fine bourbon for me THAT night.


  3. fwiw, there are at least 3 coaches (currently at OSU) that one of Urban’s former assistants said urban won’t take a job without.


    1. So true, 67.
      Might need to remind our reprobate “family members” of their filial obligations, No? If still reprobate? Ass-out, baby.


  4. This all sounds good with Urban and OSU… but come on. It’s BS. I am not rolling more hope on this shit train . I’ll just remain pleasantly surprised when USC does anything remotely normal.

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    1. Don’t hold your breath, my friend…..
      [….And it might last as long as a visit to Hotel California]….

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      1. Well, MG…not so faaaassst my friend!
        I like MXCDC’s spin on this well-worn story, and I ALWAYS fall for the Conspiracy theory (we still watch X-files reruns). Hopes are SKY HIGH (only to be dashed later?) that MXCDC is on to sumpin’.


  5. Zero chance any coaching change happens. It would be a PR nightmare. You don’t announce Clay is staying only to let him go in a few weeks, no how, no way. If UM were coming, they would have just announced it and then let his staff come on board after OSU is done with the playoff. This has been done many times in the past few years.

    We would all be excited for this if it happens, but it’s not going to.

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    1. Chris —
      So you don’t think it’d work for Folt and Bohn to say “Look, up til now we’ve been lying to you for political and prudential reasons— so forget everything we’ve told you so far —here’s the truth—blah, blah, blah!”

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  6. I saw and met Chris Hale, db back in the late 80’s last night. He played for Monrovia High and was in 3 CIF Championship games. He played in two Rose Bowls. he played in 2 Super Bowls. He knows football. I asked him if he had thought of getting his friends like Rodney Peete, McGinnis, Martin Chelsey and others to go and visit Bohn and in no certain terms let him know that this is not acceptable with SC football. he told me that Marcus Allen and other profile Trojans have tried that and that Bohn won’t even listen.

    I will call Bohn, Swann II. We are in for a rough ride as Trojan fans. The only way the fans have a say is with their pocket book. Don’t buy tickets anymore and stop the donations.

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    1. Nice work, Pasadena. Remember watching DB Hale–left Nebraska and starred at USC in the Peete era. Keep working that angle. I think the former players–All Americans and otherwise–are the only way back for USC FB


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