USC Now Last In Pac-12 Recruiting

What was it Mike Bohn said? “Recruiting is going dramatically better than anybody wants to admit.”

Utah received a commitment from offensive lineman Alex Harrison (who was also recruited by USC) and the Utes just moved ahead of the Trojans in the 247Sports rankings. Utah is now ranked 80th while USC is 81st.

I’m sure USC will finish ahead of Utah by February but this is a joke and I’d love to see Bohn explain it all to some USC fans.

35 thoughts on “USC Now Last In Pac-12 Recruiting

      1. 67′ we’re 81st out of 130. As to Folt ….no everyone ‘knows’ how this went down and you know as well as I that ‘perception’ is reality. She’s already wrapped herself in something she should of stayed out of unless there was a factual issue specific to hiring a coach.

        The replies she got today telling ‘all’ she was handing out pizza was brutal and it’s going to stay with her. Silver lining is that whoever is chosen next she won’t have any say in blocking

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      2. Alv –I gotta tell ya I’ve never been a big fan of Folt OR Bohn OR Helton. It’s nice that they’re presently all on one team. Now, instead of rooting against them individually…..

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      3. owns, Pittman looks like a million bucks in that photo.

        And any college football fan, irrespective of allegiance, should recognize that the fella had a great year and is the salt of the earth.

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    1. Folt is Rick Caruso’s puppet and Bohn is the fall guy. The blame/credit all lies at the top of the board of directors.

      Folt was hired because she was fired from her previous job and could be easily controlled. End of story. Bohn got duped. My guess is that Bohn is looking for an exit door.

      This shit-show should be no surprise for anyone familiar with the way they fired the dean of the business school. The reduction in the size of the BOT will simply remove any resistance to Caruso. So the future of the university depends completely on what he wants. Dont think Folt is the power behind any of this.

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  1. Rusoviet, the BOT has really done what they intended. They hired a woman to look like they are breaking out of the old boys club and give them some cover, and now they have a puppet president installed in Folt, who in turn has Bohn as her puppet.

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    1. No, she doesn’t. Anything that happens from now on will have all looking directly at her especially if the move fails. This is her eternal ‘tar baby’. Bohn is ‘controlled’ but in the end this is what will define Folt – a control freak.

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      1. You are looking at the wrong control freak. Folt is a mere puppet for Caruso. She is not powerful in her own right.

        Folt will look like she is throwing her weight around, but that it is all based on what she is told to do from above.

        She is easy to control because she was fired from her last job and cant afford to leave this one. Of course, if she just does what she is told, she gets lots of perks and looks like she runs the place, so why would she not go along?

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    2. Yes all is going according to plan as USC becomes The Stanford of the West. They will gladly shed us old SC alums as they take new SJW loving financial supporters from Hollyweird and Silicon Valley.

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      1. Says the guy who picked ucla over Oklahoma, Utah, USC, San Diego State, Cincinnati,… And who picked Chip as the guy to win a natty.

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      2. If you bothered to read other posts and/or gather data, JO, you’d know that none of the other WR faced the level of competition defensively which Michael faces–5 defenses in the top 18 per FPI this season. If you review CeeDee’s performances, he racked up most of his stats vs vastly inferior teams. Chase faced good defenses–but not quite at MP’s levels. Chase also had a 1000 yd rusher in the backfield, a stout defense on his side, and an experienced Senior QB tossing the rock to him.

        MP plays football with a ton of passion, respects the game, goes out into the community and helps the less fortunate. Already he approaches the game as a professional. Obviously, ideals which do not resonate with people of your ilk.

        Matters not if he’s 1st rd or 5th round, he will be a success in the NFL and afterwards, and “Our” Family will be proud of him for generations.

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  2. Wow, the Piglet is really cranking in Baltimore tonite.

    End of 3rd qtr. – Ravens 35 – Zits 7

    A Piglet fumble contributed 7 points to the Ravens total.

    #Some things never change.


      1. The Nosen One will probably be traded AGAIN in the off season. He goes from team to team as often as Katie Hill does.


  3. I wonder if Clay stopped recruiting because he figured he was gone? If so, you’d think they’d of let him go for quitting. If proven, it would certainly ruin his Aw Shucks, great guy that all think of him. Just weird. USC at 80th? We all know that even if USC didn’t call one recruit they’d still be 50th.


  4. Hey, no big deal… it’s just another bite of the shit sandwich that the “Helton Era” is.

    No practices. Soft practices. Hugs. Pizza parties. Poor game prep. Poor execution.
    Poor recruiting. Abysmal coaching and game management. Ridiculous player evaluation, and favoritism brought to new depths.

    Followed by ridiculously idiotic press conferences and comments befitting a Middle School coach.

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    1. Sir, don’t forget the incessant excuses and whining of the SUCCX Rah-Rah/Sunshine Pimps.

      The 4 – 8 Bruins are ranked #24 in recruiting and may get better now that 11 Stanford FB players have entered the portal.

      UCLA seems like a Univ. where some Stanford players might flourish


  5. Seriously, having the 80th ranked recruiting class is like MIT having a 80% dropout rate. WTF? He quit and didn’t want to do any hard work for the next coach, basically sabotaging USC. WTF!

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    1. Folt: “A lot of people don’t realize that due to factors too numerous to list (including train schedules, full moons, etc.), being 81st in 2020 is not the same as being 81st in 2019……”

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      1. gt — Ha! Well, that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?
        [Fortunately we still have enough guys left from the old days to make a run without a great 2020 class)…


  6. HAND OVER THE $20 MILLION TO BUYOUT GOMER HE’LL TON That Lynn Swanky and LOPES OWE USC To STOp the Mental illness that Lynn swannn Created


  7. Its over…….for a long long time. Get used to waving your hands to celebrate a 7-5 season and an occasional pac 12 south crown. Folt and Bohn are going no where for a decade. Its going to get very dusty in the trophy area. I suspect the sites covering USC will need to merge due to very little activity. Cash is king at USC and all the bull is over. They obviously don’t want to pay for a top notch staff. All the other stories sound stupid.


  8. USC needs to Let the USC Fans donors and alumni HAve Full Control of the USC football. Team Fire all the Coaches and have the Fans donors and alumni go get Top Level New Coaches to take over USC the TRUTH is the fans donors and alumni CARE 100 percent more


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