Carol Folt Is At USC Basketball Game, Where’s Mike Bohn?

Carol Folt is at the USC basketball game and even spoke to some or the 25 high school underclassmen that visited today. She was especially interested in linebacker Justin Flowe of Upland.

But no one has seen Mike Bohn. I’m sure there is a logical explanation.

49 thoughts on “Carol Folt Is At USC Basketball Game, Where’s Mike Bohn?

      1. President Folt: “Come our way —we’re only a year away from earthshaking changes that will disrupt all the players’ lives forever…”

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      2. If Folt helps bring in top recruits, it would go a long way in mending fences. If she is really shrewd like she was with the Swannster and she fires Helton after the early signing period, it would have been worth the anxiety she caused casual fans like myself.

        # Icandream

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      3. Dear Mr. Justin Flowe:
        You have an approx 10% chance of being drafted into the NFL (and making and losing a lot of money during that probably short career).

        Mr. Flowe, you have a near 100% chance of graduating from the #15 ranked University in America (as rated by WSJ who rates student SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION) if you sign this NLI for USC which I conveniently have right here. Might I remind you that this degree carries a national reputation with every Chairman of the Board/CEO knowing that you are a “playah” for realz.

        Alternatively, while the ducks have bitchen costumes for their games and you will win a bunch of Pac 12 games and maybe make some money in the NFL (or maybe not), you will be attending the #348 ranked University in America (per WSJ). Admittedly, if you graduate from UO you will have a great chance of landing an entry level job somewhere in Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene.


        President Folt

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      1. Maybe she has, but if she hasn’t, MG, that could be an advantage as well. Good recruiters are people persons and usually not just salespeople.

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      2. Arturo — You’re right: Sincerity goes a long way. And Carol Folt exudes sincerity. But the least sincere (in fact, the most full of bullshit) guy we’ve ever had on staff was the best recruiter of the last dozen years: Tee Martin. Tee understood some not very nice recruiting principles —like tell recruits whatever they want to hear and don’t just have pleasant exchanges with kids….close the fricking deal.
        Carol is a very lovely person who is way out of her depth at USC ….and she seems determined to get further out every day.

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  1. Goddamn, she’s the worst. That little effin troll is actually around a potential recruit is sure to spook him even more. No amount of booster money thrown to him could get him to go to an SC run by a spooky looking elf on a shelf.

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    1. Global — I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Folt and Bohn cuz it’s becoming obvious that they are likable amateurs who have no idea what they’re doing…..

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      1. Arturo,
        Absolutely a good thing.

        Old geezers on this site (I AM guilty of that moniker) don’t understand this younger generation of Strong, quiet male. I am learning about them, fast as I may. They are totally cool with strong women in leadership roles, strong persons of color in leadership roles, strong LGBTQiT in leadership roles–as long as their position was earned…as long as the “leader” is authentic. They grew up with feminism of all sorts and have learned to walk that minefield carefully.

        I remains to be seen if Helton, Bohn, and Folt are deemed “authentic” by these young students and student-athletes. As frustrated as I am over the DC and ST coaching, FB recruiting, and especially the decline in stature of the once strong women’s rowing team, I’ll give Bohn and Folt the benefit of the doubt.*

        *Until Mid October 2020, where only a 5-1 record is acceptable in my book.


      2. Nah Bourbon, having a private network of lesbians engineering an admissions and financial aid scam (a network apparently not limited to SC) is not progress, and those that let it continue so they could profit and look “progressive” while shutting their mouths is not being strong and silent, it is being weak and a party to destruction, which is the case with many in academia today. The power hungry, divisive, attacking and greedy Cultural Marxism and Post Modernism aren’t progress. Our current and preceding presidents (the interim) were obviously not chosen for being competent. And it isn’t pluralism or just– it is intolerant and exclusionary, and hostile to merit and justice. I think you’re trying to accommodate what shouldn’t be, though from the best intentions.


      3. That doesn’t make sense. When the president just kept a loser coach that was universally derided for her decision, after coming from a university where a scandal had to be taken out of her hands in athletics, but she still managed to get fired for tearing down informal school mascots, well, it’s not a very smart move to have her talking to the student athlete is it? Smh


      1. Arturo:
        My recollection of Low Back Pain advice:

        Max 48 hrs “bed rest,” and then get back to gentle activity.
        Don’t let the soft tissue/muscles tighten up.
        Careful application of a heating pad might help.

        MG likes advil–take with food to prevent stomach ulcers and a full glass of water with each dose. I find Aleve lasts longer so it’s easier to dose every 8 hrs.

        Happy Holidays, friend


  2. Wow Folt is short! Put glasses on her and she could double for Henrietta Lang NCIS Los Angeles. I wonder if the CBS execs have figured this out.
    If she brings in some top recruits I’ll even watch her on TV.

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      1. USC could get 5*s and number 1 classes on its own, no president needed. One recruit doesn’t make up for causing a train wreck of what was a fine locomotive.


  3. Does Folt have integrity? If she undercut Bohn, she has none.
    Does Helton have integrity? If he’s telling recruits that SC gives them a shot at Natys and the NFL, then he has none.


  4. First, “Bong” Folt was standing next to me and she belongs in the, “Wizard Of Oz”, as a munchkin. She is short. Second, she is either on Prozac or some other happy medicine because she is smiling all the time. Doesn’t she wear anything else but red? I realize the school colors are C&G, but even Haden would wear green or blue once in awhile. She has not clue on what is going on. I saw Tesselone, Lopes, and other administrators just stand next to her and they not saying a word to her. She is all front. Someone else is running SC, probably Caruso.


  5. Speaking of recruits, SC had about 20 kids there at the game yesterday and Helton was there along with Vandermade, assistant ol coach. I said hi to Helton. No, I did not want to say a word to him in public nor did anyone else. That should be done privately, but I was thinking of things though.


  6. SC’s basketball team looks pretty good. They are 9-2 and have the talent to go to the tournament. However, the talent has to turn in wins to go. We will see what they do in league.


    1. 5 conference games against teams presently ranked in the top 25.
      If Colorado gets back into the top 25, it would be 7 games out of 18 vs top 25. So, yes, 11-7 in conf is a minimum–along with a strong showing in Las Vegas in March. If the big guys stay out of foul trouble and the backcourt hits enough 3’s, they should go 12-6 in conf.


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